DIY Freedom Palettes

I like crafting and I like makeup, so it was only a matter of time before I figured out how to merge the two. I actually didn’t use to own, or wear, much makeup. But during my pregnancy I started to get more and more into it. We didn’t know it at the time but I was sick. So I started using it to make me feel better. I figured it couldn’t hurt to look a bit less like the walking dead with my blue fingernails and lips. It’s didn’t exactly help, but it didn’t hurt either. After my son was born I kept up with it. Having some level of control over my external appearance was a good thing during that time.

But anyways, I travel quite a bit and I don’t like lugging a ton of stuff with me. There’s no way I was going to lug around several palettes from various brands, or a ton of singles. I’d had one of Too Faced’s Glamour to Go palettes and it served me well until one day it inexplicably smashed. I needed something new, and I discovered depotting just in time. I kept hearing the term online and finally Googled it. I instantly knew this was what I needed to do. I also knew I was going to need something to put my newly depotted makeup in. I bought several Unii palettes and I can’t say enough good things about them. I have one in every color but black (it arrived damaged and I never got around to replacing it) and I always travel with one. But for my everyday makeup and my “overflow” I needed something more. Unii palettes are great, but they’re not exactly huge. So I started looking for other solutions and I wasn’t impressed.

I know people love Z Palettes but there was no way I was paying that much for cardboard and exposed magnet. And the tutorials on YouTube all seemed to use old CD or DVD cases- no thank you. So I looked high and low and finally found some cheap palettes on eBay I could convert. Here are the ones I made today.


The photo is horrible because I have a bad habit of taking them at night. But I wanted to show the three I completed this evening. That’s Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette for anyone who’s interested (yes, I crushed one). And yes, it’s deep enough to house the brush when closed. When they arrive they look a bit like the empty MAC palettes. All I do is pull out the plastic (or sometimes foam) insert from these eBay palettes and then lay in some self adhesive magnet. I bought the sheets from Amazon, I just cut them to fit. I hate both the look and feel of exposed magnet so I cover it with contact paper. I have other, better, patterns but I feel like it distracts from the makeup inside so bland it is. The contact paper also makes it easy to wipe clean. Without it the dust from the makeup inevitably gets everywhere and wiping it clean just doesn’t work. Besides, any place you store your makeup should be easily wipeable, it’s germy and gross if it can’t be cleaned. I started using it on the outside after I had a piece leftover from another project and just stuck it on there for fun. It looked really good and wished I’d thought of it sooner, now I cover all of them.

These two are the first one’s I made. I love being able to house so much in such a tiny space. That’s two Christmas palettes, one blush, highlighter, and four eyeshadows all in one palette. I love Christmas gift sets so much, they just take up so much room. I can fit four of these into the decorative tin all the makeup to the left came in.


I don’t know if anyone cares but here’s what’s in the palette. The bottom right, is Nars blush in Orgasm. The eyeshadows with the squiggle are Sephora brand and they no longer make those shades. 😦  The middle square thing (above the pink Sephora eyeshadow) is a deluxe sample of Benefit’s Dandelion. Everything else is from last years Too Faced Christmas collection. The top right is the Shadow BonBons, and the entire left side is from their Sweet Indulgences palette (eyeshadows, blush/bronzers, and Candlelight Glow).

Also, I didn’t have to add the little metal stickers to the backs of any pans in any of these palettes. They’re all made of steel so they stick right in. For the few things I have that aren’t steel (MAC) I have the Z Palette metal stickers. Unii palettes come with self adhesive “not-a-magnet” sheets but they’re horrible. Just spend the money and get the Z Palette ones, they work a million times better and are literally four times thinner.


5 thoughts on “DIY Freedom Palettes

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    • I just typed in “empty cosmetic palette” or something similar. The vendors have a tendency to stop selling these every now and again so I don’t know if the specific sellers I bought from would even still have any. Not that I recommend the sellers I used, I had issues with both of them. Here’s a link to one that looks like the ones I prefer,

      I hope this works out for you. These are cheap and easy to make and I’d totally do it again. My only big suggestion is order one or two more than you think you’ll need. They’re fairly sturdy but it’s a long trip from China to the US and I’ve had a few arrive broken. They tend not to pack these well, you’re lucky if they put them in a padded envelope. It’s totally worth the extra few dollars you’d spend buying an extra than dealing with the hassle of trying to get a refund or exchange from a Chinese seller. If you’re lucky enough to have them all arrive in perfect order then I’m sure you’ll still find use for the extra. I bought more than I needed knowing full well they’d fill up faster than I planned, lol. The one I linked to is about $5, I think that’s a fair price and it’s about what I paid. 🙂

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