If You’re Not Watching American Horror Story: Coven, You Should Be

Warning, Spoilers Ahead!!!!!


I’m not a fan of scary. When I was little I talked my mother into taking me to see The Sixth Sense. As a result I couldn’t be left alone for weeks afterwards, even during the day. But I have to say, despite my aversion to horror films I LOVE American Horror Story. My husband put on the first season and I refused to watch. But I was stuck on the couch post c section so it was watch, or sit there with my eyes closed. I opted to watch and I’m glad I did. The story line kept it going, they didn’t drag scenes out unnecessarily and once you got how things “worked” it became manageable scary, if you know what I mean.

The things I liked the best were the women on the show. They were varying ages, not everyone was between 16-27 but playing a 22 year old. Sarah Paulson is in her late thirties, Connie Britton is in her forties, and Jessica Lange is sixty four years old. Yes, you read that right, a main character on a popular TV show is a senior citizen- and they said it couldn’t be done. Oh, and did I mention not one of them is a size 0…. Perhaps the reason they were all cast (and the show remains popular) is how they can all act. They’re interesting to watch, and believable as their characters.

I also like the inclusion of Jamie Brewster. She has Down Syndrome so not only was I surprised to see her on the show at all, I was really taken away by her being a regular character. And not just a regular, but a normal regular- as in she wasn’t portrayed as a savant, just an average person. You never see anyone with any sort of disability on TV, unless they’re a special guest. Pretty much everyone is white, medium brunette or blonde, average hight, super slim (or buff), and well off. Yet writers and producers are always saying they want their shows to “reflect real life”. Really? Cause in real life there are deaf people, they’re short, varying races, poor, in wheelchairs, etc. Now I’m not saying I believe in witches, but it makes the show feel more real with a multi-ethnic cast (well, as multi ethnic as prime time will allow), with young people, and old people, and differently abled people. So far Jamie has been awesome to watch this season, just like in the first. She’s no different than her housemates, she’s a witch as well. And the most important thing, she’s not treated as “different” (except in one scene by Jessica Lange).

The girl power angle is a real draw for me too. No, it’s not girl power in a we hate men because they’re stupid kind of way. But a girls can do things and need to work together type of thing. Yes, there have already been acts of violence against women in the show (one character was gang-raped and another was burned alive) but they both already had the opportunity to “make it right” in the way they saw fit. They didn’t just shrink back and become content with the label of victim. I also liked when the girls were told they needed to learn to work together. I’m looking forward to more examples of that. No more backstabbing mean girls!

Kathy Bates is entertaining as always, and I’m seeing shades of that Annie Wilkes crazy in her. I think Jessica Lange is great opposite Angela Basset. But the thing I look forward to the most is seeing Kathy go head to head with Angela. I don’t know if she’ll become a quivering mess, or we’ll see a battle of epic proportions. I think it could go either way. Kathy’s character has no magical advantage but she has the personality. We’re only two episodes in and I can’t wait for next week.


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