So Many Shoes, So Little Time

So I’ve been shopping…

Discount Dance Supply was having a sale on pointe shoes. So for some reason that translated in my brain to “all shoes on sale”. Still don’t know how that happened. Either way I’m going to be in California and staying near one of their brick and mortar stores. As I’ve said before I loathe paying return shipping. I’ve asked in the past and was assured they accept online returns in store. So if nothing else I’m saving on that. Because as anyone who’s had to buy dance stuff knows, it can be hard to fit and most of it won’t. I fully expect at least half of my order will be returned, if not more. Here’s some of the stuff I bought. 




These are the Sansha Adult Tendu Canvas split sole slippers. Aren’t they pretty? I looove the v-shaped vamp. I’ve been looking at them for a while and decided now was the time to try them. I ordered about three pairs to try, hopefully one of them works out. Not just because they’re pretty, but because they’re $12.95 a pair. I really want to be able to have a pair for home, travel, and class. But I’d rather not spend $25-30 a pair when I need so many. I still happily splurge on my class ones, but I don’t want to spend a fortune and have them get lost or destroyed while traveling. Even if they don’t work I think I’ll be trying other Sansha models, they have so many sizes unlike my current maker, Bloch…


I’ve also taken this opportunity to try MDM’s shoes again. I bought both the Intrinsic and the Elemental, hopefully one will work out. I’ll be sure to take photos of them, even if I don’t keep them. I know there aren’t many online and as they can’t be bought in stores it’s the only way people have opportunity to see them. 


Lastly I bought This sweater, 



It’s the Capezio Adult Classics Knits Wrap Sweater. It’s new on DDS so there aren’t any reviews, but I was willing to give it a shot. The sleeves looked really long and so did the body. I’m tall 5’10” so I often have trouble finding stuff that’s long enough. Again, if it doesn’t work out I can just hand it back in store. I would never have tried it if I thought I was going to have to ship it back myself.


Now as I said in my last post I felt like the Rancho Cucamonga DDS didn’t have much in stock (unless you’re looking for toddler dress up…). But I’ve heard their Anaheim location is supposedly better. I would never drive 2 hours in CA just to see if that’s true. But I’m going to DisneyLand this trip and well, it’s in Anaheim. So hopefully it won’t be too much inconvenience to stop by just to see what that have for flats. I’ not really in the market for clothes. I’ve decided the next leotard I buy will be a Yumiko. They’re expensive and take forever to construct/ship and I’m moving soon. So I’d rather wait until I’m settled with my new address before I get all excited, spend a fortune, and then have it shipped to the wrong address. 


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