Ballet & Black Friday



I’ll admit, I get excited about Black Friday sales. I won’t leave my house to partake in them because I’m afraid of crowds, but I’ll happily shop online. This morning I got an email from Finis Jhung’s site and they’re having a 20% off sale Friday. They are having other sales but this one will be the biggest. I like that he tells you that flat out. I hate the way so many companies play games. I’ve been wanting his entire collection but at over $1000 I wanted to wait for a sale. Of course I’m now moving and just the thought of lugging all those videos from an island back to the mainland is giving me a mental hernia. So I emailed him and he (yes Finis himself) got back to me within an hour (it’s been like this every time I contact him). He said he was happy to hold my order and ship it to me at my new address in a little more than a month. Is this guy amazing or what? He could have easily said no, instead he told me it wasn’t a problem and to enjoy my Thanksgiving. So what am I thankful for? Kind people, and Finis is topping that list right now.

Some of Finis’s videos are on Netflix and I was able to try a few. I recommend trying them (not available for streaming) if you’re hesitant to invest. If you’re ready to take the leap here’s his site,


And because I’m a glutton for punishment Discount Dance is also doing something. They’re not clear on what that is besides a contest for a $300 shopping spree. At midnight on Friday you can click on their site and enter to win. There will be other prizes and everyone is a winner. Though what you “win” isn’t clear. I’m guessing coupon codes and “gifts with purchase” that were leftover from the past year. I’m hoping for a coupon code. If that’s what they are then I’m willing to try those Capezio Cobras I’ve been dreaming of. If not I think I’ll be passing.


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