Yumiko, I Just Can’t Wait


Well, I finally did it. After months of hemming and hawing I finally picked what style Yumiko I want, now I’m waiting.

Back this fall I went to New York. I got to go to the Yumiko boutique and was so happy. I couldn’t wait to try things on and maybe buy a few leotards. Well, they had virtually nothing in my size, and the few they had weren’t very pretty in my opinion. So I used it as an opportunity to find out my size, the type of fabric I liked, and the styles that flattered.

I’m 5’10” and 143 pounds. Not heavy by any means, I’m actually thinner than some of my classmates- even some of the girls on pointe. But Yumiko sells to professionals and pre professionals and they say flat out on their site their stuff may not fit you if you’re not in that category. In fact I don’t even appear on their size chart. Based on my height and weight I’m an X-Large, I tried on everything from Small all the way up to X-Large while I was in store. I couldn’t get the Small on, the Medium just barely, and the Large fit pretty well, but still felt a smidge short. I could probably get away with the Large in some styles, especially if I lost some weight, but the X-Large fit me best. And since I don’t care what the tag on the inside of my clothes says I got the X-Large.

I discovered that I prefer the Nylon fabric to pretty much everything else. For whatever reason I just loved it. It is very sheer so I opted for the full front lining in the one I ordered since the color I chose is medium in tone. I would only forgo the full lining if I were getting a very dark color. I just don’t want to take chances with such an expensive piece. Even after you add tights (and in my case underwear) I just didn’t want to risk putting on a show. And before anyone asks why I’m wearing underwear, I was injured during my c section and compression underwear helps with the pain. For anyone who also needs/wants to wear undies with their leo I recommend Yummie Tummie brand, you can get them at Nordstrom. I prefer the “Nici” shaping brief in nude. They also sell a thong version but the briefs don’t show with my current leos despite the low leg opening. I may try the thongs in the future just for the heck of it- or if my new studio doesn’t allow undies. My current studio is very relaxed so sometimes you do see the edge of pink panties or a cute bra sticking out. Hopefully my new studio/s are just as forgiving.

I ended up buying the Marieke, I added a full front lining and 3/4 sleeves. I picked Lavender for the body and Atoll for the trim.



I wanted to include a picture of the fabric swatches because the color chart on their site is in no way representative of what the colors actually look like in real life. You would think that with such expensive leos they would be a bit more careful with how they represent the colors online. You can buy a swatch book from them but they charge $25 for it and I think that’s absolutely crazy. The woman at the boutique gave me the booklet so I could see all the colors in person. When she saw me writing down my favorites she told me I could snap a photo. I thought that was really nice of her. Here’s the photos I took.



I’m not sure why they can’t do this on their website. The little color blocks on their site are utterly useless, a real photo gives a much better idea of the colors. I think it could only help their business by showing images of the actual fabric since many people are still hesitant to buy online.

I will say I could see how it might be cost prohibitive for them to ship their swatch booklets out for free. But so many custom clothing companies offer a few free swatches if you pay for shipping. Or, if you buy their swatch book for whatever ridiculous amount they’re charging (usually $25-$35) they’ll give you a credit for that amount when you place your order. And you will end up placing an order to “get your money back”. Yes you’re usually out the shipping but the $2-$4 you spend on that is always worth being sure you got the “right” color. I wish Yumiko would give this option, looks like another email I’ll be sending (I email a lot of companies). Aside from color, getting to feel the fabric is important too- and you can’t do that through a screen. It just seems a bit cheap on their part. I can’t imagine how many people buy one of these, wait months for to to be made then shipped, and are disappointed in the color, feel, or thickness of the fabric.

There also aren’t enough blog posts or You Tube videos showing these. Yes, it’s possible you’ll see people in them in class but it’s weird to go up to someone and say “hey, can I pet your midriff” or “can I try on your leotard for size”. Also one leotard is not enough to gauge what every color will look like based on their current color chart. Even if everyone in a class wore one in a different color, fabric type, and style you’d probably still be missing quite a few options. So after I get mine I’ll post photos and let everyone know what I think about it. And I promise to post good photos, showing it both right side in and inside out, in good lighting, and with closeups. Maybe I’ll even do a video so you can get a better feel for the texture of the fabric.

When this one arrives I’m likely to place another order. Here are the next ones up on my list!





I have pretty broad shoulders so I’ll be adding sleeves to some of these to balance them out. Also I’m moving somewhere cold and I freeze even here in Hawaii so I figure they can’t hurt.


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    • Moontide is really pretty. But this fabric is so sheer I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than trim. Or if you’re getting a style like the Becky you could do the straps/back in that color.

      I tried on a number of these in store and found that even with a full front lining many colors are almost completely see through, regardless of whether or not they had a full lining or just the bust panel. I tried on one in the technical fabric, the color was “Candy”. It’s a medium light color and it had a full front lining, yet it was completely see through. If you wanted to wear a color like that you would have to wear tights, a bra, and underwear. Even then it might still be iffy.

      • I wished I had seen this post before ordering as yor photos of colour are great. I have ordered the balloon red Veronique and after looking at this …I like the China doll red. I hope I won’t be disappointed!

    • Ha, so I’m not the only one struggling with Yumiko fit. I’m 5’11, chesty with monkey arms and often have trouble even with XL in certain styles. When I was younger and very thin (117-125 pds) I could get away with L ( even then l had a C cup bra but narrow hips) but now I have to stay away from certain styles (which I love nonetheless) that either show a side boob, have a small chest area pushing my chest out/side, too low cut or too short girth -wise. With that said, I prefer techni and velvet because they stretch very well. Nylon makes me sweat too much and if double lined leaves huge sweat stains but I often like Nylon colors better. Microfiber is nicely soft and stretchy but a bit thicker not to mention more expensive. My another pet peeve is sleeve length. I can’t wear long sleeves unless I pay extra $20 !!! to make them 2-3 inches longer otherwise they come out as 3/4. 3/4 sleeves become 1/2 sleeves ending at the elbow cutting my blood circulation off and 1/2 sleeve is an inch above the elbow. I can live with that one but my options in the sleeve dept are limited. Best fit are Meaghan, Sasha, Anna, Marieke, Wendy, Veronique, Charlotte, Daniela, Noe and Sofiane. Becky can be tricky but have one in a lovely velvet that stretches. I love Tamara but it has the side boob issue. Same with Kate or Nadja. Alicia shows a deeper cleavage that I’d like yet it’s one of my favorite styles. Lauren is made way too small for my body type so only a very stretchy fabric could work yet oddly I can get away with Denise. Sorry for the long rant 😛

      • Oh that’s not a rant. I’m queen of the long rant, this is nothing, lol.

        Yumkio’s can be very frustrating, especially since trying them on is near impossible for most. They do have boutiques which is nice, but there are only a few worldwide. So it’s such a gamble.I truly recommend Elevé leotards if you’re having trouble with the Yumiko’s. They’re just a different fit and may work better if you’re tall. I feel like Yumiko caters more to the shorter, more compact dancer and Elevé is better for taller, longer dancers. Elevé also has a ready to wear line now. So you could buy one to try the fit, see if it works for you. If it truly doesn’t fit then you can just send it back. I LOVE the material they use as well. 🙂

      • I have Eleve leos and others from Etsy -Deco Dancewear, Alger, Lonereed and tbey all fabulous because finally I can custom-make them 🙂 Fortunately I live in NYC so Yumiko boutique is there but it doesn’t really help me since they don’t carry XL ready to buy leos (I mean they have most of the styles in XL but only in black). I order through a Yumi girl anyway but try the styles in the boutique to be sure they fit 🙂 I absolutely love Ballet Rosa Ciaravola’s line but again, since I can’t try them on, it’s a hit ot miss situation.

      • That’s great you’re able to go to the Yumiko boutique. I’ve only been a few times and I’ve bought a couple there. I do better in an X-Large but can fit into some Larges as my height is 100% in my torso. My mother is a half a foot shorter than me standing yet she’s taller than me while sitting! I think it’s great they have the bigger sizes in black, but lets be honest, no one buys black unless they have to. It’s “boring” when you have an entire rainbow of colors to pick from!

        I haven’t tried any o the Etsy sellers but I’m hoping to in the future. I’ve never heard of Ballet Rosa Ciaravola, but I’ll check them out for sure! If I ever buy one you can be sure I’ll do a review! I’ve been super crazy busy lately and the blog has fallen to the wayside. I do intend to keep it up, when I have the time I write. I’m just inconsistent these days. I always do reviews on my leotards when I get them in though. For those, I make time!

      • I hear ya 😉 Keep up a good work !

        Regarding Etsy, I highly recommend these sellers. If you have instagram you can go and search their stuff. I think Lonereed has a regular website now. Unfortunately Alyssa Alger from Alger Design is no longer customizing the leos and has only ready-to-wear 😦 Full time job gives her little time to maintain her business. Lonereed is also in high demand so she only takes orders on the first of each month and very early in a day but often this is even too late. In such case you should contact Jordan to find out when you can get in your order. That’s the drawback of non-commercial outlets because there’s only so many leos a single person can make. She is very fast though, unlike Eleve. I got my leos in 1-2 weeks 🙂 Casey at Deco Dancewear is wonderful too and very precise with the measurments you give her. These custom-made leos are a blessing to me and soooo comfy. I, too have a long torso, but my main problem is now my chest that adds to an already long girth. Thank you grandma, lol

        As for Yumikos, I share your sentiment. Who will spend $$$ for plain black leos unless it’s a school or Summer Intensive uniform? I only saw 2 non black XL leos in the store in the past year. I still have 4 size L leos that I can squeeze into but the spaghetti strap Tamara gives me the unsightly side-boob drama lol (even in XL).

        Ballet Rosa is available only in Europe and tends to run small ( especially Isabelle Ciaravola’s line), however a lot depends on the fabric and style. The only one so far that gave me trouble (mainly because of my chest) was a beautiful Romane with a zipper in the back. If the zipper is in the front I can shift or even squeeze my twins somehow lol. I have Ghine ( the velvet is very stretchy) and somehow manage Laureline and Pauletta 🙂 I also love Emma and I believe Scarlett. There are others. If you type Ballet Rosa Creature 2015/2016 or go straight to the website you can see all their styles. Beware, whoever did their website didn’t know what they were doing and uploaded CMYK pictures mrant for print instead of RGB and many of the leo colors are much brighter and have a different hue than in reality. Therefore it’s better to look at their catalog (they don’t sell directly to the customer, only through retail outlets). I believe there’s only one store in the U.S that had some styles but they are usually always sold out. The largest size is 42 and Ballet Rosa website has the exact measurments chart for each size.

        Eleve is generally very consistent however on one or 2 occasions they made my Kate and Elizabeth a bit too short. With Elizabeth I ended up having a low collar,which is ok, but my beloved Robotica Kate is not only showing a side boob but also due to its shortness, the thin straps are digging into my shoulders. The only thing I wish they changed is the type of clasp they use, it’s hard to open and close, especially after my shoulder injury.

        Good night and good luck!


      • Okay, wow! This infö is great! Thanks so much for sharing with me. And thank you for leaving your comments as I know others will benefit from them. Most people don’t comment on my blog, but I (obviously) can see how many people visit. And I get a significant number of visitors from around the globe looking at my leotard posts specifically. I know that the search terms bringing them here are often fit related. So this is great!

        I’m pretty flat as you may have noticed in my photos. So there’s little help I can offer people who are more “blessed” in that region. I can obviously make some style suggestions but if you never have to deal with things like side-boob, it’s not something you really think about. I want to give people who ask the best advice obviously, but there will be gaps in my knowledge base. So actually hearing from someone that deals with these issues is really helpful.

        Something you might try is wearing a colorful sports bra. I know I prefer one with the Yumiko Heather. I bought one that’s a similar blue, but striped, and has black straps instead of white for contrast. It looks great under it. I wear a sports bra under a lot of mine, just cause I want to. But I find picking a crazy bright one makes the look seem like a deliberate fashion choice rather than you’re wearing one cause you have to.

        I will agree, Elevé is quite consistent. In the event I’ve gotten some that just didn’t fit right, they actually took them back and remade them. So customer service is obviously top notch. I know that they want to reduce the wait time but right now it’s not possible. They want to stay made in the US. But finding trained seamstresses is hard. They’ve also outgrown their space and they can’t find a new location. At least that’s what they said in the last news article I read. Hopefully they’ll be able to expand soon. I know reducing the wait time would make me really happy!

        I think Jordan is very careful about how many orders she takes on, and that’s why her shipping times are faster. If you know you can sell 30 a month, then you don’t take orders for 40. They’re not super hard to put together honestly. Working with spandex is a pain in the butt and there’s a serious learning curve. But once you’ve mastered it they go together in 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. I sort of wish I’d gotten one of hers before she got really busy though. I may just have to set my alarm clock at some point and take the plunge!

        Thanks again for all of your input. I really appreciate it! ❤

      • You’re welcome 🙂 I hope others will benefit from the exchanges.

        Eleve has a great customer service, hands down and very accomodating. I decided to keep that leo because it was still managable provided I didn’t gain ang weight 🙂

        When I wrote Yumiko customer service way back to ask if they accomodate extra length or larger chest, I got a snotty answer from some kid (a dude) about ballet body type. Seriously, just because the creator is Asian, not all dancers are tiny, skeletal midgets. Obviously he never met Drew Jacoby who is tall and looks like a swimmer or other well endowed dancers like Misty, Gillian or my friend who is skinny with a huge chest and has the same issues with non-custom made leos. I used to manage a highly-respected ballet school and if my assistant
        (especially a male) said something remotely so rude to a potential student or her parent, it would be his last day on the job in customer service. Of course, there are ballet-body standards but you just don’t tell a person she can’t be a pre-professional dancer or wear your products because her boobs are too big lol. In his case it would suffice to say they don’t custom-make leos besides the sleeve and pants length and suggest styles in XL size that might work.

        In any case, I hope to see more leo posts from you.

      • I think we all have at least one piece of clothing like that. I have a Liaco from them that I can fit into whenever for the most part, but I tend to save it for instances where I’ve been having trouble keeping weight on (I tend to shed weight at an unhealthy clip over the most trivial of things). It just fits better then and as I have so many instances where I dip too low, I may as well have a few around that fit a bit more snug.

        I will agree with you on Yumiko’s customer service. I’ve had to email them a couple of times. Lets just say speedy response times are not a priority for them, at least in my experience. There’s also a level of briskness in their responses. I definitely don’t get that warm and fussy feeling reading their emails that I do when reading one from Elevé. It’s almost as though I’m annoying them. I’m like, hello! I’m spending $100USD for a two foot long piece of spandex, kiss up a bit will ya? I also looked at their YumiGirl program and honestly, the amount of work you’re expected to put in to maintain the “honor” is ridiculous.

        I agree with you, not all dancers are built the same. Now I totally understand that Yumiko is a tiny asian dancer, and she like so many of us that sew, designs for her body type. But when you become a global product, you have to adapt to the global market. Just look at the dancers you mention, or even Carrie Imler (search Carrie Imler fouettes, amazing). I periodically attend PNB’s performances and she’s incredible live. But she’s no Allison DeBona, all skinny and long. She’s a serious throwback to decades ago, before Balanchine decided only skeletons were beautiful. But that’s part of why I like PNB, these are dancers shaped like me (and tall to boot!). Not everyone is thin with no real shape (and yes, I realize the ridiculousness of my statement considering I’m an almost perfect rectangle, lol).

        I’m really glad there are people like you out there in the ballet world right now. The face of ballet is changing. It’s no longer acceptable to tell people they’re too busty (something Sarah Hay heard so much she went to Europe to dance), or that they’re too heavy, or muscular. Ballet is simply going to die out if people continue to demand only a certain shape is fit to dance. So few fit that mold. Not only that, these words, heard over and over again, are damaging. In my opinion there are ballet body standards. But those standards should have less to do with overall shape, and more to do with internal build. I have something called lax ligaments. That means I have a serious degree of natural turnout. I don’t need to work on developing it. My feet bend nicely, and my ankles wing automatically. Granted if I take too much time off I become weak, and far more prone to injury. But I’m capable of those lines people want naturally. I’m not trashing my body to get them. I know in Russia that actually look for children with these attributes (although honestly, outside of ballet it’s considered a deformity- my doctor wanted to operate to reduce hyper mobility). I also know that for men to do certain lifts it’s easier for the women to weigh less. But we have to be reasonable. What dancers are expected to do today is beyond athletic. You need serious muscle to do that, and muscle isn’t light. It’s to the point I feel like we need to reimagine what ballet should look like. Some things may have to go if we’re going to continue to insist on more and more from the dancers.

        My studio caters primarily to adults. I’m so happy there. You can wear what you want, doesn’t matter how heavy or thin you are, and the instructors insist we strive for our personal best- not what they think is best. You do what you can and you’re never made to feel guilty. I was out for six months. My instructor said (while doing fondues) the fourth should be at 90 degrees, then looked at me and said “or to however high you can get it, and please take breaks if you need them”. This is why so many of us go there. There’s pressure, but it’s so you feel like you’re working towards something, not that you’re a disappointment.

  1. Thank you so much for posting a photo of the colour samples. I totally agree with your critique – the sizes are very much on the small side, last year I naively ordered a Yumiko without having tried one on, and I’m about your height and weight, so I ordered a size large, but it was slightly too short and slightly too tight. Luckily I could sell it on e-bay. Last month, I went to the Berlin boutique and wanted to try on a leotard in x-large, but they didn’t have any. I’ve now ordered a Marisa without any extras, so I don’t spend too much money on this experiment, and I hope it will fit. Something I would love to know: what does the bust panel lining typically look like? Mine (on the first one I ordered) was the same fabric as the top, techni, and I found that a bit strange. I’ve seen photos on the internet where the lining is a flesh-coloured fabric. Despite all the problems I and other people have, I still think that Yumiko offers the most beautiful colours of all brands. I’m so tired of black, navy and bordeaux!

    • It’s not a problem. As I said I wish the company did this. I know Yumi Girls are supposed to have the fabric charts but they charge them for the charts too! I think if you can get to a boutique you should try them on, but that’s just not an option for so many. Also you have to hope they have the style and size you want in stock.

      As for the lining. The ones I saw in New York were a mix. Some had the flesh colored lining and others has the same material on both the inside and outside. But that was when it had a full lining, half linings seemed to be the nude others were black but the same material as the nude. I’m still waiting for this leo to arrive and have yet to even get a shipping confirmation. But as I said before I’ll post pics as soon as I get it.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability. Either straight away or when I get my leo in.

      • Good Morning! My friend ordered me a yumiko and it’s an Alicia in lavender. It’s a beautiful leotard that fits me perfectly except it has no lining! Any reccomendations? Should I add lining? Or will that ruin the leotard?
        Thank you so much:)


      • Good evening! 🙂

        That was so kind of your friend to order you a new leotard! To answer your question, I have to ask, what do you think? Do you feel you need a lining? If it’s too sheer to wear then you’ll need to add a lining, or wear things over or under it, otherwise you risk giving a show. But if you can’t see through it, then it’s fine to leave it as is. A liner on a leotard really doesn’t have any other function beyond providing coverage. If you’re sufficiently covered then there is no need to add one.

        As for adding one, this is not a task for a beginner seamstress. I added a lining to one of my own (a pale pink Elevè leotard) but I’ve been sewing for 25 years. It was also not the first time I’d sewn spandex. If you must add a lining I highly reccomend finding someone who’s skilled at sewing if you aren’t yourself. You can’t do just a simple straight stitch, you have to use a stretch stitch and it has to be done on a machine. Perhaps the costume department of your school? You could also submit an alchemy request on Etsy, or do a google search for local seamstresses. Many people who sew for a living take on side jobs to earn a bit extra. So it’s worth asking if you know anyone who sews. Just eb sure to offer them reasonable compensation! Spandex is a tricky fabric to sew!

  2. Curious that you say you have broad shoulders and you’ll be ADDING sleeve to achieve balance? I have always found all information to the contrary. As someone with a larger shoulder girdle to hip ratio anything with sleeves makes this far worse. It makes the hips look like munchkins, and while it makes my waist look very fashionable, for dance we are looking for balance between the shoulder girdle and the hips. The leotards as shown (without sleeves) would all work for broad shoulders, except for possibly the last one, that back May or may not you just can’t tell from that angle. When you post photos please post a front and back view standing straight, I’m very curious about this. Befor auditions photos of every Leo in my collection are taken front and back in just a flat foot standing position and not once did a capped or long sleeve work, they just emphasize the shoulder imbalance. When I wear them they feel like they help, but visually when you look at the pictures they do the opposite for me.

    • I was afraid of going sleeveless thinking it would make me appear more broad. In tops I generally find that’s how I look. Of course my perception may be skewed. I did post a review once my leo came in. You can see photos from different angles in that post. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

  3. I was thinking of getting a kiki leo in the color sky, probably in either the techni fabric or nylon fabric and was planning on only getting the bust panel but it sounds like that would be too sheer. Although i’ve never heard any of my friends (who have lots of yumikos) say anything about see through fabric. Is there any fabric that is maybe thicker? Also the colors seem to differ depending on the fabric, like the microfiber sky is darker than the others, maybe it wouldn’t show through as much?

    • Okay, this is just my opinion. I think that Sky looks similar in depth to Lavender (the color I bought). After wearing mine a bit I’ve found I probably could have gone without the full liner. It is sheer enough I think the bust liner is worth the cost. If you see my follow up post my pink bra is visible in the back where there is only one layer of fabric. Anything lighter would need a full liner otherwise you’re running the real risk of putting on a show.

      If it’s possible I strongly recommend asking your friends if you can see some of their leos. Just getting to feel the fabric and see how it looks in hand can really help in picking the right fabric for you. Even if no one has one in the specific color you want.

      The microfiber is the thickest feeling of all their options IMO. And yes, colors will vary with fabric type. Even if Yumiko were to dye all their own fabrics the fabrics and use the same dye for all of their fabrics they will absorb it differently. And the material itself can alter it’s appearance. Something shiny may seem lighter, whereas something fuzzy like velvet will appear darker. It’s just the way it is.

      Now I think what fabric you pick should be personal preference. Techni and nylon are more likely to be sheer. But I don’t think you’ll have any major issues with that color. So if that’s what you like, go for it. If you want something thicker/warmer then there’s no reason not to pick the microfiber. I only own a Techni leotard, and although I’ve ordered another it’s in the same fabric. So I really can’t comment too much on how the fabrics differ beyond what I can remember. And it was nearly a year ago I got to try them on in person.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll do my best to answer them!

  4. Hi, I have a question concerning the materials. I heard that Techni is less stretchy than Nylon or Microfibre, do you think that’s true? I’d like to order a leotard in Techni, but I’m worried it might be too small, since I wear XL in the Nylon leotards.
    Thank you,

    • Sorry I missed your comment! Yes, I found that the techni is the least stretchy. Granted they’re all 4-way stretch fabrics and they all do stretch quite a bit. I recommend avoiding the full lining as it further reduces stretch and makes it pretty hot to be honest. I think so long as your XL’s aren’t being stretched to the max you’ll probably be fine.

    • I think that color can be subjective. For me I would say their Techni fabric in “Mora” would be very blackberryish. But if you’re dead set on velvet I would have to say your only choice is “Dark Blue”. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this color chart! I have not been able to find any other actual pictures of the Yumiko fabric color chart anywhere else on the Internet, and I referenced your photos both times that I ordered a Yumi (in fact, I just placed an order for the Marieke with 3/4-length sleeves in T-Sea with N-Lavender trim, so pretty much the color-reverse of one of your Yumis!). I also love your detailed reviews.

    Thank you again!

    • I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your comment. 😦

      I’m so glad I could help you out. I know I’ve spent countless hours staring at it when planning my leotard orders. I’ve said it a million times too, but it remains true. I wish Yumiko themselves would do something like this on their site. It could only help to boost sales.

      Your leotard sounds so pretty. I had thought of doing the reverse of the colors I bought, but I was nervous. Going with a more muted body color was a good choice for me, being super bright makes me really nervous. Maybe one day though…

      And I’m glad you like the reviews. I haven’t purchased any more leotards lately but when I do you can be sure I’ll write about them here!

  6. Thank you s much for posting the color charts- I found them on Pinterest first and now found your blog. I too have stared at the color charts for 4+ years and found it very hard to visualize the colors.I finally found a microfiber dark grey leo at SF Dancewear on sale and the microfiber doesn’t have much stretch. It is thicker than traditional nylon. You had mentioned that you didn’t think the full liner was needed for the lavender leo maybe just the bust panel- do you have any opinion on the nylon cactus color?

    • Sorry I missed your comment. I’ve been playing catch up for a while.

      I’m glad you liked the photos and you found them helpful! I think as far as the cactus color goes, it may be borderline. I feel like the lavender is a bit darker to be honest. I did a quick image search for a Yumiko in cactus and it’s lightish. It’s beautiful, and a paler watery green. So long as you get the bust panel and are committed to alway wearing tights I think you’ll be okay. But obviously as I don’t have one in that color I can’t say for sure.

      I think sheerness in general is just something you have to deal with when it comes to any Yumiko in nylon or techni. There’s just something about the fabric they use. I’d have to say it’s probably why they’re so beautiful.

      • I am so happy I can finally give advice on Yumiko leotards! I happen to own a leotard in the Moontide/Cactus duo combination. I ordered it with a full front lining, but I removed the lower part (Cactus) because it is not necessary and Í found it too hot and uncomfortable. Cactus is a light colour, but not extremely sheer, so, as The Kool Chicken wrote, as long as you wear tights underneath,you should be fine.

      • Update- I just received my Cactus leo-I ordered Kiki with cactus and planet trim. I did the full lining and they made it with the same cactus color inside. It’s gorgeous and I love it. I’m glad for the extra lining. On the other hand I did the Wendy in Espresso with lavender sleeves. It is thinner but fine because it is so dark. Just when I received my leos and feel that I have a good grasp on the colors , they change the color chart!

      • I’m so glad your happy with your new leotards. It’s always so exciting when they finally some in! The colors you picked sound absolutely lovely. And I’ll agree, when ordering a very dark color you really don’t need the full liner. It just makes it hot and stretch less than it should.

        It is a bummer they’ve now made changes to their color chart. Maybe the next time I’m in town I’ll be able to stop in again and take a new photo. Or perhaps someone else out there can do it this time! My photos seem to be the only ones out there for some reason.

    • Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. I’ve been away for a week and am still playing catch up!

      Basically they’re all spandex 4 way stretch fabrics and synthetic. The microfiber is matte, and slightly thicker, it’s also very soft. Supposedly there’s very little difference in the nylon and tecni but I did notice some differences. The nylon is far more sheer, whereas the techni is somewhat more opaque (though it also has sheerness issues). They say the techni shows sweat less but I have not found that to be the case. In both of my leotards is does become visible and leaves marks (like water marks on a wooden table, there’s a line and a discoloration). Generally I don’t care because my classes are only an hour long and everyone else is sweating too! But if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing you should keep this in mind. I do not know how much sweat shows on the microfiber material as I don’t own any of those. Microfiber will be warmer though, so it’s something to think about if you’re nervous about sweat or live in a hot climate. I’d never want to wear it back in Hawaii!

      Bottom line, I feel the techni is the nicest of all of their fabrics. It has good support, is less sheer than the nylon, and is pretty. It also feels nice. However I feel like I’m moving away from Yumiko in general. I own two of their leotards and don’t plan to buy more in the near future. Right now I have my eye on some new Elevé leotards because I feel like they’re more comfortable, the material is much nicer, and they have far more color options and styles (most styles can be modified with sleeves, legs, back holes, etc.). They’re also less expensive! After I place my next order I plan to write another post going a bit more in depth about the differences between the brands and why I’m picking Elevé for this next purchase. So keep an eye out!

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