Gluten Free Skin Care & Cosmetics. Plus Where To Find Them!

I posted before about gluten free cosmetics, but here’s another option I haven’t mentioned, Tarte Cosmetics. I knew Tarte at least had some gluten free items in the past, but last year I noticed a little something in the bottom left hand corner of my screen. 


You see that tiny writing. It says Always Formulated Without and at the end, gluten. That’s awesome! Talking about making life easier for those with Celiac disease to shop for a pretty something or other. A diagnosis of Celiac disease doesn’t make you automatically want to give up all the little things you love. It’s not like I’m going to die without makeup, but it’s nice to have options and I certainly won’t complain about having too many! Tare had the best Christmas boxes this year and I got the one Ulta was selling. I haven’t used it yet, I’m saving it for after my move. I usually depot everything but I think I want to keep that one “pretty”.


Next up is Benefit Cosmetics. They used to be very clear about what was and what wasn’t gluten free. It would appear as though the waters have been muddied there as of late. Here’s their official statement directly from the FAQ’s section of their site.

Is Benefit Cosmetics gluten free?

Our principal mission and our duty: to guarantee safe, high quality products for our consumers. Committeed to upholding consumer’s confidence in its products, the LVMH group has always endeavoured to supply products of consistently high, impeccable quality.

The products we develop therefore comply with the strictest legislations throughout the world, whilst also meeting our internal development criteria and the most stringent quality, traceability and safety constraints. These requirements guarantee the product’s safety for the consumer.

We may have wheat germ in a few remaining products, all others have been reformulated to withdraw all wheat protein hydrolysates, even though these ingredients are still widely used elsewhere in the cosmetics industry today.

It should however be noted that in spite of all the care we take over the traceability of our raw materials, we cannot guarantee that the raw materials used may not have come into contact accidentally with gluten during their manufacturing process at our suppliers.

So unfortunately it looks as though they may be out. If you simply have an intolerance you’ll probably be fine. But those with Celiac disease should stay away. It’s a shame too. My favorite shade of lipstick was from this brand. I bought it back when all of their lipsticks were gluten free and fortunately I made a mistake when ordering back then. I meant to buy two but bought three instead. But now I guess when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Pity.


Last up for today would be Ulta! I know what you’re thinking, a whole store? They carry too many brands for that, but they do make it easy to find out what’s safe! Here’s a screen shot


Do you see that, under ingredients? You can search by gluten free! Now it’s not something you can do in every category, but at the very least you can in skin care. I thought that was pretty sweet. Also, when I was in store last month I was looking at one of their Christmas gift items. It was an acrylic tumbler filled with travel sized versions of their house brand bath and body products. I was looking at the little info card on the inside and lo and behold, what did it say? All their B&B products are gluten free. Beat that Sephora!

I actually used to love Sephora, but they’re quickly loosing my business. Sephora never gives more than a “deluxe travel size” of things and you’re usually forced to part with hundreds of hard earned points for that. Yes there are sometimes little bonuses if you have a coupon code, but they are few and far between. I’m just a $114 off of Rouge status, and I don’t have many extras to show for it. In fact even though I’m a VIB I wasn’t able to see much of the pre-sale stuff this year, like that Little Mermaid collection. So what’s the point?

Ulta on the other hand has constant sales, gifts with purchase, and their points system is a million times better. Ulta gives basic members 1 point for every dollar spent (Platinum members get 1.25 points per dollar). They also have bonus point times like birthday months, Cyber Monday, and these past few days (regular members got 3 points, platinum got 5). You can redeem these points for salon services or money off. I currently have $80 available. How did I get so much? I certainly didn’t spend over $1,000. I had a problem with my order and when I called and asked if they could retroactively add the Cyber Monday points to my order the woman just gave me 1,000 points! Way more than what I should have gotten (granted I did have a big problem with my order- not their fault). I also earned 5x’s the points for my new Sedu flat iron (fantastic by the way) and I got a travel version for free as a gift with purchase. 

There is a catch though. Virtually all of Ulta’s coupons don’t work on their “prestige brands”, think Tarte, Urban Decay, etc. I have gotten lucky in store a couple of times but for the most part you’re paying full price. That would be a deal breaker but it’s not like any other store is offering a discount, and money you earn with points can be used for anything. The coupons they usually offer are for 20% off or $3 off $10, and they work for the stuff you could find at Target. So I can get things like my husbands favorite body lotions, body washes, and similar stuff there on sale while racking up the points. Making sure it’s gluten free (should he wish to switch brands) will be a snap too. Then at the end of the year when all the makeup companies come out with their awesome gifts sets I can go nuts, and it won’t cost me one red cent. 


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