What To Wear Under Your Leotard

Just one last quick post for today. I might get lazy in the next couple of weeks with the move coming up so I want put up a few of these before the last drops of my emotional toothpaste gets squeezed out. Yeah, I always handle moving really well…


What do you wear under your leotard? It’s a question that gets asked online quite a bit. Truth is, you don’t have to wear anything. In fact some studios don’t allow anything. But if you’re not 12 you may want something. If not panties then at least a bra. And if you’re bigger than a small B cup then you really should consider something. Your future self will probably thank you.

I used to almost fill out a B cup. Now that I’m breastfeeding I’m a smallish C cup. Yes, that’s right, it only took me 29 years and a kid to get real boobs. Do I need something under my leotard, probably. I mean if it’s a tighter leo I’ve actually found it’s not much of an issue, but I feel better (mentally, not physically) wearing a bra. So wear one I do. I personally, am a fan of Hanes ComfortFlex Bandini bras. This is what they look like.



This was the best photo I could snag. They come two to a pack and sell for around $10. This model is wearing two at once which you could totally do if you like the look, or need more support. They’re super crazy stretchy and I’m about 37-38 inches around (last check) and I can wear anything from a medium to an x-large. I had to wear the x-large when I first started breastfeeding because anything at all squeezey was painful, but now I’m pretty much fine with the smaller sizes. I like to wear a large under my leo since they’re tightish on their own and there’s a limit to how much compression I’m comfortable with. 

I’ve found these are super comfortable. They never shift, are rather thin, don’t get too hot, and dry pretty past. I toss them in the washer and dryer (though I sometimes air dry them to prolong their life) and they hold up great. I’ve had some for years, and they still look new. You can get them at Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and I’m sure tons of other similar stores.


For underwear I need specialty compression stuff. But what I’ve found is the brand I prefer has the added bound of being pretty much seamless and they lay perfectly flat. The brand is Yummie Tummie, this is what my preferred model (the Nici) looks like.


Now there are some things worth mentioning. I’ve found the leg opening isn’t quite that low, and neither is the rise. They do come up closer to the belly button (and by closer I mean right smack in the middle of it), than they show in the photo. They’re quite comfy though. Like the Hanes bra they don’t shift or bunch. I never seem to have to adjust them which is always a good thing. They give light compression, enough for me to be comfortable, but not so much that your average person (who doesn’t need compression for pain relief) will feel uncomfortable. I only own four pairs and I’ve worn them constantly since I bought them in August. They still look brand new. 

They also sell thongs, leggings, and a number of other items. I prefer the standard pink tights for class but if I ever moved on to leggings I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a try. I also like the brand enough to recommend them without having tried them first. So far everything I’ve worn from them has been top notch where quality, comfort, and fit is concerned. 


3 thoughts on “What To Wear Under Your Leotard

    • I love them for that as well. I think I may have bought some pre pregnancy but only really started to wear them in my fifth or sixth month. They work well for me and I am currently bf, but I’m only 35″ around and wearing the medium size, so not exactly huge. I find that at least for me only one is more than enough support. But if I were bigger wearing one in my normal size then one in the next size up on top could wok without too much compression. I could also just put on a real sports bra but when you’re not used to them it’s a lot of fabric!

      If these wouldn’t work for you I’m assuming just a leotard isn’t enough. So what do you like to wear?

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