Setting Up Shop

I moved recently, I mentioned I was moving in a past posts. Well it’s done and over with now. We pretty much have all our furniture with the exception of our coffee table that was backordered. I could also use a bench and small table by the front door, but we’ll live until I can something I like. It’s an interesting situation I find myself in. Moving to a completely different state and having to start setting up a house from scratch. We arrived with nothing more than a few suitcases and stayed the first night here in a hotel. Since then we’ve had to get everything, from bath towels to flatware. It’s not something people have to do very often. When you move out of your parents home (or from anywhere really) you’re usually going to your new place with “stuff”. Rarely do you show up to an empty house and have to start filling it. There’s a Target walking distance from my house so we started there, paper plates and cups, towels and soap, toilet paper… You know, the basic stuff you need to live.

There are some upsides to starting from complete scratch, you get to pick a new style. My other house has bold walls, teal, aqua, blue, and grey. The furniture is more subdued, beige and dark woods. It’s a fantastic look, but I wanted to go in a different direction here. They’ll paint an accent wall in each room in the complex we’re living in if you like. There’s a selection of colors to choose from. I picked a blueish grey for my sons room and a grayish brown color for the living room and master bedroom. I think it was called portobello and it’s an apt description. 

I was talking to my mother recently and we talked about me doing a few posts about starting over and decorating. I’m a big fan of places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Outlets, and finding sales so it could be fun to show what can be achieved shopping discount places. Pretty much all of my stuff (plates, cups, bowls, decor, throws, etc.) came from these places and my furniture is all from Ashley. So what I’ve done is pretty affordable and could be replicated by almost anyone. Today I’m going to start with my bathroom. Not a full look mind you. I’ll probably never show a full look of any room of anyplace that I live. But I’ll show you some of my living spaces and what I did to make them both beautiful and functional. 



This is a shot of my linen closet. As you can see it has open shelving which usually poses a problem. You really can’t get messy here. That’s especially true for me since the layout of my house means that if my bedroom and bathroom doors are both open you can see straight in to this space from the living room and kitchen. So what I did to keep the space looking neat and staying functional was to buy baskets. I picked these up at Home Goods for I think $12 each. Yes that’s a lot for baskets, but these are really big.

The top one holds big tissue boxes and my tiny little purse packs. The second one has all of my makeup pallets, favorite cosmetic bags, fancy headbands, etc. The third one has my Turbie Twists and my fabric covered shower caps . The last one has nitrile gloves for cleaning, lint rollers, and similar stuff. 

Now the tiny little tupperware things don’t really match the rest of the room perfectly but I love them. I paid I think $4 for each and I got them at Target. I purposely picked smallish ones because of what I put in them. They hold my “good” samples, I like to use them when I travel. Extras of favorite soaps, L’Occitane keeps selling out of my sons favorite so I’m hoarding. Tiny cosmetic bags and products from “Gifts With Purchase”. And most importantly my Lush stuff. I really need a space restriction so I don’t buy way too much- cause I totally will. Now even though they don’t match the print serves a very real purpose, can you guess what it is? They lack transparency. If they were clear you would have to keep what’s in them neat, I don’t want to do that. I just want to cram stuff in there and I don’t want to care if my sample packs are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t need to be. So I picked a pretty print to conceal the chaos within.

The mint colored pails are from a place called Cost Plus World Market, I love it there. These cost about $10 and I had a coupon so it was more like $8.50 each. I have commonly used moisturizers and soaps in one, and nail polishes and such in the other. The one on the lower shelf holds my hand towels and face cloths. I got the hand towels from Target (their Threshold line) and the face cloths are from Home Goods. I initially planned to buy my facecloths from Target but they wanted $6 a piece. I’m glad I put them back because these match my bathroom better and cost $3 each! Here’s a closeup of the design on them.


I can’t remember where I bought my shower curtain but I think it was TJ Maxx. I couldn’t find one long enough anywhere so I had to settle. I liked the design though. It doesn’t show up well in photos but it’s blue, teal, and varying shades of beige. For some reason it look grayish and slightly purple on camera and in photos, I don’t know why. Anyhoo I love how the design on my facecloths is similar to the curtain but it’s not overly matchy.




Here’s what it looks like from further away so you can get an idea of the print. It’s sort of a paisley meets damask, I like it. The curtain holder things are from Target’s Threshold line. I looked around other places but couldn’t find anything I liked better so I just went for it. The hook part isn’t super deep so I’m hoping they don’t fall off every two seconds. I kept the packaging just in case, fingers crossed they work out though. The bath mat is from Costco. I initially picked a beige one, but when we got it home we noticed a stain that had been hidden by the tag. While picking a new one I was going to get the same light beige but was worried it would happen again and not having a mat was driving me crazy so I went with the darker color. The darker color also serves the purpose of disguising any future stains from tub tints, my little fish likes to splash. 🙂


Back to my linen closet. If you were wondering what that weird black thing was on the shelf this is it. I got this at HomeGoods for $15. I’m a big fan of using what you own and use on a regular basis as decor. I think my hairpins and headbands are pretty, so I picked a pretty tray and simply laid them out instead of stuffing them in some box. It also ensures I’ll keep using them frequently. As you know “Out of sight, is out of mind”. The weird spring things are called Zannclips. I get asked about them a lot. Admittedly they’re pretty cool. You can get them on Amazon but sadly the woman who sells them suddenly started seriously over charging for them and as a result I don’t see myself buying more. I hope I never loose any. 😦 

The last thing I’m going to show you is something crafty!


Can you hear that? It’s off in the distance, someone yelling “Oh great, Blanche has gotten into the contact paper again”. That’s my aunt, and Blanche is the “old lady” name she has bestowed upon me. But I don’t care, I love contact paper. It’s so versatile, and who doesn’t love a gigantic sticker? But back to the topic, turning necessities into decor. My husband gets really dry hands so he like to have different lotions around. The problem is his ugly drugstore lotions, well… They bother me greatly. So I peeled off the labels, measured them, cut pieces of contact paper, and stuck it on there. It took me all of five minutes to do both and cost me pennies. And bonus! I still have enough contact paper leftover to continue doing this until I die, and I will. It’s a simple and cheap way to make a boring necessity blend in and you can find contact paper in tons of cool prints now, everything from the original retro stuff to character prints. I recently found Hello Kitty paper…


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