To The Bedroom

When thinking about what to title this I was reminded of Muppet Family Christmas, one of my favorite movies. There’s a scene when Swedish Chef is complaining about all the rats and chickens in his kitchen. How ridiculous, they always have rats and chickens in the kitchen! So Kermit sends them up to his [Swedish Chef’s] bedroom as that would be preferable saying “Up to the bedroom, up to the bedroom!” As he shoo’s them out. I just love those crazy Muppets. But now, on to todays post.


The other day I showed you all my linen closet and some of my bathroom. So today I’ll share my bedroom since it’s attached. I wanted to keep my new bedroom very simple. I wanted blues, beiges, and browns, just like in the bathroom. But for the bedroom I wanted it to be darker tones, I thought it would be more restful. Here’s a shot of my room.



So the first photo shows the room with the table lights off, and obviously the second is with them on. There’s really not a lot more in here, just my dresser and that’s it. I wanted a minimalist look this time as my other room has more “stuff”. All the furniture here is from Ashley and after comparing the prices to IKEA my husband and I found that unless you want to go bare bones, cheapest of everything, Ashely Furniture is about the same price. Now is the quality as good as say Restoration Hardware, no. But it’s not junk either. The plan was to keep this stuff for the next year or two then either donate or sell it. But I may actually keep a few things, if not all of it. There’s no reason I can’t have a guest room with this stuff in it.


I initially picked a different bed frame and the nightstands and dresser are from that collection. But then I changed my mind and swapped the bed for this one cause I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept the other stuff though because I thought they were prettier, and they still match really well.


The little lamps are from Ikea and I love them. They’re pretty bright and that’s good since the overhead lamps in this place are awful. I didn’t want to but I may end up having to get a side table and lamp for my living room. I can have every light in the place on and it still feels like I’m sitting in the dark. I think these cost $15 and they do a great job while looking pretty, you can’t beat that!

These next two photos are closeups of my linens.



The top photo is a closeup of my duvet, I got it at Pottery Barn. They were running a sale and of course every duvet in the place was discounted- except this one. But I had a coupon so it’s okay! I looked everywhere for a nice duvet and I really think Pottery Barn had the best ones for the best prices. I walked in there after going to Macy’s and finding nothing but overpriced, scratchy, nonsense. Seriously, over $300 just for a king sized duvet that’s polyester? Who do they think they’re kidding! I got this for under $100 and it’s soooo soft. I bought my duvet clips from Bed Bath and Beyond (they sell the same ones on Amazon for double so check BB&B first!). I bought my comforter from Ikea and it’s two layers. One is a level 1 the other is a level 2 (I think) so you can use it year round. I don’t know what it is about Ikea comforters but I love them, this new style makes me love them even more. They’re down alternative too so I don’t have to worry about itching. 🙂

The next photo shows my King size pillow cases. I bought these at Home Goods, they were $10 for the two pack. I think they mesh nicely with the colors in my comforter and I loved the raised design. It plays quite nicely as well. Both designs work with the shower curtain too, it helps the spaces feel connected.

Oh, and for the record. I have a king sized comforter and pillows but a Queen sized bed. I just prefer it that way. I feel like it makes the bed so much more cozy and there’s less fighting over the covers.


This is my dresser. It sits directly across from my bed and is the only other thing in my bedroom. I do sometimes have a clothes horse off to the left of it in the corner but it gets put away when there are no clothes to dry because I don’t like looking at it.


The things I keep on my dresser are things I both use, and enjoy. Like I said in my last post, I like to decorate with useful things. Now perfume isn’t exactly useful, but it is enjoyable and I do use it. Mine came in bottles I thought were pretty and I can’t see the sense in hiding them. It’s not bright enough in the room for the sunlight to hurt them (I had all the lights on and the blinds open to take these photos and it’s still pretty dark). So why not keep them out where I can enjoy them. The little box sometimes holds my earrings. I picked it up when I was in Alaska at House of Russia. It’s a tiny little paper mache box that’s completely done by hand, layers and layers of paper painstakingly combined and then hand painted and lacquered. I think it’s beautiful, too beautiful to be hidden away.


I bought this frame at Home Goods for a few dollars and still haven’t printed out a photo for it. I want to wait until I have found all the frames for the house and then I’ll have some printed at Costco. I don’t want to have to make several trips just for photos. The bear (who’s outfit matches the room completely by accident) is our “first born” and she’ll be 10 next month. I gave her to my husband a few months after we started dating and she’s pretty special to us. That bear has been to more countries than some humans, but she’s more of a homebody these days as she’s getting old/fragile. The pacifier and pram are from the Swarovski outlet. I love those little nicknacks even though I don’t own many. I like to wait for them to be discontinued and then I pick them up on sale from their outlet stores. You just have to be committed to checking every time you’re near one, but it’s worth it for the savings.


This last photo is another example of style meets functionality. I bought these from Nordstrom for $10 each (they sell them online and in stores). I could have just gotten a dish from anywhere, but I elected to spell out my monogram. I thought it was a cool way to use such a traditional style element. They’re also functional as I use them to hold my jewelry from time to time. But even when empty they still look great. The sassy little cat with the bow on her head is named Katie. I had been waiting for her to go on clearance for a long time but it was worth it, I got a $20 savings!


2 thoughts on “To The Bedroom

    • Thank you! They had a lot of them, they don’t really sell comforters just duvets. It was a toss up between this one and another that was linen and silk- that was also under $100. I just couldn’t believe Pottery Barn was so inexpensive compared to everyone else. And the quality- way better!

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