Valentine’s Day Decor

I’m still working on getting my new apartment in order so we’re going to be crafting today. Now this isn’t hardcore crafting so don’t get scared. It’s sort of like “crafting light”. If you can wield a pair of scissors and plug in a string of lights you can do this. Here’s what we’ll be making today.


This is so simple and easy to make. It’s also far more impressive in person. I’m still dealing with just my phone and a super dark apartment, so forgive me. This is probably too much for a toddler to help with (choking hazards and glass!) but a five or six year old could do this. I have this on my mantel but it would make a really cool nightlight too. Just swap out the glass pillar for something plastic and you’re good to go! Here’s how I made this.


This is exactly one yard of a sparkly tulle I got at JoAnn’s for $2.49, Wal-Mart usually has similar stuff for a dollar less. You don’t need to get this exact type, but I recommend getting something with a tight net, it just looks better. The sparkle doesn’t hurt either…

It’s cut from the bolt doubled over, I just fold it once more lengthwise so I have four layers. I cut them apart so they’re separate. I opted not to fold and cut again but I ended up doing it later. So I suggest you do so now. Make your stack eight layers thick and start cutting your strips.


These are between three and four inches wide. It doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact it look better if it’s a bit random. As I said before I realized later it looked better with smaller pieces so these were cut in half.


These are the lights I used, I found them at Ikea, I think they were $15. Now obviously they’re perfect for Valentines day, but I plan to keep this up year round because I like the hearts and the colors work in my living room. Ikea also had stars, gems, and some other shapes as well so you could also skip the Valentines theme completely. I’m thinking of doing this with the star lights in my sons room, so this is a very versatile project idea. 


My one yard of tulle was enough for me to tie on three pieces per light. Next time I do this I’ll use two yards, but the one was sufficient. It’s also worth mentioning you can add or subtract from this over time. At Christmas I could ditch some of the red and add gold and green for example.


I found these at JoAnn as well. The David Tutera gems were on clearance for $5, that’s down from $15! Very reasonable for what they are. Vase fillers like hess tend to be very expensive. The larger gems come in varying sizes, from half carat size (about 3mm) all the way to these doorknockers (maybe 20mm at the biggest). The bag I got comes with two sizes in it, I wanted the variety as it’s makes it a little more visually interesting.


Now start layering, it’s like making a parfait! I just poured in a little bit of each type of gem and started dropping in the lights. I tried to keep the hearts in the front and hide the wires. Play with it, if you don’t like how it looks pull them out and try again. Push the gems around to where you want to see them. The tulle had the added benefit of giving the gems a place to rest as opposed to just falling straight to the bottom. 

After you have them the way you want them move it to it’s new home and plug in. If you want, you can use a bit of scotch tape to hide the wire behind the vase, it’s what I did.

Congratulations, you’re finished! Doesn’t it look pretty? It’s just a quick and easy way to add something seasonal to your decor. And if it takes you more than 15 minutes then you’ve invested too much brainpower. Put the ruler down, don’t obsess, the more fun you have with it the better it looks.


Now if you want to make this for a kids room I like the idea of using plastic as I mentioned before. I may do this for my sons room, if I do I’ll share photos. If I do it I want to get one of those plastic jugs of chocolate from Costco, like this one.


If I cut a small hole near the top I can put the lights in through there. They have a big plug, but the strand of lights plugs into the the outlet plug.


You see that, the round part plugs into the huge rectangle part. So I’ll only need to make a small hole. If I then turn it upside-down I can use the lid as a base. I think it’ll look pretty good and make a fantastic nightlight. If a child is old enough to tie a knot then they can help with this project as well. Just give them the unplugged lights, a stack of pre-cut tulle in various colors, and let them go wild tying it on!  The perfect rainy day project. 


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