Look What I Found

I needed to pick up a couple more of those mint pails from World Market while my coupon was still valid. It was then that I noticed these.


They were right next to the pails and I always like to look at the knobs… So long story short I bought two dozen of them. The guy at the register was joking, asking if I was redoing my whole house. Nope, just my dresser and two nightstands. They have a lot of knobs!

I really like the Anthropologie ones better. I think they’re much better quality, but they’re also a lot more pricey. So for this furniture set I didn’t want to spend a bundle. When we buy our real house and bedroom set then I’ll get the beautiful Anthropologie ones I’ve been lusting after. But for now, these will more than suffice.




I think they look fantastic. I’ve always loved the contrast of dark brown and light blue. Most people do it the other way around with the lighter color being the dominant one, but I enjoy it both ways. The nightstands have a smaller knob on the top drawers and I think it looks pretty good. It came like that, two big ones with a tiny all metal one on the top so I tried to mimic that. I even considered getting the smaller version in clear glass, I think it would have looked great as well. The dresser’s original knobs were all the same size so that’s what I bought. But I think I’m going to return the top three and replace them with the smaller knobs. I may get some in the clear style just to try it out, but I’m still on the fence. If I do I want both the dresser and the nightstands to match.

This took only about 20 minutes to do. My son helped me with it. He’s only 14 months so all he could do was pass me the screwdriver over and over and hand me the knobs. He did a nice job of stacking the old ones too, even if he did try to make off with one towards the end… 🙂

So here you have it. A quick, inexpensive, way to update your furniture. 


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