A Sassy Sash

So I added a dress to my wardrobe. It’s really better for spring through summer but I opted to wear it for my husbands birthday this weekend. Here it is.


As you can see it’s a lovely dress. As it’s February I elected to wear a cardigan over it. I have a pretty cream colored one from Banana Republic that has silver thread woven throughout. It looked great and I received a number of compliments.

There was one other thing I added to this dress. A sash. You see, while this dress is lovely it felt as though it was missing something. In the photos it looks just fine but on, well… What can I say, it needed a bit of jazzing up around the midsection. And the seam there just wasn’t doing it for me. I’m actually surprised it didn’t come with a little belt or something. It just seems natural for this particular dress.

Here is the sash I made.


Isn’t it pretty? It only took me fifteen minutes and $17 to make! When I was checking out my new JoAnn’s I found the David Tutera wedding line. They had this appliqué for about $15 and the ribbon was around $3, and I still have half the spool so I can make another! The packaging said it could be sewn, glued, or pinned onto various items and they gave suggestions. But I wanted a sash. They actually showed this attached to a satin ribbon on the package, and it looked pretty bad. But it looks great on this grosgrain! This is a great, quick little project that anyone can make. If you can thread a needle and push it back and forth through some fabric, well then you can make this too. Sure you could glue it, but I think sewing is always the best choice. Besides, if you glue it you still have to wait for the glue to dry. This way you could make it just before an event and put it straight on. Heck, if someone else is driving you could do it in the car and tie it on as soon as you get out! It’s really that fast and easy.

Here’s how I made it.

I opened my ribbon and then wrapped it around my waist. I tied it in a bow and decided how much I wanted the ties to hang down. Then I cut just that much off and trimmed both ends so they were cut at an angle. To seal the ends you could just grab a lighter, but I prefer to use a candle. It feels safer, so even if you don’t normally burn them keep a tea light around for stuff like this. And do it by the sink, just in case. Then grab your needle and thread. I prefer to fold my thread in half and pass the folded end through the eye. Then I pull the ends though that loop and tie a knot at the ends so I’m working with a double strand. I then figured out where the middle of the ribbon was and lined the center of the appliqué up with it. You could glue it down or use some iron on adhesive to hold it in place while you sew but I just started stitching. I worked my way around the perimeter and through the center, just passing the needle back and forth wherever there was enough space. When I finally got back to where I started my stitching I tied a knot and cut the ends. That’s it!

Here it is laid out with my dress.


Don’t they look fantastic together?

Now go make something!


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