Makeup Brush Storage

When my husband went back to Hawaii last week he was able to grab all my makeup brushes. Yes, I forgot all but three of them. Since I knew he’d be bringing them I knew I’d need a place to put them and I set to work. In Hawaii we don’t have many stores (at least on my island) so you take what you can get. My old brush storage was just three 4″ square vases from Ace Hardware and Bright Fill Moon Drops. I paid way too much for them but it would have cost more shopping for this stuff online. Now that I’m on the mainland I decided not to settle, although not at first. Here’s what I almost bought.


Yes, more of those 4″ square vases. Joann had them and they were $5 each. At first that seemed like a steal, then I realized I’m no longer stuck with my first option. In fact my first option is just that, the first of many. On Hawaii first option is usually code for only option, so I paid over $7 for these same vases there, ugh. 

It was at the checkout I decided to put them back because I remembered there was a dollar store just next-door. I had to go there anyways since I’d promised Chicken Little he could have a balloon weeks ago. While there I found an array of small vases, they had some smaller versions of the ones I’d just put back, as well as some that were (IMO) way better. Here’s what I bought.


I love the rounded shape of these so much more than the square ones. And they were only $1 each as opposed to $5! It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Now you may be wondering what I used to fill them with. I was going to buy just the same Bright Fill stuff I bought before, but on the next aisle was the David Tutera wedding line. They had these small acrylic round brilliants (perhaps you recognize them from my Valentines Decor post?). They were on clearance for $5 and I figured they were worth the risk. I found that these mixed with the bright fill work way better than the Bright Fill on it’s own. I think it just gets too densely packed because of the shape and the little acrylic crystals keep that from happening. Either way it’s so much easier to push my brushes in. If you can’t find the David crystals there are still similar options out there. They’ll be in either the floral section or the wedding section, they’re “table scatter” just plastic crystals you can throw around a centerpiece to look pretty and you can pick your “carat size”. I used a mixed bag of them in my Valentines Decor post and you can get them in the different craft stores or Amazon.


Don’t they look pretty together? They actually sparkle quite nicely for being plastic. And when they get gross (and they will because makeup and dust will fall in there) I can just put them in a mesh garment bag, scrub them, and hang them to dry. I’ve done it before and it works quite well. 

If you were wondering what Bright Fill Moon Drops is, this is it.


This stuff is great. It comes in a dozen colors and you can find it at pretty much every craft store. I bought my first bags from Ace Hardware, they had a small Ben Franklin crafts section and this was with the flowers. It was also a much larger bag. I got my new ones at Joann, and I know they have them on Amazon. It costs around $10 a bag, don’t pay more than that. 

They’re really quite nice for this project. They’re little flat backed cabs and they’re so vibrant. I have purple and red in my old place and the colors are so deep. You really can’t see the brush handles at all even if they’re placed close to the glass, at least with the purple and red. I went with clear this time because I didn’t want the royal blue they had at Joann’s (they only had a few colors) so I opted for the clear and when I saw the crystals I thought it would be fun to mix in some teal.

This whole project cost me $17 to make, not bad considering some companies will charge at least that much if not more just for the “specialized” containers. I’ve also seen people use bean bag filler, rice, plain vase filler, sand, beads, and all sorts of other things to fill the vases with, but I’ve found these to be the prettiest, cleanest, and most effective. They’re not overly expensive either. If you don’t like the clear vases you could paint them or even look for pretty cups at places like Home Goods or TJ Maxx. I’d considered doing that but just decided to go with the less expensive clear vases. They work and I like the simplicity of them.



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