Monogrammed Madness

Okay so I have some more cool apps for all of you. Like the last ones, they only really exist to make things pretty but that’s fine by me. Here they are!


Monogram – Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD


Stencil – Monogram Wallpaper Backgrounds Fashion Skins Themes


They’re both by Yellow Lab Inc. and I think they’re great. In fact I made both images in about a minute because I couldn’t find a big enough photo to add here. Here’s the links to Apple’s preview page for Stencil, and then Monogram.

Overall I like both apps, but I love the Stencil app. I just find it to be so much more versatile. Monogram is great in that it has so many more Badges (the design that frames the monogram) and fonts. There are also more color choices, you can even have glitter letters! This is not possible in Stencil, I really hope they add it though. If they were to merge the two apps it would be incredible. 

Now these are paid apps, but you can get a lite version of the monogram app. I downloaded that and quickly realized the paid version would be worth it. It was only $1.99 so I went for it. The only thing is, once you’ve paid for the app you still don’t get all of the features. This is not something they tell you about before you buy it. To me, this feels misleading. So far, with the two apps I own both have had this problem. Now, do I feel these apps are worth the real cost after you add in the “extras”? Yes. They’re very good apps, they work well and produce great images. But I sort of wish they’d stop being so sneaky, because that’s what this is- sneaky.

I have made some in app purchases, but I haven’t bought everything. Pretty much just all the fonts. There are some wallpapers, but because you can use your own image I didn’t feel the need to purchase every wallpaper pack. Here’s a quick screen shot of the only wallpaper pack I didn’t buy.


If you click on any image you get the option to buy all 18 of the backgrounds in this folder for 99 cents. It’s not bad, but there are about 100 others I can choose from that are included in the purchase price. I also have the option to just look for one of those designs elsewhere online and use that photo. If you look at the swatches underneath the wallpaper previews you’ll see the colors you can change those backgrounds to. There are 38 color choices and just clicking on one will change the whole background that color, here’s an example.


This is a result of clicking on the flower background and the purple swatch beneath it. As you can see you get varying shades of that purple in the design. If you went with the houndstooth to the far right you’d get just that purple and white. That’s basically how it works. There’s also some glitter backgrounds but you just get a glitter design and the rest of the background is white, I don’t care for it. I really wish you could pick a secondary color. For example, purple flowers with a teal backdrop. Giving the option to make any of it glitter would be even better. Hopefully that’s something we’ll see in the future.

Here are some designs I’ve come up with for my family, and some that I made just for this post.


This one was created with a background I found elsewhere. 


The entire design here is from the app alone. 



I sourced the background from a different app, the “doodles” and monogram from this app. As you can see the little snowflake drawings are different sizes and colors. All of that was done with this app, it was pretty simple.Image

This badge was created by layering different badges to get this design. In fact that’s pretty much how I did all of these.


This is one if the glitter designs available. They have a few “doodles” and a few badges to pick from in the glitter category. I really wish there were more.


This is a really simple high contrast one I whipped up for my contacts. If you have an iPhone then you know each contact has a little circle next to it where you can put a photo. But how many of us have a photo for every person we know? I plan to do the whole alphabet and make a folder for them so I always have an image to go with each contact. 🙂


Some of these took longer than others to make. I can create one in a few minutes, others take much longer. It really depends on the complexity of the design. For the most part I mix different badges to create a unique look so it can take some time. I also like to create shadows behind my letters. I’ll duplicate the text two to three times offsetting it just slightly each time before laying my top color over it. So I can have as many as four layers for the text alone. Here’s an example.


This was done on one of the glitter backgrounds. I’m very underwhelmed by it, it feels unfinished.

Now some wallpapers don’t seem to work well with this app. For example, my Cuptakes wallpapers don’t appear in the window when I try to add them, I have no clue why. But I’ve found simply going to photos and taking a screen shot will get around that. In fact that seems to work for any image that won’t appear on the app. 

The developers have a Pintrest page, and an Instagram account where you can share your images. They seem to be big on sharing, and that’s great. You can pull inspiration from people all over the globe. They also give you permission to do whatever you want with the images you create with their app, that’s even better! So as long as you use their backgrounds or copyright free images (available on lots of free apps, I used a bunch to make the images above) you can do as you please with the artwork you create. I see a custom Zagg in my near future! It would be cool to use the images on things like custom Sigg’s from Cafe Press, or family T-shirts for reunions and more.

This developer has a few more apps and I plan to check them out. I really like what I’ve bought from them so far. Now in general I hate to buy apps, or spend money in apps. But I love these so much and I can see myself using them for years to come, so to me it’s worth it. I hope the developers continue to improve these apps and add to them. If they do I think they could go far. There is a demand for these sorts of apps, and well made ones are few and far between. 

I plan to contact the developers soon to ask if they plan to make some of the changes I’m hoping for. If they do I’ll update this. Fingers crossed, I want my glitter fonts!



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