Almost Here

I’ve bought a new sewing machine and I can’t wait until it gets here. Supposedly it’ll arrive Tuesday and I hope so. I’m really looking forward to trying it out. I bought some stabilizer, pre wound bobbins, embroidery thread, and an extra smaller hoop to go with it. I decided to get a machine that could also do embroidery since I like that sort of thing. I forever find myself staring at the monogram section of J. Crew and Neiman Marcus (did you know you could get monogrammed Uggs!). I love monograms and have a number of bags with mine on them. I have an L.L. Bean backpack I needed in a hurry so I skipped the monogram on that one and I still regret it almost six years later. Now I can finally add one and I couldn’t be more pleased. This is the machine I bought


It’s a Brother se400, I bought it from Amazon. It was very reasonably priced and received fantastic reviews. Now obviously I would prefer separate sewing and embroidery machines, after all who wouldn’t? But I’m short on space in our new apartment and liked the notion of only having to deal with storing one machine. We’ll probably start to build our new house in a year or so and I’ll have a proper sewing room with a place to keep these things then. I figured I could use that time and this machine to learn about machine embroidery and research the really fancy ones. Then when I’m ready to make the investment in separate machines I’ll know exactly what I want.

This machine will only embroider a 4×4″ space but I think that’s fine for now. It’s not an especially large area but what am I really looking to embroider right now? My son is still a baby and onesies aren’t that big. I like monograms and small accents added to cuffs and collars, so I don’t need anything too big just yet. Everyone online says you outgrow that 4×4″ section quite quickly but I’ll only be using it for a short time in the grand scheme of things. I suspect I’ll even still use it after upgrading to a larger “better” machine. No reason not to if I needed to do a few things at once. We tend to travel on short notice and it’s nice to think I could add a few designs to a number of things before hopping on a plane. No matter how fancy and fast your machine is, they can only do one project at a time.

I’m very much looking forward to adding little characters and accents to things, not just monograms. Brother customers have access to where there are lots of designs to pick from and they have about 100 different designs with Tigger on them alone. That will make my little Tigger fanatic very happy. I see tiny Tiggers being added to many of his bibs and such. They also have all the regular Disney characters, flowers, nautical accents, borders, etc. There are literally thousands of designs to pick from. At first I really wanted the machine with all the Disney designs built in. But when I compared the cost I realized I’d be paying about $400 more and wouldn’t get a larger embroidery space and would have a bunch of characters I didn’t want/need. I’d rather save the money and buy just the characters I want. Right now I have 13 different designs I’m mulling over in my cart and the total is only $87, and I haven’t even factored in the 20% off they’re offering this month. So for $370 (that’s the cost of the machine and embroidery designs after discount) I can have everything I want with little I don’t. So while the Disney machine might have been nice, I don’t think it’s worth the $700 price tag. At least for me.

Now as you can imagine I have ideas stacking up in my head. At some point I expect they’ll topple, lets hope I can see some come to fruition before then. I’ve bought some spandex and FOE to practice on. I figured I could make some covers for my magic band. It would also give me an opportunity to try my hand at sewing with super stretchy material. If it goes well I might try to make a leotard, but I didn’t want to spend a bundle on the fabric before I’ve had a chance to experiment. It’s $17 a yard or more and who wants to waste something that expensive? You can only mess up so many times before you just have to chuck the material and at that point you could have just gone out and bought a ready made one for less. So I’ll try the magic band covers first and I’m hoping to add my name to them as well, maybe even a Mickey head or two. I know it’s ambitious to think about embroidering on a fabric I’ve never even sewn with before, but go big or go home right?

Here’s a look at something else I’m planning to make.


It’s just a simple infinity scarf in a lightweight jersey knit. This one is from eBay and costs around $17 after shipping. It’ll never get here before I go away next week but they have plenty of jersey at JoAnn’s and I’m positive I could make several for that price. A half a yard would do just fine for a single scarf. I plan to add my monogram to it. I checked online and they only have a few choices but it seems as though their fashion knits are 40% off. So that plus whatever coupon I find would mean I could make one of these for a steal. I did the math and it looks like I’d spend around $4 or less to make one, assuming I could find another coupon- and you can always find another coupon. This scarf appears to have been sewn into a tube, but I’m thinking I’ll just leave it flat, sewing only the ends together and leave the edges raw. I like that look as I want something super casual. Here’s hoping I can get down there this week, I’d like to make at least one, but preferably two. One in pink, the other grey so I can wear them with everything.


One thought on “Almost Here

  1. I love scarves and making them will give you a lot of freedom in regard to what fabrics you can use. Your sewing machine looks awesome!

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