So Much To Do, So Little Time

Okay, so I’m still here but it’ll probably be a bit before my next real post. I was away last week, and I’m going away again tomorrow. There was also talk about going away again later in the month! So while I actually have a lot to write about I just don’t have the time to do it. I’ve also been sick, so although I contacted a new ballet studio and they say they have space for me I’ve been too ill to get down there. Ugh!


Things to look forward to as soon as I have the time:

1. My new sewing machine! Since I wrote about the new one I was getting I’ve returned it and bought another. So for those of you keeping count I’m on my third machine but I promise it’s the last. It’s a very fancy one that can do embroidery and fancy sewing. It basically does everything but cut the pattern for you, it’s amazing. Which is good since…

2. I’m going to make at least two costumes. I decided while I was at Disney World that I really, really want to go there for their Halloween celebration for my and my son’s birthday this year (assuming we have the time). So I want to make a Rapunzel and a Merida costume by then. I still don’t know which one I’ll wear but it’s my goal. I think I may just want to do the Rapunzel because it’s prettier (and more labor intensive) but I like Merida’s character better. I wouldn’t even need a wig for Merida, I’d just need to curl my hair and add a bit of red temporary dye (although I’ve been considering going red permanently).

3. When I was at WDW my trip overlapped with my friends visit. She was there to run the Disney Princess 5k and get engaged!!!!! Of course she didn’t know about the last part. But she showed me her medal, running outfit, princess sneakers and the next thing I knew I was agreeing to do the race with her next year. For the record I don’t run, but walkers are welcome and I’ll do just about anything for princess inspired clothing. She’s coming to visit me this summer and we’re going to work on our running/walking outfits. She’s into crafting and she taught herself knitting and crochet as an adult. She wants to get into sewing and I have 20+ years experience so I’m happy to help.

4. I was able to eat as WDW, it was a lot easier than at Disneyland but there will still a lot of issues. I’ll probably write about that first since safe places to eat gluten free are important to a lot of people. For now lets just say if you’re looking to visit Disney, you can’t eat gluten, and you can only afford to do this trip once, head to Florida. Just don’t expect to eat very many treats. And you’ll probably have to do a lot of leg work on your own to find out whats safe (although I’m going to help you there!).


So all in all there will be mostly craft posts coming up. I just ordered some test swatches and a color chart from Spoonflower and they supposedly take two weeks to print, then ship. So I’m glad I did it now instead of waiting any longer. I bought some amazing embroidery software and can’t wait to start putting it to the test. I just need more time to play with it, but I haven’t really had any. Hopefully soon I’ll have a chance to sit still and try some stuff out. I bought a dress form and am in the process of padding and covering it. It’s taking forever but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. Besides, it’ll be forever before any fabric I buy gets here so it’s not like I don’t have the time to do it. 


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