Story Time Just Got A Lot More Complicated

As mentioned previously I just got back from trips to Disney World and Disneyland. Now anyone who’s ever been to one of these parks knows you can’t go two feet without running into a little girl in full princess regalia. You can’t go into any of the shops without seeing princess garb either. So while waiting for our lunch reservations my friend and I were browsing and realized that we could fit into some of those costumes. It’s a sad state when two full grown women can fit into children’s clothing. Thank you childhood obesity, sheesh. I actually measured one of my (adult) dresses against one of the “kid sized” princess ones. 


The red dress is an adult size Small, I bought it at one of the parks. The purple dress is a kids Rapunzel dress in an XL. Sorry for the bad photo, I took it when I was in the hotel room, it was spur the moment so I could post it on Facebook for one of my relatives. But yes, the kids dress is bigger. I know you all can’t see my shocked face, but believe me I’m making one- still.

My friend and I had been talking about buying one while we were in the shop but had to leave for lunch. I ended up going back to try a few on. In fact I’ve tried on basically every princess dress the parks have on offer (save for Elsa and Anna, they’re all gone- on both coasts). What I found is that I am 5’10” so the dresses with shorter waists (think Merida or Ariel) didn’t work well on me. However the Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel dresses fit really, really well. I held a Jasmine outfit up to me and it would have fit too but there was no changing room to double check. It’s funny, when my MIL saw me holding it even she said “Wow, that looks like it would fit you”. I know.

So if you’re not massive and you’re hoping to be a Disney Princess for Halloween you might want to consider the kids department. I’m not exactly slight, I’m tall, have broad shoulders, and weigh 143 pounds, so these will fit most women assuming you’re not too busty. I’ve found the Disney Parks costumes to be the best made, but Disney Store costumes are pretty nice as well. Also, they’re a lot less expensive than adult costumes of the same character. Something else to consider is that the kids costumes cover. So many of the adult costumes are just that, they’re “adult” if you catch my drift… I think they only really appeal to club goers in their early 20’s and older women with really bad judgement. So these are a great option for adults looking to maintain some modesty. I should point out that these dresses will not be full length on an adult, for the most part. But they’re so cute you may be willing to over look that. As I mentioned before I’m 5’10” and the Rapunzel dress fell a few inches below the knee. So if you’re average height it’s would hit you in the “right” spot as Rapunzel’s dress in the movie is tea length. 

Here’s a few shots of it on my dress form. This is just a cute decorative one I got at HomeGoods (for $45!!!!). I can’t remember the measurements but they weren’t super far off from mine. She’s a bit more busty with a smaller waist, but adult sized just the same.





As you can see the design elements are nice. Not exactly screen accurate, but still pretty good. I have to say it’s really well put together. I know there are a lot of parent sites that balk at the cost of these dresses but I found them to be really well priced (especially with the annual pass discount) for the quality. Of course I’m not going to outgrow this dress in a few months either. But still, this is totally something that several kids could wear, the quality is seriously that good. It’s not cheap and overly costumey where you don’t want to touch the fabric, the seams are so so, and there’s exposed elastic, etc. It’s also not the best costume I’ve ever seen, but those cost hundreds.

I was ambivalent about purchasing it but my husband convinced me. It fit, is less expensive than the adult ones, and I do still dress up every year. Plus my son freaked out when he saw me in it. Apparently “Rapunzel Mama” is waaay better than regular Mama. After we got back from our trip I put it straight on my dress form. So the next morning after I breastfed him he turned around, saw it, pointed and screamed. He was so happy. So yeah, it looks like it’s going to get a lot of wear since the kid is overwhelmed with joy his mother can double as a princess. Fine by me, it saves me a flight and hotel stay.

Of course now I feel the need to create something more screen accurate. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking for projects to use my new machine on or what. But I’ve ordered samples of screen accurate fabrics from Spoonflower and have been hunting for lace. Although my machine can supposedly make lace, so I might just have to go that route. 😀 I’m waiting for my points to be redeemable so I can get the endless embroidery hoop. That way I can do the embroidery on the skirt (as well as make the lace). In the meantime I’ve been looking for embroidery patterns and thinking of just trying to sketch my own. I can draw so that’s not the issue, I’m just concerned with getting it “wrong”. I have this amazing embroidery software, it’s called TruEmbroidery and is really the only embroidery software for Mac’s. Once I use it more I’ll post a review since there aren’t that many out there. But so far it’s pretty cool and easy to use.

I also want to make a Merida dress. I asked my husband if we could go to Disney’s Halloween party for my and my son’s birthday. He said we’ll see, but I’m hopeful. If we do I want to be Merida. My son loves the movie, he loved meeting Merida, and I think he’ll be really cute as a bear. That’ll be a really easy costume to make as well. The boys are all black with grey fur around their blue eyes. I plan to take one of his existing costumes and use it as a pattern. If you remember my very first post there was an image of the Tigger costume he has. He has that one in several sizes and it would be really easy to modify. I could also just get a black footed romper and sew a hood on if I’m feeling really lazy. My son loves wearing costumes and is happy to wear a hood. A hat would be easier but for some reason he doesn’t care for them. Well unless you put it on in front of a mirror so you can tell him how fabulous he looks, then he’ll keep it on!

Here’s the pattern I bought.


It’s a McCall’s and even comes with instructions on how to make the belt! There is a seller on Etsy that makes incredible reproductions in real leather, but they’re sooo expensive. So I’ll have to think on it. I could probably make or find something less expensive that looks just as good. For the sash I think I want to have something custom made on Spoonflower. It’s just a small piece but why not right?

As I start working on these I’ll post photos of my progress. There’s a lot of time before Halloween but as anyone who sews or crafts can tell you, you have to start early. I just finished adjusting my dress form and covering her. Now I need to make my final decisions about how I want the dress to look. Do I want the fancy betrothal dress, her everyday dress, or the sort of in-between Face Character dress?

Here’s what the Face Characters dress looks like.


Sorry for the coloring. My husband was taking the photos and one of us must have hit the “fancy” color options on the iPhone. We bought the park photos but they’re on another computer. It still gives you an idea of what the Park dresses look like. It’s sort of like the stylized makeover version of Merida that everyone got freaked out over. But I like it, so I may go with this version. It’s kind of a happy medium.


7 thoughts on “Story Time Just Got A Lot More Complicated

  1. Hi, I hopped over to your blog from the babycenter flying post – do you have an email list I can follow you on? I love the crafty stuff! And the cool sewing. I hope you get the chance to write more on your advice for long trips as we’re about to go long haul with a toddler and your comments were indispensible!

    • To be perfectly honest I’m not sure how you’d sign up. My husband did it though, I’ll have to ask him tonight.

      I’m glad you like my current posts. I finished padding my dress form and my patterns came in, then I got pertussis. 😦 So I still have to buy my fabric, and I’m away until May so it’ll be a while before I do any more craft posts, sorry. But they are coming!

      Hopefully I’ll be able to do some more travel ones sooner. I’ve been meaning to do it forever. I’m in Vegas right now, then I’m home for less than 24 hours before flying out to Boston. I’m taking photos of my process so hopefully I’ll get at least one really good post up within the next couple of weeks about how I juggle it. Though it’ll probably end up a series.

      In any case I’m so glad I was able to help you. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask, I probably have an answer. I’ve dealt with pretty much every senario you can imagine at this stage, the good, the bad, and the downright scary.

      • Oh my goodness – that must be exhausting for you (the pertussis), certainly hope you heal up soon. I shall have to bookmark you in the meantime! It’s really refreshing to find such an interesting blog. I have to admit I follow a lot of food ones, so yours is a really refreshing find! Well, we are travelling at the beginning of June from London to Seattle (my husbands from there I’m British), our son is dual nationality so I am having a bit of a panic trying to get his UK passport sorted (apparently he can’t re-enter the UK without one). This will be the first time we’ve ever flown (9hr flight 8hr time difference) so I am certain I can come up with a few questions. Fabric buying is the most fun part I find, I have yet to make clothes – still stitching upholstery bits, toys and other homey bits – but a dress like that – my, that’s the dream!!!! x

    • Hi Helen,

      I just asked my husband how he got email subscriptions. Go to the very bottom of the page. There will be a little thing that says follow. Click on the tiny plus sign and a box pops up. It’ll ask for your email adress then just type it in. Then every time I post something new you’ll be notified! Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you! I’m doing loads better. I was lucky and my husband caught it quickly so I got the antibiotics in time (most people don’t) so between that and the vaccine it’s really shortened the duration and I’m grateful!

    I’m really glad you like my blog! It’s a bit random and I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I’d like but I try to add to it when I can. I always photographed my projects for myself and mother so this is a natural next step. It helps me remember what I did and how I did it. And my Mum is on the East Coast so it enables her to see what I’m up to. I think as the years press on it’ll stay mostly travel and craft related with a bit of my ballet exploits thrown in. Traveling with Celiac disease can be hard (especially in the US) so I’m trying to do my part to help others like myself. I’ve had to rely so much on other blogs, I should be adding to the knowledge base out there. You should never take without being prepared to give back I say.

    I was thinking I might try to do a post or two on my iPad which I’ve never done before. And I thought a travel post while traveling might be fun. So there may or may not be stuff up sooner than May. I have been taking photos though so something’s coming! For my son (17 months) we got his passport at 4 months, just so we didn’t have to worry about last minute things. My husband had dual citizenship so I know what a hassle the extra paperwork can be.

    I’m actually in WA, and the nice weather has really started rolling in. I hope you have lots of fun in your trip! Just try not to stress too much about it. I promise, for the most part everything you’re up at night agonizing over probably won’t even come to pass. And if you’re chill, your family will follow suit. When I get stressed my son gets fussy, so I try my best to just roll with stuff when we’re away. So far we’ve had good luck and I put it down to just knowing the plan, and trying to find the fun wherever we go as opposed to thinking about everything that went wrong.

    • aww! thank your husband for me. Done and done. And thank you for the reassurance on travelling. I was beginning to freak out a little after hearing the horror stories. BTW it’s crazy that woman suggested not to give your children anything to drink, and on babycenter no less, I spotted that immediately and thought that was mean and pretty much setting you up for disaster! Seems there are a few crazy ideas out there. Like your kid needing to pee is the worst thing that could happen on a flight.

      Anyway, I just had a nose around the rest of your posts, I am very jealous of your sewing table set up in particular the thread stand – I bought a cheap set of thread last year, all on cardboard bobbins, for a small project, and within seconds my son had disassembled them, I kept finding them everywhere – in his mouth (!) under his bed, down the toilet. He moves fast and sneakily, like a ninja (thats attracted to all my sewing/craft things). Anyway, I could do with a proper set up like that lock, stand et al.

      What I should have written first of all is – thats such a coincidence your in WA – I have a misguided notion that states are like county’s here (small and friendly) so I just assume you are familiar with Seattle when you possibly are not at all and live out in the sticks – but if you are and you can recommend anything I would love to check it out. We are going to be on Mercer Island part of the time where my in laws live, and then in a condo downtown near Pacific Place Mall, and then maybe a bit on Hat Island (in the middle of nowhere where there is probably nothing recommendable to do). I plan on doing a bit of shopping, there are so many things we can’t get here – LIKE CONTACT PAPER! I am constantly seeing pinterests on that and it made me laugh when you mentioned it in the sewing machine post because I was thinking something similar the other day about ugly storage in my sons room. It used to exist here in the eighties, I think, I hear people refer to it sometimes, and I think it was called sticky back plastic or something but its totally extinct now. So I might need to stock up. But back to Seattle – the dream is to maybe move back here in a couple of years, my husband grew up on Beacon Hill and I think Seattle is his long lost love, so our return is inevitable. Anyway I have probably blubbed way too much – thank you for the subscribe button and advice!

      • It was nothing, and really I should know this!

        Yeah, don’t worry. So much that I read sounds like the paranoid ramblings of someone who’s only traveled a few times (with or without kids) or negative stuff by people who go once a year and have a tough time so they assume it’s always hard. So let me be the first to give you a dose of reality when it comes to traveling with kids- it’s not that hard and it’s not the end of the world. You’re traveling with another adult too, that’s really all you need. I’d hate to go it alone. I know I could do it, but why make things harder if I don’t have to? So you already have a leg up and with your kids favorite toy, a book, and maybe a movie you’ll be fine.

        Babycenter is starting to get ridiculous. I’ve seen some questionable posts in the past and they’re only getting worse. Children are more susceptible to dehydration and that only gets worse on a plane. If you’re really that concerned about potty breaks put your kid in a Pull Up. Don’t stop giving them food and water. I use Huggies Slip Ons for my son as he’s partially potty trained but still has accidents. Even if he weren’t its what I’d pick. I can stand him on the seat, slide a new diaper halfway up, the undo the old one and pull it through his legs. Then I just pull the new one the rest of the way up! That way if he does suddenly go a bit it goes down into the new diaper and I don’t have to worry about planes with no changing tables anymore!!!

        My son is 17 months, his first flight was technically within 24 hours of his birth. So we’ve been at this a while. I’ve payed attention over the years (and that includes the years pre marriage and children) and when I saw families that seemed to be doing it right, I asked questions. I didn’t want to be one of the people everyone hated. And you know what, it’s pretty easy to avoid being those people. The worst flight I was ever on involved a family with two kids, a 3 year old and I’d guess a six month old. It was a red eye from Hawaii to California so people just wanted to sleep. Well that was impossible. The three year old ran riot through the cabin, yes that’s right running. She yelled, screamed, ran, jumped, laid in the aisle, hit others and her parents ignored her for about 80% of the time. Her seat was occupied by her sleeping sibling. It was very clear the parents didn’t want to have to hold the baby, but didn’t want to pay for 4 seats. So the toddler was allowed to wreak havoc and despite flight attendants attempts to get them to parent, they refused and instead slept.

        So as long as you’re willing to parent your child you’ll probably do just fine. Yes, kids sometimes meltdown. Sometimes they’re sick or scared. But I promise you, so long as you at least seem like you’re trying you’ll be winning friends not enemies. That’s ALWAYS been my experience.

        I’d love to give you some tips on where to go, but admittedly I’ve only lived there since January. And we’ve been gone half that time. 😦 I know there’s a kids museum/play place in Everett that’s pretty good. The Outlets are close to that. We have checked out the local malls, I love Bellevue, they have a fantastic mall and it’s definitely the one to go to if you can only pick one. Downtown is also a lot of fun too. There’s lots to see and you can take a ferry ride (several types to pick from). We did that with my in-laws and it was inexpensive and they had a lot of fun (as did my son). The zoo is also really nice, we go for a few hours then drive down to University Village which is close (shops and restaurants, all outdoors). Besides that we really haven’t done much else. For a long time we were just trying to set up shop since we showed up with nothing more than a couple of suitcases! So I’ll probably be asking you for suggestions on where to go soon enough!

        I bought those an Amazon and they were pretty cheap. I’m actually surprised I haven’t had too much trouble from my son. I thought the thread would be too impossible to resist. But he tried to get in there once, and he tried to reach the thread once. He was put into his crib for five minutes each time and got the “scary Mum face” directed at him and he’s been too scared to try it again, lol. Contact paper can be a bit trick to find here too. But Wal Mart, Target, the bigger Fred Meyers, and Amazon all stock it. I’m sure you could have some shipped from amazon while you’re here, that’s what I’d do. You’ll get better prices and selection that way.

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