Crafting In Small Spaces

I wanted to get something up before going to bed tonight and since I spent some time organizing this today I figured this is what I would write about.

Before going away last month my husband bought me a little sewing table. It’s the Sauder Sewing and Craft table from Amazon. It was inexpensive, would fit where I needed it, and had great reviews. You can see it here,

Prior to buying this I just had my machine on the dining room table. That was fine for short term, but it was getting annoying having it there. Now I have a nice home for my machine and embroidery unit that doesn’t take up very much space at all.

Here it is.


As you can see I have a stylish little child lock on it. My son likes to court disaster so this is to discourage exploration. Although he has figured out how to get it off already, he mostly leaves it alone because the lock means “off limits”.

I usually have the cover on my machine but I took it off while I was working and hadn’t put it back on. The thread rack was also from Amazon and is fairly nice. It was a lot less expensive than the one my Viking dealer is selling and it looks pretty much the same. I don’t have the space inside the cabinet to store it so it sits on top. Really it doesn’t look too bad, but I do need to put the colors in order. 



This is what it looks like open. There’s a lot of “stuff” crammed in there but I don’t have a lot of other places to store it. I really need to get  the hall closet in order. But it’s one of those things. If I try to work on it when my son’s awake he feels the need to “help”. But if I try to work on it when he’s sleeping I disturb him (the closet is right by his door). What I need is a couple of hours and my husband to get him out of the house otherwise it’ll never get done. 

But back to the cabinet. The hanging shelves are ugly beyond belief but that’s nothing a little contact paper won’t fix (insert evil laughter). Sorry, inside joke. Moving on…

The hanging shelves have removable dividers. I haven’t really played with them much but they’re okay. They’re actually quite spacious and deep. There’s more than enough room for you’re usual sewing supplies. I have all your basics in there, thread, spare needles, pins, random specialty feet, etc. and I still have loads of space for more.

The shelves to the right are fairly deep and are perfect for my patterns, hoops, notebooks, stabilizer, and more. The biggest roll of stabilizer is several inches too long, but it’s fine on the floor there for now. The shelf above it is meant to store the actual machine on when you’re not using it. But I found it works better for housing the embroidery unit. The only thing is the embroidery unit is so big that I had to pull the cabinet out from the wall a bit more, otherwise the door wouldn’t close. This is more an issue of the machine being really big, not the cabinet being too small. For reference that’s a full 25 yard bolt of muslin it’s sitting on and it’s the exact width and length of the shelf, so it’s a good size. I have my biggest hoop laying on top of it all as it was just a smidge too long to fit on the shelves.

I’m very happy with this cabinet and would totally buy it again. Once we build our house I’ll have a real craft room. But I could see this ending up in the garage or something. It’s a nice little table and seems relatively sturdy. It is the Target, Ikea type stuff but still, nice for what it is. It’s only required to last me a couple of years and I’m sure it will. I can’t wait to get to work on my upcoming projects. I’ve been looking online at fabric and I need to go to JoAnns too. Hopefully I find just the right stuff soon. 


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