Tightly Wound Would Be An Understatement

I don’t really have time for more than a quick post tonight. I’d much rather be sleeping but I can’t. My calves are still killing me from ballet class last Tuesday. And instead of stretching I opted to play. I had lots of fun visiting with friends and then family, and spent much of today vegging out. I know better, I’ve always known better. But do I get off my butt? No. Now I’m dealing with a huge knots in my right calf and a slightly smaller ones in the left. If I don’t do something soon, they’ll start to spasm. From there it’s just a nightmare trying to get them to stop and relaxing the muscles becomes impossible for some reason. Fortunately my latest Amazon order came in!

I didn’t have a yoga mat here so I went ahead and bought a new one, as well as a matching storage bag, a yoga strap, and a massage stick. I bought this super pretty yoga mat from Amazon, it’s the Radiance pattern.


The photos do not do this mat justice. The color contrast is so much more pronounced in person and it really is lovely. I had previously purchased the Neo Baroque mat in teal and everyone at my last studio was in love with it. Prior to that purchase I had no idea mats came with prints. They’re so pretty now, they actually make you want to exercise just so you can look at them. I also bought a yoga strap since my local Target only had boring old beige. Amazon had a purple one, also by Gaiam for less than half of what Target wanted. Can’t ask for more than that!

One of the things I’m most excited about is The Stick.


I got the 17.5″ one and I think it’s the perfect size for pretty much everything. I can do my back (one side at a time), my shoulders, thighs, and most importantly my calves with just that size. Target sells similar products for about $10 less but I’ve heard good things about this product and nothing about the Target brand. I can say though I see why people say nice things about this. It’s made of a straight plastic core with wobbly plastic beads and the Target ones seem to have stationary beads. I feel like the movement allows them to conform to the shape of my body better than just some rigid stick. And by them having a bit of room to move I know they’ll glide easily as I roll it around. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Also the core seems to have just a bit of give which is great if you’re like me and are likely to apply too much pressure. It’s lightweight enough I may consider packing it for trips to Disney or anywhere I think I may do a lot of walking, or just spring for the smaller 14″ one. My calves tend to get super tight and I’m always stretching my legs and feet. When I don’t (like after long plane rides) I tend to suffer spasms, sometimes minor sometimes not. So a tool like this would be invaluable on the road. I so wish I owned one of these years ago. I know my son does too, he keeps stealing it. 🙂

There were a few other little things I picked up but they’re not worth getting into right now, I’ll save them for a later date. Right now I need to try and get in a bit more stretching so I can get some sleep. Hopefully when I get out of bed tomorrow I won’t have a repeat of today where I felt like my heels couldn’t touch the floor, ugh…


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