Busy, Busy, Busy

As you may have guessed from the title, I’ve been busy. My BIL just left yesterday after coming to visit us for a week. I saw my MIL twice in that time, and met new (to me) family friends I’ve been hearing about for more than a decade. We also started house hunting again. We did buy a home previously but have been renting since the move to the mainland. Our rental is up the end of the year, so we feel like it’s time. And although I wasn’t looking to fight with my spouse I’ve found house hunting is the best way to go about it. So if you’re looking to shake things up in your relationship hit a few open houses and watch chaos ensue. Your welcome.

I do have some things planned for the blog. Here they are, in no particular order.

*Reviews of new Eleve and Yumiko leotards.
*The sewing of my Merida costume
*How I deal with the move

I can’t say for sure when these will go up. Right now I’m still waiting on the leotards, but the orders have been placed. Two are from Eleve and one is from Yumiko, all are styles I don’t currently own. So you’ll get my thoughts on them and some more photos. I know my Yumiko posts have been very popular so I’ll review them as soon as I can. Promise.

My Merida costume does need to be done before our trip to WDW in September so you’ll probably see that sooner rather than later. I don’t plan to start it until next month, but who knows. I may do that as one big post or break it up, but I’ll be taking photos as I go. It won’t be a proper tutorial, but you’ll get some photos and maybe a bit of inspiration in time to make something yourself for Halloween.

I’ve moved so many times in my life I’ve lost count, but it’s more than a dozen. I still get uber stressed out by the process, but I’m hoping things go smoothly this time. Over the years I’ve found little ways to make the process easier and thanks to the internet I’ve come across even more. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of them with you. I know some people think moving with an infant or toddler is hard but I don’t see that as being an obstacle. My son’s traveled so much putting him to bed in a strange bed, in a strange room has never been an issue. It’s his normal, so I’ll discuss it with him and show him his new room beforehand. But it would shock me to the core if he had difficulty transitioning. So I’m afraid I probably won’t be able to help those looking for tips to ease the process for kids, just grown ups.

I still haven’t decided how much I’ll share of my new home on here. I know showing photos of every room and even offering a floor plan is something soooo many bloggers do, but that’s not me. No, I don’t want anyone to know just how far my room is from my son’s. What rooms he likes to play in, and where the backyard is. Or what lovely things I may own, or the exact times I’m out of the house. I realize this makes me the odd woman out, but what can I say, I dare to be different. I’ll probably post photos of some spaces. Ever look at Pintrest and wonder who’s cabinet under the kitchen sink really looks that perfect, mine does. And some things deserve to be shared. So if I put together a space I’m particularly proud of I’ll share it. Or show swatches so you can get an idea of my color scheme. But you’ll never get a play by play of the home building process and detailed shots of every room.

So keep an eye out for future posts, there is more to come. It’s just a matter of finding the time to do it all then write about it.


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