Anna Costume

As I mentioned in my last post I’m creating a Anna costume. I’m attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party next month and I need this done within the next seven weeks. Though I’d prefer to see this done by the 10th of next month, just to be safe. I’d hope for sooner, but I’m waiting on my Spoonflower order. I expect it to take at least two weeks if not a bit longer to get to me. So I’ll be held up waiting on that. That’s okay, I’ll just use this time to work on my embroidery patterns, the bodice, and shirt. For reference I’m planning to make Anna’s traveling outfit, here are the reference shots I’m using.



They’re good, not great. Just because they don’t show the embroidery from straight on. I am using some other reference material. Mainly these two images.



These images are from MomoKurumi on DeviantArt. She’s a genius and incredibly generous as far as I’m concerned. I’m forever grateful to her for providing these images as it saves me a wold of time and effort.

Now I’m new to machine embroidery, brand spanking new. Truth be told this is only my third attempt at using my new software. Prior to this I’ve only used patterns that came with my machine. I drew this design, scanned it, and made some very minor changes to the image. I’m still doing things wrong I’m sure and may try to tweak it as I’m not 100% thrilled with how my embroidery came out. But on the whole it’s not bad considering I’ve never really done anything like this before. And if I did want to put this onto a finished garment as is I could.


The design is exactly the right size for adding to the bodice. I made it to fit my largest hoop which is 360mm X 200mm, so it’s quite large. I’m going to have to do some tests on the fabric I plan to use. Just to see what I can and can’t do with it. I bought 1.5 yards, so I have plenty to work with. It’s 100% cotton velveteen and it can be machine washed. But naturally I’m still very concerned about hoop burn. I’m also afraid of floating the fabric and basting it because it could leave stitch marks. I am very fortunate to own a number of hoops though. I own the Mega Endless Hoop and Metal Hoop.



As you can see, both would be great for avoiding marks on the fabric, or at least minimizing them. However I could not use them for the large design on the front as they’re much smaller. They’ll be ideal for the little designs on the shoulders and back, but that’s about it. So experiment I shall, there’s time. What I need to do right now is focus on getting my patterns made. It’ll be difficult though. My software requires the use of a dongle (something I always hated). And today while I was trying to save the image my son decided it would be the perfect time to jump up and down on me and try to pull my hair out of my head. It was like he was possessed by the devil himself. Well, in an effort to try and get him to stop acting like a lunatic my laptop slid off my lap and hit the floor. Of course it landed directly on the dongle, this is what it looks like now.


Needless to say my son is in a world of trouble. This software cost more than a thousand dollars and cannot be used without the flipping dongle. We bought a lot of different warranties when we were purchasing the software and my machine, I’m just hoping we have this covered under one of them. Or perhaps I could contact the company and ask about a replacement dongle. Surely such a thing exists. It still works, for now. But it’s seriously messed up. I’m actually really angry at my son. It would be one thing if I had been ignoring him. But I remembered I hadn’t saved my design and became paranoid. So I stopped playing with him just so I could take the few minutes to do that. Apparently this was an issue for him. Well, it looks like full scale punishments will now be put in place for all misbehavior. He’s only 20 months but it’s been clear for some time that he knows exactly what we’re saying to him and he’s even started to answer us when we talk. He actually lied to me the other day. I saw him messing with my computer and when I told him to take his hands off it he looked me straight in the eye and said “I didn’t do it”. Yeah, nice try, I watched you do it. The kid does nothing but mumble or say mama from one day to the next but he can suddenly string a perfectly clear sentence together just to tell a lie? Looks like the jig is up pal. He will now be getting timeouts or whatever punishment I deem appropriate for the infraction each time he misbehaves. I just will not have this kid tearing my house (and the things in it) apart.

Please forgive my parenting rant. The anger is all consuming right now. It’l be better in the morning I’m sure. But it’s still pretty fresh right now. Moving on…

I bought my skirt fabric from Spoonflower. It’s a fantastic site if you’re unfamiliar so check it out! Here’s an image of the fabric I’m using for my skirt.


It was designed by the ever talented Aimee Steinberger. She has made some of the most amazing costumes I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever searched for a Rapunzel costume you’ve seen hers. It’s hands down the best one out there and it’s considerably nicer and more accurate than even the outfits the Face Characters wear at the Disney parks. I fully intend to use her fabrics to make a Rapunzel inspired outfit for the Disney Princess Half Marathon I’m doing in February. You can do no better than to use a fabric Aimee designed. I was going to draw the Rapunzel print myself when I saw she’d already done it. And I’m sure mine would never have been as good as hers so I’m grateful. I own a few swatches of the Rapunzel fabric she’s made so I have every faith that I’ll be more than pleased with this fabric. It’s the first time I’ve bought yardage of her stuff, but the level of detail is so amazing I’m more excited than nervous. It’ll really do a lot to save me from having to appliqué the bottom of the skirt and do all of that additional embroidery. If I were a cosplayer it might be worth it to me, but I’m not. The print is good enough that my son will be happy, and so will I. I could always do a bit of hand embroidery over it in the future as well. I do like doing that sort of thing. I have some scraps of Japanese fabric with amazingly cute scenes I’ve embellished just for fun. So I could see myself adding a bit to it here and there.

My only concern about the skirt is that it (obviously) has a border print. Ordinarily I would have cut the fabric into panels before sewing it back together to give it the a-line shape I’m looking for. But I can’t do that without messing up the print. Now I’m going to have to come up with a different plan. I have a few ideas for darts or pleats, but I really need to wait for the fabric to get here before I can experiment with it. I’m also toying with how I want it to go on, zipper or elastic (I’m thinking a wide 2″ elastic waistband). I’ll figure it out though, I always do.


2 thoughts on “Anna Costume

    • Thanks, it’s not too shabby for a second attempt. I redrew my pattern and made some changes to the design and I like it much better than the first time around. I won’t be sharing the first attempt just because I somehow forgot about the bobbin tension so it’s all messed up.

      I’ve contacted the company and hope to hear back from them soon. I would imagine this is something they expect to happen (well, maybe not this exact incident). But I’d be shocked if they didn’t offer replacement dongles. They’re tiny and bound to get lost or broken at some point.

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