My Second Yumiko!

This is going to be a very quick post. There won’t be many photos because after I tried it on and snapped a few pics I threw it into the tub to wash. As opposed to doing a few shots of it on it’s own. Here are the photos.





Please forgive the hair and skin. I’d literally just woken up and the 18 layers of sunblock I was living under in Florida all last week just suffocated my skin. 😦

So far I love this leotard. The bottom color is Espresso, the top is Antique Rose, and the trim is Antique. The style is the Alicia and I added the cap sleeves and bust liner. The bottom is just a classic ballet leg cut. I washed it so quickly because I intend to wear it to class this evening. So I’ll be able to tell everyone how it wears during a long sweaty class. 


5 thoughts on “My Second Yumiko!

    • Thank you, and I know you do. I was thinking of you when I picked this one. Sadly the top is very sheer so I’ll have to wear something underneath and it really takes away from the design. 😦

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  2. Hey! I know this is an old post but do you find these kind of low back styles easy to slip during class? I love how they look but I’m kind of afraid they would slip on my shoulders because I have a broad back 😦

    • Well, I have broad shoulders and sometimes find certain styles uncomfortable because of that. Where Yumiko is concerned, if you have a short torso I think you’ll likely be okay. Generally that’s where the fit issues lie, I feel like they’re made for shorter dancers. If your torso is average to long, Elevé is the way to go. I have few, if any, fit issues with their leotards. I’ve never had real issues with straps falling down with lower backed styles, though I’m just one person with only my personal experience to draw from. They are expensive, so if you’re still nervous email the company to ask their opinion. Both companies seem to have very good customer service and as they produce the product, they’re best situated to answer specific fit questions and will be able to give measurements of each style across the back and such whereas I’m only able to do that with the styles and sizes I happen to have on hand.

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