My Second Yumiko Part 2

As I mentioned in my first post, I didn’t really have time to do more than snap a couple of photos. My husband was kind enough to pick my leotard up at the post office for me. But as always I slept late and I had to wash it straight away so it would be clean for that nights class. So here’s my full review after wearing it to class last night. 

First off, this is the leotard I bought.



It’s called the Alicia. I picked Antique for the trim, Antique Rose for the top, and Espresso for the bottom. I also added cap sleeves and a bust liner. 


Here it is inside out.


For the most accurate color representation these two shots below are what you’re going to want to look at.


The first photo really showcases the most accurate version of the Antique and Antique Rose colors. The second is a closer match to what the Espresso looks like in person, under daylight. However I’ve found the Espresso tends to shift a bit, considering it’s a dark color done in a shiny fabric. It’s a very obvious brown in all lighting, but it can look very chocolatey in some lights and then shift to a darker true espresso in others (like in the first photo). 

A question I get a lot is in regards to the linings. Is it worth it, what does it look like, etc. My take on it is this, at the very least a bust liner is always a good idea. And if you get a light color, you absolutely must have one. I feel slightly self conscious in this color, even with the bust liner. I asked my husband and he said he couldn’t see anything and so I guess I’ll take his word on it. I’m probably just being paranoid. But if you have a strong difference between skin color and, ahem, nipple color, I would flat out avoid this color even with a liner. Or resign yourself to wearing a bra underneath it. I’ve heard some people complain about Yumiko’s being sheer, and in my experience they are. It’s nothing terrible, but it is something you need to consider when making your color and fabric selections. Here are some photos of this leotard with a hot pink bra underneath.

IMG_8836 IMG_8839

So you can see underneath it. I feel like the lines of the bra are slightly more apparent in real life. And I know the photos here are none to pretty, so again, please forgive my poor, horribly abused, skin. 😦

For those who are interested, this is what the lining looks like.


Like my last leotard the lining is just a double layer of the same fabric the rest of the leotard is made out of. When I was in the boutique in New York I saw some that had that beige mesh. I do not know if they are moving away from that, or if they used the double layer of the regular fabric because of the style I was buying. I guess if you really wanted one versus the other you could always contact the company when placing your order. But I don’t see an issue with this fabric. It functions fine, and probably provides more coverage than the basic lining stuff since it’s twice as thick. The only issue I could see is if you wanted a shelf bra, I’m not sure they’re doing that anymore if they really have stopped using the regular lining fabric. 

When it comes to wear it was fairly comfortable. I did notice once I was really sweating a lot it kind of stuck to my skin. It was slightly plasticy feeling. It also rode up a bit from time to time. I do not have an especially larger rear, in fact I have a fantastically flat one. I also lack serious hips, I’m a rectangle for the most part. For reference I wear American Eagle skinny jeans in a size 6. So I think it’s a length issue. But I have that same issue with every brand I’ve tried. But I have found that with most brands, when I go up a size they tend to get baggy because, of course, they’re bigger. But with Yumiko I have not found this to be an issue. The only difference I’ve felt between a Large and an X-Large is the length. And although it’s not substantial, it is just about enough for me. I think with a bit or wear it’ll eventually be fine. Even now, it didn’t ride up much. I’ve experienced much worse. And it was not enough to keep me from buying another from this brand.


So bottom line? I love this leotard. I would 100% buy not only this brand again, but this style again. I found the style, with the inverted V made me look like I had more of a shape. And the cap sleeves made me look a bit less broad. They just hit at that exact right spot. I do think next time I’m going to branch out and buy a different fabric type. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting their swatch booklet. I really hate their $25 price tag. But if I plan to buy even two more leotards I think it may be worth it. I might also ask them about a discount on it. I really do feel the fee is too high considering they don’t offer a credit or coupon when buying it. As I mentioned before most companies don’t just sell their booklets. There’s usually a special coupon or something that you can redeem when you place your next order with the company so all, if not most, of the cost of the booklet is recouped. But regardless, if I purchase one I promise to share the images here. The pictures I already have up are great, but I feel like they could stand to be a bit more accurate. I only had my camera phone on me when I took those photos and the lighting in the store was pretty harsh. So I think I could do better. 

I hope you all liked this review. I have two Eleve leotards on the way. I got the shipping confirmation yesterday and I have my fingers crossed I’ll have them in hand by the end of the week. Once I have them, and have had a chance to wear them I’ll take some photos and do a review on here for those as well!


10 thoughts on “My Second Yumiko Part 2

  1. I love it with the cap sleeves! But even without them this leotard style is so cute. I saw your fabric swatch pictures and I’m imagining color combinations already.
    Your reviews are great, lots of detail. I like your blog. 🙂

    • I have to agree. I’m really in love with this particular style and will probably end up with more (with and without the sleeves). I’m really so glad the lady at the boutique let me snap that shot. I too just sometimes sit and stare at them, just dreaming up what I want my next leotard to look like.

      I’m glad you love the blog and I’m more than happy to write the reviews. I feel as though there aren’t enough reviews for some of these leotard brands and there should be. Sure there are the random “look at my collection” videos on You Tube, but I know I haven’t learned much from them. And when you’re considering plunking down as much as $100 or more on a little spandex, you want a real review. So as my collection grows you can be sure I’ll continue to post images and reviews on here. 🙂

  2. Great posts! I love the leotard reviews. Do you find the Alicia style to be too low cut in the front? I think this style is beautiful, but am concerned about the bust line.

    The busy liner for other leos depends on the waist of the style. Those with a seam near the bust have the liner sewn in instead of the “shelf” with elastic on the bottom.

    • Thank You!

      I do think it’s a little low cut, but it’s not too bad. I definitely do not feel exposed. As you saw I was wearing a bra in some of the photos, it comes to standard camisole level and I could see about half an inch in the very center. And it’s not loose like a regular top, so I don’t work about flashing people when I bend over or move or anything!

      Thanks for the info on the bust liners. As I mentioned before I’ve seen both styles, I just didn’t know if they were moving away from one type of liner. Elevé for example just has a bit of fabric with no elastic. And since it’s less work and costs less to produce I thought there was a real chance that was what was happening.

  3. Hi,

    I am again turning to you in a leotard matter, or rather a fabric issue. I am thinking of getting a new Yumiko, and am considering the antique rose colour, at least for a part of the leo. You’ve mentioned the coverage/sheerness issue, but I was also wondering how badly sweat patches show in this fabric. Of course they almost always show to a certain extent but in one of my Yumiko nylons they’re really noticeable.

    Also thank you again for your coverage on the Eleve leos from the perspective of a tall dancer! I am now a happy owner of two Eleve leos, partly thanks to you :). I mentioned having gotten inspiration from your blog in one of my messages there, perhaps they might at some point offer you some freebies or something as this blog really is rather good PR for them.

    All the best and good health.

    • No worries! When it comes to visible sweat patches I have to say, Yumiko fabric is the worst for it. In those ones even after the sweat dries, I find that there are “rings” left behind. And I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, because everyone’s sweating, but I do. So I understand your concern completely! When it comes to the antique rose color I have it on the top part of my Alicia leo. I usually sweat under my arms but only a little there. Mostly I sweat (and this will sound weird) about three inches below the bust line closer to my stomach and sort of in the same place on my back. So for me, that’s where the dark brown color I have for the bottom part of that leo is and it’s not super visible. I have never noticed any sweat marks under my arms in this one though. Probably because it’s short sleeved, but even still, you’d imagine there’d be something. I feel like compared to my purple one, the sweat is just overall less visible, but it’s probably down to the design for the most part.

      When it comes to sheerness I find that this is one of the more sheer colors. It’s just not quite dark enough to be opaque. So you’ll either need to consider a bra, or a full front liner. For me I got a bust liner and have found that for the most part it’s okay with just that, but in some lights I think you can kind of see though. It may just be in my head, but I’d rather play it safe and just wear a bra!

      And I’m glad my Elevé reviews have helped you out! I have talked to them quite a bit but I’ve never been offered anything. I wouldn’t say no to a freebie though, lol! My only concern would be is if people then thought my reviews weren’t genuine if I got the item for free. And I do want people to be able to trust what they read here, so I’m not too broken up about not being offered items to review! And I love sharing my thoughts about companies that I think are doing things right, so I guess you could say the PR is on the house. But thank you just the same for giving me a shout out, it never hurts! I actually bought a couple other leos and a some skirts from them during the runner, but never had the time to do a review. So thank you for reminding me that I need to get that up!

  4. All of a sudden I realize I never thanked you for your patiently long and detailed response. I read it in a hurry and thought I’d get back to it, but then forgot. Apologies. Again, thank you for not being bashful when talking about sweat patches and stuff like that in various materials — as you said, we all sweat, and getting such information prior to ordering is vitally important. And it is good that someone says “you should consider a full front lining for this colour but not so much for that colour”, again it is not something that the manufacturers would write on their web pages…

    • No worries! I was actually without power for a few days so I didn’t even see this comment until today, so sorry for keeping you waiting!

      I totally understand what it’s like. You need the info because you’re so excited about ordering and then you just forget about everything else. In anywise I’m glad I was able to help. I’m always happy to answer any questions anyone has about any of that “personal” stuff. Just because, who wants to spend all that money and then be really disappointed two months later when it finally comes? I really wish the manufactures would be more transparent, but if they really won’t do it then it’s up to us as the consumers to help each other out!

      I actually went to the Yumiko boutique when I was in NYC and bought a couple of new leos. As I mentioned, I was without power this week for a while so things have just been crazy. I had hoped to have it up by next Monday but given the upheaval I’m not sure. 😦 But it’s coming, I promise!

      • I hope things settle down over there! Being without power sounds quite stressful.

        I’m posting my reply here although it concerns your latest post, but here goes: indeed you were right about Eleve having a special discount on Black Friday! I had been planning to get a new Eleve for some time now, and thanks to your tip, I was keeping an eye on the Eleve (and Yumiko) Facebook pages. I placed my Eleve order earlier today. As an overseas dancer, up until now I hadn’t really fathomed out what the entire Black Friday is about. Apparently it is a massive shopping fest right after Thanksgiving. This of course is all very obvious to you but new and pleasant news to me :).

        I loved your new Yumikos, although I am sorry about the bust liner business with Marieke. I didn’t realize how well the strappy camisole leos seem to work on tall figures. Good to know.

      • We finally got it back after a couple of days. My husband ended up buying us a generator and we’re working to get an electrician to set things up so it’ll kick on automatically if it happens again. Where I live if the wind blows even just a little too hard, the power goes out. There are some who are still without power from that last “storm”. 😦

        I’m so glad you were able to partake in the sale! Yes, Black Friday is a crazy big thing here in the US. It’s been facing a lot of backlash in recent years though, especially as it’s now creeping into Thanksgiving (I don’t celebrate the holiday but many do, stores used to all be closed on it so people could spend the day with their families but now they’re opening early, if they even close at all). So if you’re ever looking to buy something expensive from a US brand, check to see if there are special sales you should know about. Don’t be afraid to ask someone from that country, or even email the company and tell them you’re an international buyer and ask if you should hold off for some reason. You never know.

        And thank you. The bust liner is a little frustrating, but if that’s my only complaint, then I really have nothing to fuss over. It’s a simple fix. And I do recommend the strappy ones to people who have a longer torso as you can stretch them a bit more. And if you’re feeling over exposed that’s an easy fix as well. Just add a funky sports bra or top (like one of those cool Capezio crop tops I saw in store that come in every color), then it’s a “look”. That goes for any brand, but it’s especially true for this one. I tried on a number of similar styles in store and found they all fit equally well. I just happened to like this style/color best so that’s why I bought this one.

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