Anna Costume, Constructing The Bodice

I’ve been a bit sick these past couple of days but I still wanted to try and get some work done on making the pattern for my Anna costume. I’d debated using a pattern but I’m better at just draping on me or even just cutting at random and starting to sew while refining later. So I didn’t know if I wanted to experiment on something that has an actual deadline. This is my first time draping on a dress form and I have to say I’m pleased. It only took me one hour as opposed to two or three and I was able to do it mostly seated. A big plus for me right now since standing leaves me feeling wiped. Here’s what the top looks like so far.


I think it’s pretty obvious this is just a first draft. But it’s looking pretty good so far. I regret not ironing the fabric before I started, but as I stated before, I was really tired. I don’t think it’ll make or break the final product anyways. The wrinkling was minor and I caused the bulk of what you see myself. I’m getting kind of excited to start basting it together so I can try it on. I don’t expect any major issues in fit. I did have a tough time getting the dress form to be my exact double. Mostly because I forgot I’ll be wearing things like a bra and top under this vest. So I had to take the cover off and adjust the form, add a bra, and measure about 30 times to be sure it was right. If anything that probably took more time than the draping. But I’m confidant the measurements are correct now, so hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here on out!

And in related news my skirt fabric shipped! I really can’t believe it shipped so quickly. Supposedly it’ll be here Monday. If that’s the case then I need to get to work draping the skirt!


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