My Spoonflower Review

After all the hassle with the fabric for my Anna skirt I thought I should give a proper review on Spoonflower.

If you’re not aware Spoonflower is a website where you can have custom fabric made up. They also do gift wrap, wallpaper, and decals (although I think they’ve been phased out in favor of something new). You can buy fabrics other people have created or make your own. Really it’s perfect if you’re into costuming and want a specific pattern, or just want something no one else will ever have (you can keep your designs private). It is quite pricey though. For example a yard of Kona cotton will usually run you around $5-6, but on Spoonflower it’s $18. Is your wallet crying yet? Their silks and performance fabrics aren’t much more though, so it’s not so bad if you really wanted something in a more thrilling fabric. They also have a discount of 10% for designers when they buy their own prints (you can’t just become a designer and get a discount on everything). You’ll also get a small commission if other people buy your fabric. 

The site is pretty straight forward and easy to use. The search bar at the top can be modified so you’re only looking at fabric, wallpaper, designers, etc. Not all images can be printed onto all materials. I saw some where you buy a fat quarter and it had a newborn onesie printed on it. You just cut and sew. Obviously this design would make for weird looking gift wrap. But there’s a lot of flexibility to make different things. It just basically has to fit onto a yard because the pattern simply repeats. Here’s one of those project panels, I’m very tempted by this one.



I think it’s kind of awesome and for $20-25 why not right? They have a lot of things like this. Now obviously these will pretty much only work for infants and toddlers, but it’s still a cute concept. I don’t think I could ever generate something like this myself so my hat’s off to these designers. 

Now you can do all this fun stuff on Spoonflower, and there’s just sooooo many fun prints. I could (and have) literally browse the site for hours. Even though it’s expensive, some of these prints are just so amazing and there’s really something to be said for getting to get exactly what you’re looking for. But the problems start when you don’t get what you’re looking for, even when you’re staring right at it. 

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’ve been sewing a Anna costume. I bought my fabric from Spoonflower and was just so excited. The CG image looked great, so did the printed sample shown by the designer. Here’s what it looked like.



It looks great right? It even has the flecks that simulate the “fuzzy” look of Anna’s skirt. Sadly this is not what I received. My fabric was dark, very dark. The flecks were difficult to see, the upper blue blended into the hem blue, and the “embroidery” just seemed to fade into the background. If I hold the fabric in very bright sunlight it looks okay. But who is only going to stand in direct sun only? I want to wear this skirt to a Halloween party, at night. If it’s just going to look navy blue with virtually no detailing at night I could have saved myself a fortune and just bought blue Kona cotton from JoAnn’s and called it a day. But I spent more than three times that much per yard because I thought this print was worth it. How could I have known how wrong things would go? Here are some side by side images. I took these photos closeup in very bright sunlight today, it’s produces the best effect with the Kona. Otherwise it’s very difficult to see the pattern.



Sorry for all the fuzz on the left fabric. My son stole my lint roller and I still can’t find it. 

The basic combed cotton is on the left and my original order of the Kona is on the right. As you can see the “flecks” are clearly visible on the left and just sort of fade into the background on the right. It’s also easier to make out the “stitches” on the left vs. the right. Again, this photo was taken in very bight sunlight and it’s the only way you’re even able to see this level of detailing or such brightness with the Kona fabric. 

IMG_9194 IMG_9196

Here again we have the basic combed cotton on the left and the Kona on the right. 

IMG_9198 IMG_9200

Basic combed cotton on the right, Kona on the left. 



Basic combed cotton on top, Kona on the bottom.

I think the differences are pretty pronounced. Especially since for some reason the basic cotton holds it’s color even in dim lighting and the Kona seems to look even darker. I’m guessing since it’s so dark and kind of purpley grey to begin with. I don’t think the purple hue comes across in photos, but I promise you it’s there in real life. It’s just so dull. I was devastated when I opened the package and would have been so embarrassed to wear the other fabric had I been left with no other option. 

After seeing the fabric I did what anyone would do, I went back to the website. I looked at their contact info and called the phone number. It was just a recording that hung up. Okay fine, it was late at night I’d just send an email. So I fired off an email and waited- for two days. After 48 hours with no response I went back to the website during their chat times (noon to 4pm EST). Chat was offline, so I tried calling again. All I ended up with was the same recording that told me to send an emil and hung up. Left with no other option I went to their Facebook page and complained. Suddenly, as if by some miracle chat popped back online! Tara was really interested in helping me (I’m sure) and wanted to know what the problem was. Clearly she spends too much time on Facebook and not enough time on email or chat. I told her what was happening, gave her my order number, and she found my email. I sent her an image of the fabric as requested and she agreed it was pretty bad. So she told me it was probably just some error and they’d reprint my fabric and she’d supervise the process personally. She then logged off chat without so much as bothering to say goodbye so I was talking to myself for a while. A few days later I was devastated to get a new email saying my new fabric printed out exactly the same and would I just like to pick a different print? Umm, no. I was very explicit in why I bought this particular print, so no, I didn’t want something else. There was some more back and forth and eventuality she agreed to print again using a different fabric. That printed out fine and she FedExed the new fabric. I got it, and whipped the skirt up, and now things are okay. But I think Spoonflower still has some major issues to work out. 

I looked at a few reviews yesterday and it seems like most people are really happy with their fabric, and that’s great. But the few that aren’t couldn’t seem to get into contact with the company so just gave up or didn’t even bother to try. Likely because of the nature of the product so they figured they’d be ignored. I get that, I was almost one of those people. Actually I feel really lucky I even got in touch with someone. Because while they were dealing with me they had been actively ignoring someone else who’d bought $3,000 worth of wallpaper and every last roll was printed incorrectly (the patterns didn’t line up at all). I feel horrible for her and really hope she got things sorted cause she’s out quite a bit and that’s not funny. For a company that claims to serve over a million individuals they certainly aren’t doing a great job. I really don’t know how a company gets so big without having great customer service. 

Spoonflower has a chat program and really, it’s the only way to speak to someone at the company. That is, short of driving to their offices and banging on the door until they let you in. They claim to offer tours but I don’t know how you’d set one up when no one will get back to an email. Or perhaps they only respond to positive emails and just ignore the complaints? All I know is that if you offer a phone number and say “call this number for help” it needs to not be a recording that simply hangs up on you. And if you’re really only going to have chat up for four hours a day it needs to be available. It’s just not okay to have no one available to help when something goes wrong. Because something will go wrong, nothing in this world is perfect. It is possible that they grew too quickly and need to expand certain departments but just haven’t yet. That’s fine, but they need to work on that and the sooner the better. 

My other issue was with the excuses for the color variations. I’m sorry but if they know one fabric will always print light and another will always be dark, then they need to adapt the file to the fabric type they’re printing. To try and shift blame onto the designer saying they made a dark file is unacceptable. Take Michael Miller fabrics for example, you can get his prints on all sorts of fabric, minky, flannel, quilting cotton, etc. The colors are usually exactly the same despite the fabric type and the reason for that is simple. They adjust their colors to meet the needs of the fabric they’re printing on. Spoonflower needs to be the same. They cannot just say “buy a $5 swatch and see if you like it” there needs to be more consistency. Because otherwise you’re going to spend a lot of time and money trying all the fabric types and if you still don’t like the color you’ll need to tweak it yourself or hassle the designer. Or just learn to live with a custom fabric that’s not what you want. 

I think if they can work on these issues then the company will continue to grow and will see even greater success. No company can expect to ignore their customers long term and do well. 

Here are some swatches of samples I had bought in the past and was very happy with.

IMG_9211 IMG_9214 IMG_9216IMG_9219

The first three with the larger pattern are Silk Crepe de Chine. It’s quite lovely, thin, drapey, and a smidge sheer. The last one with the tiny design is in their performance knit and be warned, it has zero stretch. I’d meant to buy one of these in that fabric and another in their performance pique but somehow ended up with two in the performance knit. I’ve been debating going as Rapunzel for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, if I do I’ll be buying one of these prints. I’d want the modern jersey as it’s the only fabric with a 4 way stretch. They seem to be out of stock with that one right now. I really hope they get it back in stock before December if I do decide to go this route. I wouldn’t need much, a yard of each, maybe even just a fat quarter for the skirt (the center panel is printed, the rest of the skirt is plain colored). A fat quarter is 21″ x 18″ and the skirt will obviously be short so that should work. Though even if I bought a yard I’m positive I could find use for the scraps in the form of cute things like headbands and even a scarf. The performance pique (which is made for workout gear) is 56″ x 36″ so that’s more than enough for an outfit plus accessories. I’ll also be making a top that resembles her bodice, just a basic tank I think. A yard should more than cover it. 

So I’m not completely out of love with this company. They do have some issues to work on but it’s a great concept and when things print as shown they look beautiful. I think I’ll just keep an eye out for when they do free swatches. They did one a week or so ago and I picked this little gem. It can be found here, I had it printed on their Eco Canvas. I think it looks a bit blurry but that’s just the photo, it’s much crisper in real life.



Recognize that? It’s the facade of the It’s a Small Word ride at Disney! Someone just posted an image of an infinity scarf they made with this and I’m in love. I will be copying that design! For now I’ll probably play around with this for a bit. Finish the edges and do a little freehand embroidery to embellish it. It’s 8″x8″ so I’m going to cut it to fit a 4″x4″ frame and use it as artwork in my soon to be sewing room. It’s something I’ve done in the past and I think it’d be the perfect way to help decorate the space. 

So basically, I say order from Spoonflower knowing that if the fabric turns out the way you expect it to you’ll be thrilled beyond words. But if it’s not what you expected it to look like, you’re pretty much on your own. I’m lucky they bothered to help me, it seems like they ignore most people. It’s expensive, and you need to be sure of what you’re getting before you buy. I suggest waiting for their free swatches and if you like what you get then order. Or look for people who have used the fabric you’re looking to buy. Sometimes the designers can help you out too, so ask!


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  1. Did you ever end up making the infinity scarf with the It’s a Small World fabric? It would look cute with the yellow stars embellished with embroidery (or tiny beads).

    • No I didn’t sadly. Disney forced Spoonflower to delete all of these designers prints and this was one of the ones to get the axe. So I only got the swatch. I did contact the designer and ask if she’d ever repost the design and she said she didn’t want to risk it. She has some yardage for herself and that’s it. She has some other private designs (which is totally allowed) but she has no plans to make those available for public sale.

  2. oh boy. Hope I can get in contact. Just received my fabric and my yard is 32×53″. I need the exact measurements of a yard… super disappointing.

    • I hope they get back to you too! That’s really not funny. Was it cut too short, or printed too short? I don’t know if you’ve ordered from them before. But generally if you buy a single yard the whole thing will have a white border (that’s not included in the measurements) and the pattern won’t be cut into.

    • I don’t know if I can say I’m surprised. They recently took down a design of mine citing copyright infringement (there was no copyright infringement). I sent them an email ripping them a new one telling them that what they’re doing is essentially opening a door to chaos. That anyone could just email and say “that’s mine so take it down” since they’ll automatically comply. It’d be an easy way to knock out any competition and they clearly have no interest in reviewing whether the claims have merit. And they flat out threatened me when I told them I broke no laws and intended to re-upload the design.

  3. Spoonflower does not pay their designers until they have made more than $20 in a month, and to stall that even further, they gouge what the designers make by withholding a “tax” amount, with for me was over HALF of the amount I had made, when I discovered it. Then they insist that you provide tax ID or they will suspend your account. I deactivated mine, so they have $15.54 of my money that I’m sure I will never see, but this is NOT legitimate. Online selling venues such as Etsy and Ebay do NOT require this. Spoonflower claims at one point in the FAQ that they are “required” to make sellers provide the information, and in another part, they say they were “advised” to force sellers to provide it. They are flat out LYING, and this puts sellers at risk (as well as Spoonflower itself) if Spoonflower gets hacked–which even the IRS website has been, in May 2015. If, as this blogger says, Spoonflower has a habit of not responding to complaints, that is a HUGE RED FLAG. RUN AWAY!

    • I am super embarrassed. I’m sorry it took me so long to approve your comment. Sometimes these things get away from me…

      That’s something I hand’t considered. Really, if you’re making a profit doing anything it’s your responsibility to filing a tax return. They can’t force you to fill out any of the paperwork. And if you’re making under a certain amount each year, you don’t even need to fill it out. It sort of makes me wonder why they need it all?

      I have some designs up for sale, and they get favorited and bought periodically. I don’t advertise my designs, and quite a few of them are actually private (as in you can’t even see them). I haven’t bought from them in ages and I can’t say that I will again in the future. Really I need to deactivate my account, but I’m not sure that would really erase my info. Sometimes in these cases I just “delete” my images then leave my account dormant. I’m just glad that if nothing else, they don’t have all of my info stored on my server. Because lets be honest, no one will ever get back to me if I have concerns about privacy.

      • @ Hazel Rightfield – I appreciate you posting this information as I had thought of opening some of my designs for sale.

        Unless something has changed (United States) they can collect your tax ID (SSN or business) and report what they paid out to you to the IRS – but they should not be taking any taxes out. – you would fall under the title “contractor”.

        You pay the taxes when you file each year.

        On that same note…. I use a tax attorney and that is what they have told me in the past.

        As for only paying out when you reach $20. I don’t agree with that policy. I understand as a business they are trying to save money or the time in processing a number of small payouts. but if it took you six months to reach $20.00!

        They are making interest on the amount they are holding back. Interest on $20 is not that much but compound that by how may people they are holding out on paying. They could be making some serious cha-ching.

        I think paying out once per month would be more acceptable.

  4. has fabric. I have never personally ordered from them but I am considering it. I just ordered a yard of fabric from spoonflower to get my feet wet. As a rule of thumb, I never like dealing with companies that don’t have reviews of their products on their website. To me, that’s a red flag. I plan to also order a yard of fabric from to compare. Thanks for your review!

    • Sorry it took me so long to approve this comment! Someone else mentioned Zazzle to me. I’ve not tried them myself, intact I didn’t even know they offered such a service. I might have to look into them. And no problem, I’m always happy to share my thoughts on things. Even if it turns out they’re not on the whole positive. I really wish I loved Spoonflower more, but I just don’t.

  5. Good to know about Spoonflower. I have heard mixed reviews about them too in some of the facebook sewing groups I am in, so I hesitate to order from the. But FYI there are other companies doing this, many in the UK but some do ship to the US. Here is some info I just found Just as an FYI. I don’t know anything about these companies yet (just starting to research this) but the “Woven Monkey” looks promising so far & ships to the U.S.

    • Yes, sadly they have a lot of issues they really need to work out. I’ve been looking into it and it seems there are other companies out there, Spoonflower is just one of the better known companies at this stage. I put it down to the marketing. In the early days they were smart and got a lot of great press, then they just sat back and stopped caring.

      Thanks for letting me know about other companies though. I’m always interested in what’s out there!

    • @ Brandi – I have not sold on Spoonflower – but I did use them for my own fabric designs. I was happy with the end product but not so happy with the quality of the fabric. I used the cheaper option.

      I will order from them again but will try a better fabric.

  6. Hi. I was googling trying to find out which was the stretch runs on Spoonflower knits when ie came across your blog. I thought I’d add my complaint to the list of your commenters! I’ve been wanting to buy from Spoonflower for aaages. I finally bit the bullet in January. Then before my fabric arrived I got the email below. I just happened to order during the 5 weeks when they had changed their colour processes, and it sucked so they changed it back again 😦 I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. Partly because I don’t know whether my fabric would have usually looked better or not. So now I don’t know whether to risk it and buy again 😦

    On January 6th, 2016, Spoonflower made a change to the way we handled colors when printing some of our fabrics, including Basic Cotton Ultra, Cotton Lawn Ultra, Kona Cotton Ultra, Organic Cotton Knit Ultra, Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra, and Linen-Cotton Canvas Ultra. On January 12th we launched our newest fabric, Cotton Spandex Jersey, using this new color space as well. We had intended this to be a positive move, meant to improve the accuracy of our prints and the relationship between certain color values.

    However, many of you let us know that the reverse was the case, and reported a loss of vibrancy and richness of color, particularly in darker shades and neutrals. In response to this feedback, we will be rolling back this change to colors and will continue to print using the previous color space employed prior to January 6th.

    We know that color changes can be frustrating and a lack of color consistency with previous orders can present problems for many customers. If you purchased the affected base fabrics between January 6th and February 10th, and would like your upcoming orders to be consistent with the colors you received during this period, we’ll continue to support that color space for you. Just send us a note at with your order information and let us know that you’d like that order printed with the early 2016 color space.

    Thank you for your patience as we do our best to make the Spoonflower printing system the best it can possibly be. As always, please don’t hesitate to email us at to let us know how we can help. We are grateful to have you as part of our community!

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. 😦

      If I were you I’d order a swatch before buying the entire order over. If the swatch comes and it’s much better, I’d contact them and see what they can do for you in terms of a refund, partial refund, or discount on a future order. Ordering a swatch is always a good way to go if you’re nervous about spending a lot and winding up with fabric you can’t use. If they don’t offer anything you can always try and sell your fabric on eBay or etsy to recoup the cost. I still have my extra Anna fabric sitting here but I’m sure I could sell it if I needed to. There are people who would be happy to buy spoonflower fabric at a discount. Even if they’re not picking the pattern. It’s like people who buy designer clothes at thrift stores just because of the label and not because they like the clothes.

  7. Wow love the information! Thanks. I do have questions about the fabric you purchased. Did it hold up well with normal washing? Did the fabric fade?

    I make custom quilts and print photos onto to fabric. I hear a lot about the photos fading quickly with different products so I am trying Spoonflower.

    They also have a disclaimer on the website about the fabric:

    “They are also not suitable for display purposes in public buildings unless you apply such treatment after purchase.”

    The statement is in a paragraph about Flammability with child and infant safety.

    I would love to know how the fabrics and prints have held up. Thanks

    • I was happy to share.

      To answer your question I haven’t washed my fabrics very much. The Anna fabric was washed prior to sewing (obviously) and has been washed only twice since. It’s a costume that doesn’t get frequent wear so frequent washing hasn’t been something I’ve needed to do. I do have a lot of other fabric from them, but it’s been sitting. It’s mostly costume fabric so I’m not exactly in a rush to use it. I do have two fat quarters (my own designs) that I used to make cork boards in my sewing room. I took photos and meant to do a tutorial but you know how those things sometimes get pushed to the backburner… I can tell you that my sewing room is very bright and those two fabrics (on their Eco canvas I believe) have been on my walls for no less than six months and I’ve noticed no fading.

      As for the flammability statement… A lot of fabrics have that warning. By law all kids night clothing must be flame retardant (to heck with the immediate health costs I suppose). So often you’ll find children’s fabric with that warning either printed directly on the selvage, on the bolt, or on the designers website. Obviously fabric manufacturers aren’t making all of their fabrics flame retardant just incase they’re used to make p.j.’s. It’s not cost effective or pratical for them. But they have to put the disclaimer on there to keep them from getting sued in the unlikely event someone’s house goes up and a kid dies. As we know even in store bought (flame retardant treated) night clothes, sadly kids do sometimes die in house fires. So it’s just a cover your butt statement and not an admission of questionable quality or anything like that, it’s a very common disclaimer. And I would imagine public buildings have to adhere to fire codes that presumably limit how fast a fire can spread. So I wouldn’t worry that the fabric is any more flammable than average cotton, it’s just less flammable than something that’s been specially treated.

      Hope I was able to help!

  8. Thanks for the response. I have been asking around and no one has really washed the fabric to see how the inks hold up. I may end up buying two identical samples and running one through repeated washings.

    I posted my last photo quilt at It is designed as a wall hanging for the event, but it has generated a number of persons wanting a similar product for everyday use.

    I started looking into several of the sites suggested in the comments. I made one attempt with Zazzle, but I am having problems with the site. I’ll give it another go over the weekend.

    As for The Sewing Directory, as the person mentioned they are all overseas. It will take some time to contact each company directly to see what they offer.

    I understand the flammability statement. I just thought placing the public display warning in the same paragraph strange. I can only hope they have concerns of the fabrics fading and not spontaneous combustion 🙂

    Thanks again for the information and would love to hear how other companies work out if you get a chance to try them.

    • It was my pleasure. ❤

      I think that may be your only option unfortunately. As these are specialty fabrics I could see it being difficult tracking down people who've really abused them. I know they show kids on the site in clothes made from their fabrics, but I don't know anyone who's actually done that. I buy Janie & Jack almost exclusively for my son and even I won't spend that kind of money on fabric for him! And you'd imagine people would be making quilts from their fabric, but again, I think they're probably being treated as display items and not heavy use things.

      Your quilt is amazing! It's no wonder people want one for themselves. 🙂 I'll have to pass the link on to my Mum. I've made one quilt (and even then it was a simple "quilt as you go" style) for my son but that's it. I always mean to do it but never get around to it. So my mum is the quilter in our family for now.

      There was another site that did a review of the different companies. If you haven't seen their site (though you probably have already) I suggest reading this article. If nothing else someone in the comments there might be able to help?

      The flammability statement is really odd. You think it would be at least a little bit separate, or explain why it's not recommended for public display! I doubt it'd spontaneously combust, but who knows? So many people have had problems with this company…

      I do have a bunch of fabric from them and I do plan to eventually turn it into some very specific things. It's all for the most part from the same designer. She actually worked for Disney so her illustrations are spot on. Spoonflower took down a TON of Disney designs, even if they were in the public domain and not actually owned by Disney so I worried hers might end up getting the ax. I actually had Spoonflower remove one of my Alice in Wonderland designs and they basically threatened me when I told them their logic for removing it was insane because I could claim I owned half the designs on the site and they'd simply comply blindly. You're not actually required to prove copyright, which is the only way Disney got around having my design removed. AIW is public domain and claiming ownership of any classic character is laughable (though is hasn't stopped them from trying to copyright The Sleeping Beauty and the name Aurora, even though someone else created it and it's been a very popular ballet for over 100 years), they only own one specific version and mine looked nothing like it. I actually seriously considered suing and almost called my lawyer but I didn't want to deal with Spoonflower- forget Disney, lol.

      If I try anyone else out you can be sure I'll write about it! I haven't had much time for anything lately. So the blog has been on the back burner, but big news like custom printed fabric must be shared ASAP!!! 🙂

    • I’m guessing not as I typically get a notification before a new person is allowed to comment. Once I approve them, they can comment without further approval (usually). This last comment is the first I’ve gotten from you. Try again! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

      • Hello! Sorry.. maybe because I left a link? Anyway let’s see if this works.

        I’m wanting to recreate this look in my bedroom.

        sugarandcloth dot com /2016/07/diy-faux-brass-headboard-our-local-magazine-feature/

        i read your post on the variations with the coloring of different fabrics and now i’m nervous about ordering! anyway, i’ve never ever made anything before or had anything made for me, so i wanted to know if you had any input as to what fabric may be nice for a simple throw blanket. what is the basic combed cotton fabric like? do you think it would work for this? the throw would really just be for decoration – just like throw pillows, etc. i did order samples of the jersey and the basic cotton to see what the print will look like. i just thought to look on etsy so i’ll check out some sellers there to see if they’ll do a custom blanket. but to me it looks like the above site just draped some cut fabric over the end of the bed. is that how it comes – with a white border?

        anyway thanks for reading! Oh and i read your post about that stationary/gluten/cookie/etc fiasco over on facebook. wow. just, wow!

      • I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. What’s weird is that after your initial comment, I got duplicates of everything you wrote. Oddly though they only seem to be emailed to me, but they’re not on the blog? So, so strange.

        Alright, now on to answering your question! The link doesn’t appear to be working. However I put it into Google and I think I found the right one. I feel like what you’re trying to make is a duvet cover (the insert is what’s called a duvet). There’s no quilting, but you get that fluffy look everyone wants. It might not be obvious but that’s what’s giving that bed such volume, it has two comforters on it! A throw is generally something knit. It might be a knit or crochet blanket, or one of those micro plush blankets. Then there’s quilts, which are of course, quilted. If I were you I’d go the duvet cover route to achieve the look in that blog. My reasons are as follows.

        You’ll get that fantastic Potter Barn catalog look (BTW each of their covers are stuffed with TWO duvets!) but with very little effort. You’ll also get a lot of versatility. People think you have to stuff a cover with a duvet. You do not. It’s fine to leave it empty and use it as just a layer on your bed in the warmer months. But by having that dual layer it’s not just a random piece of fabric tossed on the bed, it’s now a proper covering. See the difference? Now the bigger the bed the more likely you’ll have to use multiple pieces of fabric. But if you chose what’s known as a seamless pattern (talk to the designer, if the pattern you want wasn’t designed that way sometimes they can tweak it) then matching up your pieces will be a cinch. Not only that, duvet covers aren’t that hard to make. There are a lot of tutorials out there already that can walk you through the process. Making something that’s just the front, backing, and then maybe a bit of batting in the middle will need quilting. Otherwise it’s just going to bunch, shift, and warp with use and washings. So a duvet cover would actually be less work.

        Spoonflower fabric does come with a white border. But if I’m not mistaken it’s not plain, there is writing on it. I also can’t remember if it goes all the way around… Sorry about that. Honestly, I know it probably seems like it’d be super easy to just put a piece of fabric on a bed and have it look great. But this is where pintrest fails happen! If you look at the second and third photos there’s another comforter under that fabric. In the very last photo you can literally see the plain white comforter under it in the bottom right hand side. They did lay a piece of fabric on that bed, but they cheated, there’s a separate, quilted comforter folded up underneath it! I know you might think it’s just the white comforter that’s on the bed, but it’s not that thick, nor does it come down that far anywhere else on the bed. So go the duvet cover route and you’ll never regret it. If you decided you wanted to stuff the cover you can get seriously cheap inserts everywhere. Walmart, Target, I got a silk one for a very reasonable price from Amazon! Never think of any of this stuff as “just decoration”. When you’re spending Spoonflower prices for cotton, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Make something that is decorative, but functional if you want it to be. You won’t regret it. Their combed cotton would probably be fine. But I would highly recommend getting swatches of everything you’re considering. The colors can really vary on each type. I would not recommend jersey for this regardless what you do. Unless you’re making something for a small child. You want a sturdy, non stretch material to give you the most high end look.

        As for the stationary/gluten incident. Yeah… I’m glad to be done with that company. I have a cousin that almost died from this disease. People don’t take it seriously enough. Trace amounts can harm me. But that’s so not even the point. The point is I was a customer who had an issues and the company owner was a child who basically stuck her fingers in her ears and went “lalalalala I can’t hear you, now go away”. Unbelievable. I’ve been making all my own stuff and it’s going really well. So far I haven’t found anything I couldn’t recreate. I just haven’t had time to blog about it all. I am trying another company (oddly enough I realized later the woman I buy from now once supplied Christy with fonts and stuff in the past). So far it’s going really, really, well. I plan to do a post on that company in the future. Her products are lovely and all, but it’s the truly amazing customer service I’ve received from her that’s making me love this company. Check them out here!

  9. I just received 3 yards of fabric at $18 per yard. You can see through the fabric. It is thin and cheap. I contacted the company and was send a “you should have order the Kona, you should have gotten samples……” in which they refuse to back their product. I’ve been sewing for 35 years, and as a pattern designer I would have passed this fabric up in the clearance bin at Joann Fabrics at $2 a yard. It’s disgraceful and disgusting. I will be advertising everywhere just how awful this company is. It is just best to stay away from companies who put out a bad product, charge for a high end product, and then just will not back up that product.

    • I too hate their whole “you should have ordered samples” line. They need to make them more affordable if they want people to do that. Further more they should give you a credit towards yardage of the same print if you do. But why would they bother if they have no intention of making things right either way?

      The quality of their Kona cotton just isn’t there. Now I’m not going to say that Kona cotton is the best you can buy. But it should be the best of it’s kind for the price they charge.

  10. Thank you for your detailed review. I’m having similar problems with my Spoonflower Kona Cotton order this month too and I would like to use some of your photos in my feedback for Spoonflower. I will put credit and link back to your blog. Thanks in advance ❤

    • You’re welcome. I bought from them one other time since then to make a costume for a friend. The pattern didn’t repeat as it should have. They have a lot of issues sadly. You do of course have my permission to use my photos and link back to my blog. ❤

  11. Just got my fabric today- after waiting weeks! Cannot figure why it took so long to get 2 yards of fabric! Have to say- I am disappointed. Very thin material. Washed it just according to their instructions and yes- the navy blue has totally faded. Quality is bad. First and last order. I will just go to my local Joann Fabrics!!

    • The wait for any custom item can be a long one. So I don’t know if I can blame them for that. My favorite leotards are custom made and the wait for one is 6-8 weeks. So if they have a lot of orders they’re going to do them in the order in which they were received. That means even if you’re just ordering a swatch, you may have a long wait if there are many in front of you. I will agree with the fabric quality though. I’ve tried a few of their different fabric types and some is very good, but others, especially the cottons, can be lacking. The fading is due to the dye/printing process. You have to assume some fading. But I personally feel as though their fabrics fade faster than other brands. It’s such a shame. It’s a great concept, but such a poorly run business.

  12. A lot of neg comment on here about Spoonflower in general. I am concerned. I tried several times by email (as they dont have an existing phone no.) and did not get a reply. Red flag enough to not buy from them at all… If you get ripped off then the business can be investigated …they are required to have a phone contact for a large online business like this. If you are reading this Spoonflowers then maybe step it up with customer service and integrity..

    • Yes, very sadly there have been many negative experiences with this company. It’s a real shame. The concept is great, but the execution is seriously lacking. What’s worse is that you’d assume that if the troubles were just related to goring pains they’d have straightened it out by now. Yet it seems as though nothing has changed.

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