Spoonflower’s Getting Another Chance

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I had some issues with my last Spoonflower order. But as I stated before, it is a great concept and when the designs print well, they look stunning. I’ve seen countless images of things created with their fabrics and who wouldn’t be in love with all those beautiful prints? So after some consideration I’ve decided to place another order. 

I’m headed to Disney World again at the end of the month. Something we decided on the last trip was that we really need to bring raincoats. It’s Florida, it’s humid and kind of rainforesty. So it rains, and when I say rain I mean torrential downpour. My son is fine. Kicking back in his stroller with it’s fancy custom rain cover. We have a fan propped in there so he stays cool, he’s riding in style. My husband and I, not so much…

So we both bought raincoats. He picked up a nice one at Costco and I got a longer one with adjustable sleeves from Amazon. His didn’t come with a bag, mine did but due to the nature of the material it’s almost impossible to get it in or out of the pouch. So he asked me to make him a bag and I figured I should make myself one as well. Since I don’t have any extra fabric in the house so I was going to have to buy something. That’s when I decided to give Spoonflower another chance. I think what persuaded me to try again so soon was seeing that “It’s a Small World” swatch, then seeing that infinity scarf done up in the same pattern but a different fabric base. The colors are so vibrant and it just looks lovely. Here’s the scarf.


The designer Rock Baby Scissors has an Etsy shop and she does make infinity scarves to sell. But I think this is a personal item, or it already sold. I can see why it wouldn’t stay in a shop long though. It really is stunning and a fantastic way to use this print. I totally need one. I actually didn’t end up buying this fabric. I do want some, but I have things I need to make so it would just sat, sad and neglected. 😥 I’d rather not have a lot of fabric sitting around right now since I don’t have the space. After we move it’d be easy to justify the purchase but until then I really can’t buy fabric I don’t intend to use straight away. 

This fabric has a lot of butter yellow in it and that’s just going to show dirt and wear too easily. I decided on something with a darker pattern. This is what I picked.


Isn’t it cool? I like that the base is a nice blue color. So when it gets a bit dirty it won’t show as easily. The pattern is so cool too, this designer is really talented. I love most of her designs. I went with this one partially because it’s Disney themed, but also because I think it won’t be super obvious. The little designs are 2″x2″ so it’s small and you’ll have to look closely. I think that works perfectly for things like a scarf, headband, or small pouches. I hate it when I’m using a large design and I can’t quite make it fit on what I’m trying to make. This simple, repeating design is ideal for what I want. I bought one yard in their performance piqué. That should be more than enough to make two bags plus a few little extras. 😉 I probably could have gotten the job done with a single fat quarter, but it would have cost me $12, for $8 more I got double the amount of fabric! I hope to have enough leftover to embellish like I talked about doing with my Small World swatch. I’ve decided to decorate my sewing room with the supplies I use. I want the walls white (with maybe an accent wall or a couple of stripes) so my fabrics and thread will really stand out. 


I also bought a couple more samples, both are Disney themed because I just thought the prints were so fun.



This Brave one really spoke to me. I just love everything about it. The colors, Merida and her Mum, her bow, and of course the Celtic knots. 


This one is Mulan inspired and features Mushu. I love that the pattern is so subtle and it’s not overtly Disney. Mulan is one of my favorites and my son was born year of the dragon, so I’ll probably end up with yardage of this at some point. The colors are so perfect, I look good in this color and it’ll match most of my fall/winter wardrobe (and some of my spring/summer stuff).  

I did opt to buy my samples in different fabrics. Just so I could get a feel for the way the different fabrics print out. The Mushu is the performance piqué and the Brave is organic cotton knit. I hope they turn out well. And although I feel like the swatches are expensive (I mean come on, $5!) at least they’re big enough to do something with at 8″x8″. So they won’t just sit. And as I mentioned above, I’ll be using my favorites to decorate my new space, so they’re serving a dual purpose. I think from here on out it would probably be smart to buy at least one swatch every time I’m placing an order. I actually have a board on Pintrest dedicated solely to fabric but I should probably make one specific to Spoonflower. Then when they’re doing their 24 sales on free swatches I’ll have a wish list to pull from. When they did their free swatch of suede I missed it because I couldn’t decide what to pick and while I probably should have just picked anything I didn’t. For some inexplicable reason I had to love it or I just didn’t want it at all. I won’t have that happen again!

I don’t know if I’ll ever buy their quilting cottons again. I think it’s probably just more hassle than it’s worth. But the silks and synthetics I’ve felt and seen online have been just lovely. As was their eco canvas. I almost wonder if they’re just not capable of doing the quilting cottons well? Others have complained about them being stiff (mine are quite stiff) and fading, but you just don’t hear the same stuff said about their other fabrics. In my last post I shared the samples I already own, and I’m enamored with them. It’s the reason I never second guessed buying the Anna fabric from them. It’s okay though, I know now. And if I really want quilting cotton for some reason, I’ll buy a sample first! I sometimes wonder if things would have gone better if I’d picked a polyester fabric to begin with. I didn’t because I thought it was going to be hot, and I wanted this dress to be lined so the synthetic would be too heavy. I’m also not a huge fan of synthetics. I briefly considered getting silk, but it was more than I wanted to spend and I thought that fabric wouldn’t have the right “look” anyways. I sat going through all the tiny swatches from their book. Looking at sheerness, texture, sheen, stretch, and more. I thought I had it right… Oh well, moving on! I think even if these fabrics don’t look exactly like the image on the computer it won’t be as earth shattering as the Anna fabric. If only because I’m not trying to make something that looks like something else. These fabrics could be in any color way really cause they’re just for crafting.

I’ll share images and my thoughts as soon as I get a chance. I really don’t know when, possibly not until I get back home next month. I’m just hoping it’s printed and shipped in time. If it’s not here I guess we’ll just be using Ziplock bags. I’ll only need a day (and not even a full day) to make them. The most time consuming part of the project will probably be the washing and the drying of the fabric. Sewing a square with a button hole is not exactly taxing. Although I may go the zipper route. Still on the fence. Either way, you’ll see it all at some point. 




3 thoughts on “Spoonflower’s Getting Another Chance

  1. Wow I love their fabrics… there is nothing like that over here at all…
    I dropped them an email to see what their policy on int. customers is and you know what – bam – they emailed me back in hours. Just goes to show they only really respond promptly to positive feedback!
    Also embarrassing to admit but I never actually knew what an infinity scarf was until now. I own a knitted snood but not an infinity scarf – I now know the difference. Thank you.

    • I’ve heard a lot of people have contacted them with good results. But it was when they were complimenting them on their product or asking for help to make a purchase. It’s a little frustrating. I get things can be really hard when you grow too big, too quickly. But if they’d just hire on more staff they’d have fewer issues. I just feel bad for the people who never got responses to their issues, or didn’t even bother contacting them because they assumed they wouldn’t help. 😦

      I’ve heard they have international shipping but people say it’s crazy slow, even to Canada. It’s very hit or miss here too, to be honest. It can take a week or more after the fabric’s been marked for shipping. Half the time it’s because they’ve generated a label but just didn’t send it out. Again, probably a staffing issue. The order I mention in this post supposedly went out last night. But I don’t expect to see it before Friday.

      I’m willing to keep shopping with them if they continue to work on improving. I hate blacklisting companies after one bad experience (unless it’s truly horrific). Fabric.com used to be really bad, there were constant issues so I stopped shopping with them. I was not alone in that, people were really upset. Then I heard they were moving to a bigger space and hiring more staff. Things are 100% different now and I’m a very happy return customer. Sometimes companies just need a bit of bad press before they’re ready to admit there are issues.

      I’m happy to share new things, even if I didn’t know I was doing it! Infinity scarves are such a huge thing here and have been for at least the last year or so (not sure when the trend started). So I guess I just assumed they were popular everywhere, oops! They’re a great option if you’re intimidated by tying scarves, it’s impossible to drape it improperly. I sometimes like to take regular rectangular ones and just tie the ends and loop it so I keep the flexibility of a regular scarf while still being able to enjoy the trend. 🙂

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