Spoonflower LMTD Satin & A New Beginning

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to give Spoonflower a second chance. Well, the order I shared with you all in my last post has shipped. But there was also another I didn’t mention…

In the past week or so Spoonflower released two limited time only fabrics. One was a satin, the other a poly crepe de chine. As I mentioned in the past I’m not a big fan of synthetics, but I feel Spoonflower prints best on polyester. Reasons may vary, but it’s just what I’ve noticed.

I had been wanting to make a Rapunzel dress, ever since I bought that kids costume back in February. Believe it or not that one is still living on my dress form in my bedroom. It’s just so pretty I could never hide it in a closet. I sometimes pop it on for my son. He gets so excited, well, it’s hard to describe this thing he does beyond saying he literally vibrates. It’s pretty funny. But despite him believing me to be the real deal when I’m wearing it, the dress is not exact. It’s kind of strange too. You’d think if anyone were going to get it “right” it would be Disney themselves. It’s not like they couldn’t print their own fabric, but they’re clearly just buying some random brocade. I knew I could do better.

So I indulged. I knew that I shouldn’t, that it was wrong to buy more fabric I didn’t need. But it was either buy this now, or hope they re-release this fabric in the future. If they never offered it again I would have bought what I had been planning initially which was their silk, and that costs $34 a yard! For comparison the satin is $17.50, which actually isn’t a bad price for satin and it’s the exact same price as the basic combed cotton. I always shop sales or use a coupon, but satin at JoAnn’s is at least that much regularly so it’s not like I’m getting robbed. There’s also the fact that Rapunzel’s dress in the movie is satin, or at least it looks like it is. In some scenes it could be anything, in others it has a really noticeable shine to it. So this is more screen accurate (sometimes), and it’s half the price of the silk.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Ummm, koolchicken? Silk is silk and satin is polyester“. I hear you, and I understand your concern. But this fabric actually feels nice and it looks so pretty, and it’s machine washable. Very important when you’re staring down thirty and you still routinely dump stuff down the front of you. My kid wears white and looks fabulous. I start out wearing white and by the end of the day I’m a technicolor rainbow. I was once wearing my favorite white skirt when I looked down and notice I’d somehow spilled Orange Julius down the front of it. My BIL wanted to know exactly how I’d managed that as I was drinking from a cup, with a lid and a straw, and I’d only just bought it. Hand to God I still don’t know. So machine washable is something that’s important to me when it comes to something that’s worth so much due to materials and labor. Heck, forget the materials and just focus on the labor. It won’t be amusing if I trash it on the first wear.

So I’m really glad I took the plunge and bought some. I have just enough to do the outfit, nothing extra. I was so tempted to buy a little extra of it to make some accessories but I resisted. I’ll probably have enough left from the darker print to do a little something. I do wonder if I should buy another yard of the bodice material though. Just because if I made a mistake cutting or sewing it I’m kind of screwed if/when they stop producing this fabric. I didn’t make any mistakes on my Anna costume and I’m pretty good about not having to rip stuff out. But this is satin. and satin doesn’t like oops moments of any kind. So I’m going to have to be really, really careful. I’m also a smidge paranoid about the skirt. If my machine ever had an issue with the embroidery, I’d have the same problem. Obviously I could just buy different fabric for the skirt and keep the center panel in the satin. But who wants that? I’d rather have it look seamless.

Here’s the fabric I bought.


This is the material for the bodice and the sleeves. I bought two fat quarters for the sleeves. Looking back I really should have just bought a yard due to the cost difference. Lesson learned. The colors here are fairly accurate. It’s a verily lovely lilac pink color.


This is the material for the skirt, the patterned part is for the center panel the rest of the skirt is plain. I bought a single yard of the patterned fabric and I can’t imagine needing more of that. I think the colors here are not coming across true to life, perhaps a bit more berry/red than purpley. But the fabric is pink toned not purple as in the film (sometimes).


The colors here are still slightly off but I think it still gives a good first glimpse of what they all look like together. As you can see the lighter design has a smaller scale to fit on the smaller area. I have the buttons I’m going to use for this already. I saw them ages ago and thought they were perfect so I just scooped them up. I still need lining fabric, lace in both white and pink, pink cording, grommets (and a grommet punch), as well as pink ribbon or cording. I’m not in a rush to get any of those. This is something I’ll work on when I have the time. Right now I need to be focusing my resources and time elsewhere.

Just thought I’d mention Spoonflower is running a contest on their site. The prize is, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual and three yards of Performance Piqué. Gertie is really cool and her blog a great resource for vintage sewing tips, and really just sewing tips in general. So I’m guessing the book will be amazing. I haven’t used any of her patterns yet but I’ve been tempted. She has  an Etsy shop as well where you can buy kits to make her vintage slip, and panties. She did a sew along with that and I thought it was so cool. A great way to start sewing if you’re new to it I say. A kit with everything you need plus the designer herself showing you how to put the garment together. Genius! Anyways, here’s my referral link to the contest

Enter Here!

Enter by Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 for a chance to win. The winner will be announced on the Spoonflower blog on Wednesday, September 17th. Full Disclosure, I think get extra points or whatever if you click on that link to enter. I’m not 100% on that, but I’m pretty sure. Just wanted people to be aware.

I do still have to finish my husband’s Kristoff costume. I finished the muslin last night and I need to tweak the sleeves just a bit, but it’s done. I hope to start cutting the fabric tonight and begin sewing tomorrow (if not tonight). I made the decision not to attach the collar to this so it won’t be super accurate and more just “inspired by”. That’s fine though. Kirstoff’s tunic has a small stand collar and there’s fur attached. Every time I think about it all I can think is “Geez, I hate doing collars” and “That fur is going to be uncomfortable, he’s gonna hate me”. So just an hour ago I decided to omit it. I doubt anyone will notice and it not only saves me work, but it’ll keep my husband from being miserable. Lets be honest, men just want to be comfortable. They don’t care if something is “accurate” or “cute”. It’s why the people they cast to play the Orc’s in LOTR’s were women. They wouldn’t complain about wearing a hot uncomfortable garment for hours on end. I’ll keep the fur around the sleeves and hem, but that’s it. Photos and more information on that costume to come. Now I’ve got to go deal with a tiny crazy person who’s taking my living room apart. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Spoonflower LMTD Satin & A New Beginning

    • So do I. I didn’t do a sample of this prior to ordering because this is limited. I did already have some samples of these fabrics so I felt confident and I’m glad I just went forward. Besides, I knew I wouldn’t be upset with slight color variations with this fabric. I’m already doing a pinkish Rapunzel, so it’s not 100% accurate to begin with.

      I’m super excited for my other order to come in. It arrives Monday! So expect to see more photos soon. 🙂

  1. I purchased satin from SF over a year ago and was disappointed in the print and fabric weight. Did they change their satin? I’m confused by all the things I see saying satin is back at Spoonflower. I am starting a project that I need either silk or satin for but am reluctant to get this satin after not caring for it, but if they changed it I’ll give them another shot with the satin. The prints looks great in your photos, mine was nothing like that.

    • I’m going to be completely honest with you. I don’t know anything at all about their previous satin offerings, I didn’t even know they offered it in the past. All I know is that satin was introduced as a limited edition along with another fabric type. After that limited run they decided to make satin permanent. My fabric did come out very, very nice and I’m extremely happy with it. What I would suggest to you is order a swatch in satin, but get a swatch of something you’ve already purchased in another fabric type and loved. Just so you have a baseline of what the fabric should look like and you can see the print differences because there will be some. If you like what you see then go for a swatch or even a yardage of the fabric you really want.

      My photos aren’t perfect but they’re very close to real life. I did have a disappointing experience with spoonflower in the past so I get your hesitation. But this is just what I’d do if I were going to give them another shot. Who knows? Maybe they are actually listening to customer feedback and learning. If so perhaps they pulled satin as an option in the past because it wasn’t printing well but now they’ve worked the kinks out? It stinks that the only way you’ll know for sure if your print will look okay is if you shell out the five dollars for the swatch- plus shipping. Their pricing really is a bit much and I really hope they start getting some competition soon. Because I know a lot of cosplayers work on very strict budgets and the cost of swatches alone has to be hurting some of those people. Good luck, and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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