Adult Kristoff Costume, Finished!

I’ve finally finished my husbands Kristoff costume. He doesn’t really care about dressing up. Usually I’m lucky to get him into a t shirt with a print on it, like this delightful little number.


He got this monstrosity at Target years ago. So yeah, this is his version of a costume. As you can guess, it doesn’t really mesh well with my vision. I would have just bought a ready made costume for him since he really doesn’t care about this stuff, but nothing existed. Well, that’s not 100% true. There were made to order costumes available from China but they cost a whopping $120 plus shipping. No way was I going to spend that for something that might not have even gotten here on time and will probably only be worn a few times. So I got out my muslin and set to work.

I took a t shirt that fit my husband loosely and used that to figure out how wide to make the tunic. I also added on the weird sleeves. I was going to add them in afterwards but decided there was no point. I had my husband try on the first muslin when he got home from work and made the necessary adjustments. Basically adding a bit to the hips and length. He also asked me to cut back the arm holes so now they look goofy (at least to me).


I straightened out the lines and used a circle skirt to make the curved bottom. I laid the skirt down and traced the back, then I wrapped the skirt around the front overlapping them slightly off center (because Kristoff’s tunic has the center point of his tunic slightly off) then I traced those. Once I was sure I liked it I started to cut out my pieces.


Since I didn’t have any computer generated reindeer hide (or even any regular reindeer hide) I opted to use gray flannel. I think it’ll make a decent stand in, but only time will tell. 🙂 I decided to line it as well since I didn’t want it bunching up on my husband while he’s wearing it. I bought him just a simple long sleeved t and some grey sweats from Target to go underneath cause there was no was I was going to make those as well. I don’t hate my life.



I decided to use bias tape to make the detailing on the front of the tunic. I think Kristoff’s might also have pink but I didn’t want to get crazy with this. I kept it simple and it looks just fine. I sewed this down before I attached the lining.


I sewed the lining to the neckline, “sleeves” armholes, and hem first. Then I turned the whole thing inside out and pressed it. Then I put the two right sides together and serged the sides. Almost finished!


Now I needed to add the fur trim. It felt a lot like punishment, it was not easy. The fur kept getting in the way and I had a hard time keeping it in place. Trying to use pins was a waste of time and things went way better without them. I’ll never use this stupid stuff again.



I whip stitched the trim on the fur down on the hem but I trimmed it up by the shoulders. It seemed to just work best that way. I still need to make the sash, I plan to do that tomorrow. I would have done it tonight but I was too tired after ballet and baby wrangling. So I worked on this post and another little craft you’ll see next. 😉

I hope this “tutorial” can help anyone looking to make a Kristoff costume. Sadly the boys have been ignored by Disney. There have been Anna and Elsa costumes since day one. They only just came out with an Olaf costume last month and we all saw how that went, sold out in hours and stock has yet to be replenished. It’s a crying shame they’ve been refusing to produce sufficient Frozen merchandise. They’ve had multiple variations of Anna and Elsa’s dresses, would it have killed them to make a Kristoff? They also skipped releasing adult costumes this year, I don’t think they’ve ever done that before. Oh well, what are you going to do? We can’t force them to produce certain things and when that happens we just have to make our own!

For anyone who’s looking to make one of these I got all my materials at Joann Fabrics. I think this cost me around $45 because I shopped sales and used a bunch of coupons. By far the most expensive part of this outfit was the fur trim at $7 a yard (I bought two yards and skipped the collar but I would have had exactly enough to do it if I had not omitted it). So it wasn’t too bad, this was dirt cheap compared to my costume. It also went together pretty quickly. A couple of days worth of work. If I were making this for my son it probably would have gone even faster so if you’re making this for a child expect it to take an afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Adult Kristoff Costume, Finished!

    • You know this actually wasn’t that hard to make. There are things I’d change about it, and my husband has asked me to make another for him and I just might. But overall I was happy. The fur isn’t really a beginner thing, I’ve been sewing for twenty plus years and I still struggled with it big time. But the rest of it came together pretty fast. If you can sew a straight line, this is a doable project. I lined this, but it could totally be omitted if you feel it’s too much work. And given the simplistic nature of the tunic it could even be hand sewn!

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