Just A Little Update

I’m headed off to Florida in the morning and wanted to give a quick update. I did finish the sash for my husband’s Kristoff costume. There was much drama and I ended up having to do an emergency last minute run to the fabric store. But I did finish on time. I actually even filmed a video but was unable to upload it. Hopefully when I get back I’ll be able to do a post on that, I don’t know if the video thing will happen or not though. But there will be photos at the very least.

I did create about three posts that will go up during the time I’m gone. This of you who subscribe to the blog probably already saw one post when it went up accidentally. It has been modified since then, so you may still wish to check it out when it goes up for real.

I’ll be back soon and let everyone know how the costumes wore. I expect I’ll melt, but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. So long as I don’t pass out I’ll consider it a success, lol. Why does Florida need to be so hot? Ugh…


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