Spoonflower Fabric, What I Made & What’s Coming

I’ve vented about my difficulties with Spoonflower in the past, I definitely have a love hate relationship with them. I am willing to give companies a second try most of the time though. For instance I stopped buying from Fabric.com a few years back after repeated issues (and by that I mean every order was an issue for almost a year, they never had anything in stock and liked to cancel my orders for no reason other than it was fun). But once I got wind they moved into a bigger space and hired on more workers and things had turned around I was back. It was a very sad time though when I did stop buying from them. Living on an island I didn’t have many fabric options and they were the only company that would ship to Hawaii for less than a pint of blood and the promise of my first born. My local Walmart did carry a lot of really cool Japanese fabrics (ones that sell online for an absolute fortune) but sometimes you just want something a little more sophisticated and not covered in hedgehogs… So like Fabric.com I’m hoping Spoonflower turns things around too, they’ve got a great product.

I did recently try my hand at designing some of my own fabric. It was both easy and difficult at the same time. My second round definitely went a lot better. Playing around making my own stuff definitely makes me want to study graphic design. It’s something I enjoy for sure. Here are some of the fabrics I came up with. These are just 8″x8″ swatches done on plain combed cotton.

IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810 IMG_9811 IMG_9813 IMG_9812


Once again the photos have been taken at night, and on a dark background. They do look nicer in real life I promise. I think they look good on the basic cotton, but I suspect the ones I’m having printed on a synthetic will look way better.

Since Spoonflower is having a buy one get one sale on fat quarters right now I decided to partake. Between the sale and my designers discount it wasn’t too expensive. I bought a number of these in different fabric types. I bought Linen Cotton Canvas, Modern Jersey, and Performance Piqué. I have a few ideas for them. Maybe a cover for my day planner (though I now wish I bought the Eco Canvas). And I plan to use the jersey and performance fabric for exercise related items. I’m not sure exactly how much I’d need to make shorts for ballet. I have some jersey laying around and I’ll probably use it to test drive a pair and make my pattern. I looked online for shorts and nothing I liked was in stock and I didn’t even know if they’d fit the way I want them to. Most of them have no inseam, they’re more like briefs. I want something with a one to two inch inseam at the very least. I may be being a bit ambitious with what I can do with a piece of fabric that small, but I won’t know if it’s possible until I have it in hand. If only because Spoonflower’s fat quarters vary in size depending on the type of fabric you’re buying. The performance pique is 28×18, the modern jersey is the same. So a little larger than your standard 22×18 quilting cotton ones. I could probably do a top if the shorts don’t work out though. If only because I’d want a contrasting trim on a top, and the direction of the design won’t be as much of an issue. I don’t want my little ballerinas going sideways on my shorts!

I’ll probably make at least one top, and will use the scraps to make a headband. I have these amazing yoga ones from Life Is Good that they made for a single season and then discontinued them. I love them because you can scrunch them up to make a narrower headband, or if you have short hair you can wear it with the fabric spread out (it covers the entire top of your head) to keep your hair completely out of your face. I’ve seen similar lace designs online that cater to religious women who wish to cover their heads for church or random prayer while still staying fashionable and enabling them to forgo a full covering 24/7. I love mine not for exercise actually, but for sewing. On my old machine the little metal thing you thread the thread through that bobs back and fourth had a tendency to catch the little hairs near my hairline. After having that happen twice and being terrified of being scalped I started wearing headbands to sew. Now I feel like I can’t sew without my hair covered. Here’s the metal bit I’m taking about, can’t remember what it’s called for some reason.


(photo taken from I heart Naptime, image links)

I also like them for cooking. And I suspect that when I’m taking class in summer or Hawaii I’ll be grateful for them. My hair is long, but I have these wispy bits that never seems to get longer than about 5″ that always work their way out of my bun, and this will keep me looking neat while also reducing the urge the brush my hair out of my face.

I’m still not 100% on what I’ll use the rest for. I’ll find something to do with it though. Probably small accessories but that’s fine, you can never have too many. I’ve been thinking about getting a small pencil case for when I travel, but making one would be so much better. I hate being forced to buy whatever the stores are selling. Sometimes you need something but they don’t have anything you like and you’re forced to buy something you’d rather not just to get what you need.

I won’t receive my fabric until I get back from California, so it’ll be a while until there are any new fabric pictures. But I’ll post them when I get them. I know people like to see the fabric they’re thinking of buying, so it’s only fair to post up some images if I’m going to make it for sale. I’ve already had sales (I hope you like it strangers who bought my designs!) but I want to be fair and share what the fabric will really look like once it’s been printed up. Just cause I really hate Spoonflowers buy it to see if you like it policy. I’ll buy it, and I’ll share it so others don’t have to take that gamble. After all, I’m far more likely than anyone else to love it regardless just because I’m the one that made it.


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