Quick Update

I’ve been such a bad blogger as of late. I really, really want to get back to it but just haven’t had the energy. I don’t think I’m sick, but I definitely feel drained these days. I want to rest, but I simply can’t allow myself to do it for some reason. I always have a pile of things I’m working on. Be it laundry, seven random crafts, ballet, or whatever. Right now I’ve decided to devote myself to ballet and the house cleaning so my projects have gone to the way side for now. I’ll get to them, I always do it’ll just have to wait. I did get my Spoonflower stuff in and I have to say, it’s pretty exciting. I really need to take some photos of those fat quarters. There’s definitely enough to do some shorts so that’s a new project. I still haven’t even washed the fabric for my pj’s and yes, I am quite cold. I’ve taken to stealing my husbands pants. I need to make my own. Maybe by Christmas… So basically here’s a run down of what’s going on.


I’m aiming for four days a week now. And I’ve decided to try a different school on Tuesdays. Up until now I’ve been doing hour long classes. My Saturday class which I’ve just started is 1.5 hours, this new Tuesday one will be as well. I really want things to work out well at this new school as I think they can teach me more. It’s also in a more convenient location for me. So while I’ll only be eligible for one class at this particular school, in the future I’ll be able to take more classes with them and it’ll just work out better for me overall. The classes are also later in the evening so I’ll have fewer issues driving through rush hour traffic, I’ll miss it completely at this new later time. And because I’m taking so many classes I decided to add to my leotard collection. Elevé was having a Black Friday sale and I bought a few new ones. I’m keeping the styles and colors a secret for now but I’ll post photos when they finally show up.


I’m doing so much ballet now I don’t have the same amount of time to devote to my other hobbies. I really need to get on my pants and I’m probably putting them off because they feel like work. I’ll make them (cause there is no buying them, grrrr), but I just need to admit defeat. Dragging out the serger, drafting a pattern, washing, ironing, cutting, and sewing the fabric. It’s just more trouble than it’s worth right now. I ended up buying my fabric from JoAnn’s and I think maybe I’m just so lax about doing it cause I’m a bit luke warm on my fabric choices. It’s okay, and it’s plenty nice. But it’s just not jumping out at me, you know? I’m sure I’ll love them once their finished, and if that happens before April I’ll be happy. I also need to sew some shorts for ballet. I have the fabric and I’m looking forward to putting them together. They’ll be super easy and will probably only take an hour. But again, it’s the dragging out the serger that puts me off it. I also have other fabric that I have a lot of ideas for, but I’m not feeling super inspired right now.


I have mercifully been granted a reprieve. I need it right now too. I can’t bear the thought of boarding another plane at the moment. We will probably go to Hawaii some time early in the new year and then we have a Florida trip already lined up. I’m hoping I have a bit more pep by the time all that rolls around cause again, it’s feeling more like work than fun.


I know this isn’t really a fun thing to talk/read about, but it is part of what’s keeping me from blogging. I feel as though there’s a never ending amount of it these days. It’s to the point I’ve been thinking of dropping my son off at the hourly play center down the street for a few hours so I can get some extra work down without him running under foot. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good baby. But he does make housework take longer than it needs to by “helping” and sometimes you just want it done. By the time he goes to bed most days I’m dead tired. Even tonight, I’m exhausted yet wired. I’m too tired to do more than write, but I can’t sleep yet. I need to go to bed right after this though as it’s 1:30am and I need to be up at 9am so I can be at ballet at 10am.

The Holidays

I’ve done virtually nothing to decorate and I do not feel sorry. I’m moving in a couple of months. The last thing I need to do is spend a bundle on a bunch of stuff that’ll need to go straight into storage. My kid will live with little more than a tree. And I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff that works with the decor I have now, but might not work in the new house next year. Usually I go all out, so it’s a bit depressing skipping things this year. Yet I can’t bring myself to do something different. We’re going to make our Christmas ornaments (I bought little kits from Target) and that’s it.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I have a million half finished things and no time or motivation to finish any of it. I’ll get my energy back though. Perhaps if I put it on the schedule it’ll get done. If nothing else it couldn’t hurt.


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