OMG, They’re In The Mail!!!!!!!!

It’s happening, I’m so excited. After more than five weeks my Elevé leotards have been completed and I got the shipping notification this morning! I’m vibrating with excitement. It’s priority shipping so I could have them as early as Thursday. As soon as they get here and I get straight to work washing them so I can photograph them. I’ll really try to get a review up as soon as I can. But I’m just so excited all I really want to do is get to class so I can actually wear them!

Speaking of ballet things tonight’s class went pretty well. It’s nice to have a teacher that likes you. There’s also the awesome way I discovered how to achieve much better turnout on what was previously my “bad” (left) side. I’m still not super strong but my teacher assures me that will come in time, and I know it will. But I can achieve near perfect turnout on my left side while in passé (same for the right but I was always able to do that). I didn’t know I could touch my foot to my knee, for some reason I thought it was cheating. So it was always a bit off. Now I can do it perfectly just because I’m able to achieve better balance, and I can push slightly and it’s all the extra help I needed. My teacher was having a field day with my feet as well. For some reason (and I honestly have no idea why) I’m able to wing my feet. So I can wrap it around my ankle, I can get that fantastic arabesque line, etc. Again, my right side is a bit looser so it’s easier on that side but my left is not too shabby. I really can’t wait until we move. There’s no space here to practice, or even to really stretch out. Once I have a space to work in it’ll make a huge difference, I know it will.


Yes I know my left foot is pronating a bit. For some reason I do that while standing (I’ve done it my entire life, for the most part I can’t do anything to rectify it while standing) but I don’t have issues while walking or on relevé and one might argue that’s more important. Also, I know you’re probably all wondering about my amazing pants. They’re part of this fantastic elf pj set I got at Target. My son has the same one and it’s hilarious, my husband can barely keep a straight face when he and I are wearing our matching elf outfits. They’re actually supposed to come to my ankles, but since I’m not exactly elf-like they’re more knee length on me. Whatever.

If anyone is wondering what I’m wearing I ended up getting Russian Pointe shoes. It was based on a suggestion a sales clerk at Discount Dance made. I had to kind of guess my size since they didn’t have them in store or online. Russian Pointe does sell them on their own website though and I love how you can customize them the same way you can their pointe shoes. The only problem is that my right foot is in-between sizes. They say canvas shoes don’t stretch but that’s either a flat out lie, or Russian Pointe stuff is weird cause they do so stretch. I’m currently wearing a pair that’s too snug right now in the hopes they stretch just enough to make them perfect. I’ve found these work really well for my tapered feet. So if you like Capezio Juliet but are looking for something a bit more fitted or durable these are a fantastic alternative. I also got them for a whopping $14 during their back to class sale this fall!


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