Gluten Free Cosmetics & Freedom Palettes

This is another post that’s very Celiac focused. But I think it’s important to share where I can. I do rely on other people’s blogs when I’m looking to find out what’s safe. Contacting companies can be a pain. Sometimes you get someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about, other times they don’t know what they’re talking about. Then there are the times they don’t even bother to reply. So if someone out there contacts a company that knows what’s going on, and they get back to you, you need to share this info. At least that’s how I feel.

As much as I like tarte and Too Faced, I need more. I’m not trying to be selfish, I just like variety. I mean seriously, just walk around a Sephora or Ulta for two seconds and you’ll quickly realize one thing. For every beige eyeshadow there are like a hundred different variations of that beige and no less than a dozen finishes. Clearly I need them all. And that can’t really be achieved by purchasing from only one or two brands. So I’m going to share with you all some more celiac friendly brands today! First up is Urban Decay. They have every crazy color plus every neutral you’ll ever need. I only own two of their world famous naked palettes, the Naked3 and the Naked2 Basics palettes but I love them. I also have their Book of Shadows volume IV, the new Vice palette, plus a few of their older smaller ones. There’s just something about UD shadows. They have the nicest texture and go on so well, they also have great color payoff and at least on me never crease. There’s also a lot less fallout with this brand over Too Faced, so if you like shadows with a bit of glitter (or even a lot of glitter) this is a good brand to look at.

I contacted Urban Decay and they informed me that ALL of their eyeshadows are gluten free. As is their De Slick Mattifying powder. All of their eye primers are gluten free with the exception of their anti-aging one, that one is not gluten free. And while I didn’t ask about lip products they told me that their lip glosses are not gluten free. They also let me know that most of their products are made in separate facilities and there is no chance for cross contamination. So if you were hoping to try out some of their Naked palettes you can do so with confidence. They use to have a chart on their website but that’s gone now. While it is nice to have a chart or list at the ready on their site, they’re very good about responding to emails. I did not contact them by phone but they were so prompt with email responses I can’t imagine it’d be difficult to get a hold of them by phone if that’s what you prefer. What I really liked is that they knew what I was talking about. My husband and I feel like if we go somewhere and ask about gluten, if they give “the blank stare” or ask “what’s gluten” then there’s no way they’re being careful about things like cross contamination. This company actually knows what they’re talking about and they encourage you to call or email them to ask any question about any product. I will definitely continue to buy from this company. And I really hope they expand to become completely gluten free. There are a lot of companies that have realized making small changes to become gluten free can mean a huge increase in profits (think Chex cereal).

The Balm is also gluten free. I’m not a super big fan of the brand ever since they held a supposed “sale”. Basically they got everyone all whipped up into a frenzy, they sent out info to all the beauty bloggers letting them know about the sale so they could get the word out. It was supposed to be something crazy like 50% off everything and I was really excited about it. I already owned a couple of their shadows at that point and loved them. The quality was great and they’re huge, the price isn’t anything to sneeze at either. So 50% off would have been a steal. Well, I don’t know if they ever even had the sale. The start time came and went. The site crashed and people couldn’t check out. They were going to have it back up and running several times over, but so far as I know it never happened. People on their Facebook page were very vocal about how this is sort of a recurring theme for them and they were really upset. They announce a sale and then “oops” website crashes. So I haven’t bought anything else from them. I really don’t have a lot of time for a company that tries to generate interest in such a questionable manner. If they turn things around I’d totally try them again. But there are so many other great brands out there, I’ve kind of moved on. But if you’d still like to give them a try they’re easy to find and the quality is actually quite good. The packaging has cute retro designs and they teamed with the Muppets at one point which is huge selling point (at least for me).

Now The Balm comes in cardboard packaging and I hate that kind of packaging. It gets dirty and you can’t clean it, it also tends to get really banged up over time and will sometimes even rip. Urban Decay has amazing packaging more often than not. The only downside is it’s usually pretty bulky. The Naked palettes are pretty streamlined, as is their new Vice palette. But they’re heavy, very, very heavy. If I’m not mistaken their Naked3 palette is metal. That’s just too much bulk for me. As for their Book of Shadows palettes, those are monsters. The one I have literally comes with a USB thingy with a built in speaker so you can plug your phone or iPod into it and watch instructional videos. It’s a great idea don’t get me wrong. But wouldn’t it just be easier to send an iTunes code so you can download these videos for free (or buy them)? They’d totally save a lot of space packaging wise, I really don’t need or want a built in phone stand. But I doubt they’re really going to change. Urban Decay loves their incredibly heavy packaging and we all just have to get used to it. Or get really good at depotting….

I really like to depot everything that I can. As I’ve said over and over again, I travel a lot. And anyone who travels and wears cosmetics needs to learn how to depot. It’s the only way to pack your bag without it weighing a ton. I really like two different types of palettes, their called freedom palettes. One is a pre-made one that’s amazing but can really only hold a little. The other is one I make myself. First up are my Unii palettes.


Usually this purple one has a lot more in it. The bottom three shadows are Urban Decay and the blush above them is tarte. The other two shadows are a Sephora one that’s no longer made and the bottom is one of my two The Balm shadows. I want to depot my tarte Rainforest After Dark palette and put it in here but I haven’t done it yet. I don’t have my tools here in WA and I can’t depot without them. That funky little thing on the bottom is the thumb grip. It has a metal thing on the bottom and you can move it around. I’m ambidextrous and use both hands to do my makeup so I keep it in the middle. The bottom of these palettes is magnetic and the palettes come with “not a magnet” sheets so if you pans aren’t steel they’ll still stick. I’ve found this sheet is not so good. They’re thick and just not effective. I bought the z-palette stickers off of Amazon and they work way better. Sometimes they do come un-stuck from the bottom of the pan. The magnetic action is seriously strong so it’s good because the pans don’t slide around in there even if I’m rough with it (and I am). But if I try to pull a pan out of the palette the sticker might stay stuck to the palette. I’ve found just using a smidge of super glue helps tremendously. The stickers can be cut (with trauma shears at least) but they fit onto practically every brand without trimming. I’ve also never needed more than one sticker. I have used two once before just to be sure. But you could totally put a big face powder in there with only the one and be okay. Most brands do use steel pans, but these stickers are good to have on hand for the few companies that use aluminum, like MAC.


I really love these colors. They did have other ones in the past, they were darker jewel tones and a little different on the inside. You could take them apart on the inside but apparently there were production issues or something like that. Some people really preferred the old style because there was a silicone gasket and even if something inside it smashed the powder was unable to escape. With these powder could possibly make it out but I don’t mind, and I’ve never had an issue. These are seriously solid, and they are heavyish. But if you can pack everything you’ll need for an entire trip inside one it’s totally worth it. It’ll probably end up weighing less than a bunch of compacts too, so it’s not like carrying around a boulder. One last thing is these are sparkly! Some of you may not care, but this is crucial to my cosmetic experience. 🙂

Now as much as I love my Unii palettes they aren’t super big. I mean they’re totally big enough to hold a blush and enough eyeshadows to do a few different looks. But they can’t hold a few gift sets worth of makeup and that’s what I like for storage. So, I made these.



For those that are interested these are mostly Urban Decay. I showed my DIY palettes on here in the past but I’m surprised how many hits that post gets. So I thought I’d do a refresher (what I need to do is a tutorial). I bought these empty palettes on eBay for around $5 each (probably less) and I lined the bottom with self adhesive magnetic sheets I bought on Amazon. I covered the top and the magnetic sheet with contact paper. I found that the magnetic sheets when left uncovered got dirty really fast. Any makeup dust just stuck to it like glue and wouldn’t wipe off. Contact paper however is made of plastic and you can wipe it with a baby wipe! I’m so glad I decided to make these, they hold so freaking much stuff. I like to swap out the stuff that’s in my everyday palette a lot and it’s just nice to have everything organized and easy to grab. I love big palettes and most of the brands I buy don’t really sell singles of their eyeshadows. So depotting is a must for me. I’m not willing to have every big seasonal palette and gift set stacked and impossible to access quickly. Sometimes you just really want one shade from each kit, and that could mean compromising or dragging out seven different things. No thank you. This is just way easier long term, at least for me.

I had hoped I’d be writing my review on my new Elevé leotards today. I got the shipping info days ago and it was two day priority mail. Unfortunately this means nothing to the USPS, they deliver when they’re darn good and ready. So even though it was supposed to be delivered today my box was empty. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll be in there tomorrow but who knows. I’m seriously bummed because I thought I’d be able to wear them to class tomorrow but I guess not. Especially since my post man doesn’t come until at least 5pm (I’m not exaggerating). I have to leave the house by 4:30 to drop my son off before class, so they won’t even be delivered yet. If it were a day my husband was home I might have been able to hand wash them and let them dry before class. But it looks like the soonest I’ll be able to wear them is Saturday. Sigh…


5 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cosmetics & Freedom Palettes

    • Yes, gluten can be found in a lot of things. Some experts say it’s okay if there’s gluten in skincare and cosmetics, but there’s still a lot of debate. I say that’s true, to an extent. Obviously a hand lotion with gluten could be problematic since people eat with their hands. Babies and toddlers suck on their fingers, and even their toes. Then there’s lipstick and lip balms. We do consume those things. Some of the arguments are that the amount you might swallow couldn’t harm a celiac. But I say, why take the chance? I might roll the dice on an iffy eyeshadow, but not with lip products. Same with anything I might get into my mouth, like face wash. Shampoo and Conditioner are supposed to be rinsed from your hair so I’m a little lax where their concerned, but I like my body wash, hand soap, and lotions to be gluten free. Just to be safe.

      The Naked Palettes are amazing, you totally do need them! If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know I recommend Ulta as my preferred store!

  1. I love your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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