Quick Update

I just wanted everyone to know I am still here. I did get my Elevé leotards back and they fit great. I actually started writing a proper post on them but it’s just a half finished draft right now. I’ve moved house and have been very sick these past two weeks. So extras like my blog are on the back burner. I’ve missed the last two weeks of classes I’ve been just too sick to go. I did get to test drive my leos, but it was brief before I was sidelined.

I’m feeling much better today and hopefully I’ll be back in class by the end of this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping I’ll get my review up soon as well, time permitting. With so many classes I haven’t had as much time to write. I come home from class tired and I tend to zonk. But my goal is to write two posts before we leave for Disney World the end of this month. I have a third leotard I’m still waiting on. I bought it with my Christmas gift certificate. It’s been more than seven weeks now and this is definitely the longest I’ve ever waited for something from Elevé. I’m sure it’ll be on it’s way to me by weeks end though. I’ll have photos of that up just as soon as possible. A new leotard is always motivation for me to post!

I do have a lot going on with the house too. I won’t be doing house tours or anything like that. I know it’s sort of a popular thing to do. You know, give freaks and thieves a literal blueprint of your home, but it’s not my style. There will probably still be some design posts, like my old ones. These will feature better lighting though as the new place isn’t a tomb, that’s nice. I’m still surprised every time I turn a light on and it makes a difference. I know that sounds bad, but the other place was just so dark and there was very little that was going to help that. Right now the place is pretty bare. I bought some furniture from Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn, so I’ll probably see it sometime this summer (no, I’m not kidding). But it’s something to look forward to. And I’ll probably start stalking Home Goods again in the coming months. I really try to stay away from there. It’s my weak spot. I literally can’t walk out of there empty handed, there’s always something. Even if it’s just a box of cookies or some sprinkles. I think my husband hates that place. I love it. I mean come on! Throw pillows in every color you can imagine!!!!! What’s not to love?


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