Stocking The Cupboards

As I previously mentioned we’ve moved into our new home! I’m very excited by this and am just completely in love with the place. It’s been a long wait. We were supposed to be in by January but didn’t end up getting the keys until February. We actually discovered the place in late summer and picked the lot when it was still a bunch of grass. Watching it be built was a lot of fun, if slightly torturous at times. It was hard to watch our future/current neighbors decorating and celebrating Christmas when we were still in our little apartment. There was also the whole not wanting to buy any gifts because we didn’t want to have to move them. Same went for decorating. I usually love decorating and I didn’t want to buy a bunch of things not knowing if they’d fit into my new space, my “real” space, the one I’d have forever. So to skip virtually all of it was really, really, hard. We did get a tree, that literally died the day before Christmas so it was gone on the 26th. This holiday was a little sad in that regard. I usually fight to keep the tree for far too long. But it ate most of the living space so it was better to see it go. Sigh…. Well, at least this next holiday season will be a really fun one. I’ll actually be able to decorate. Even bake a bit since I finally have a real kitchen again! The kitchen in the apartment was barely big enough for the oven, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in there. Now I have a huge double oven! I’ve already used both at once and I’m in love. I’ll never be able to go back to a single oven again. It’s just so exciting!

Now that I have this huge kitchen I’m stuck with a bit of a dilemma. It’s hardly a bad one, but a dilemma just the same. I have tons of cupboard space. I’m not kidding when I say that half of them are empty. Now I don’t want to go filling them with junk! But it would be nice to get a few of the things I’ve been wanting/needing since moving to the mainland. I think it’s the little things that made the transition hard. I completely adapted in every other regard. But it can be a bit frustrating to think “Oh, I already have that” then remember that I do have whatever that odd needed item is- just not here. I have pretty much everything I could ever need to run my kitchen in Hawaii. But why wouldn’t I? I had years to put it together. I still don’t even have simple things like a funnel here. I have most of the basics, mixing bowls, a frying pan, etc. But pyrex in every size? Nope. Various baking gadgets? Nope. You get the picture. I did buy a couple more towels and trivets the other day. I seriously need at least four trivets, and until recently only had space for two. It was also frustrating only having two kitchen towels for the past year. Those things get so grimy. It’s no wonder they’re so faded after only a years worth of use. Ewww. I kept them but they’re strictly for mopping up spills on the floor now! I actually could do with buying another two pack so I’ll have four (ohh la la, four such a luxury, lol). I did just buy a package of really fun looking microfiber towels from Amazon tonight. I’m really excited for them to come, these are the ones I bought.


Aren’t those so bright and cheery? I’m thinking I might even sew some cute floral fabric to one side of them. Just cause I actually hate the feeling of microfiber towels even if I love how well they clean. Now I’m sure my husband will want to kill me when he finds out I’ve bought yet more crap (as he affectionately calls it) but hear me out. It occurred to me, I’ve been using just the basic yellow ones from Costco for years. They work fine, they wash fine (I use the sanitize feature on my wash), and they last forever. But I was just thinking. Do I really want to scrub my bathroom floors and toilets with these, then wipe down my kitchen counter tops? Yes I basically wash them in boiling water. But there’s just something so gross about it that the more I thought about it, the more it freaked me out. So bright, can’t fail to notice me, pink, will now be the only color to enter my kitchen! I feel quite relaxed now. I actually have basic white ones in Hawaii and I don’t know how I totally forgot I used to use separate kitchen clothes there. For this past year I’ve been burning through paper towels at an alarming rate- it needs to stop it’s so wasteful. I really need to get a cheap plastic wastebasket for under my sink now. I want a setup similar to what I have in Hawaii. I know photos exist somewhere but I can’t find them. But basically I have little shelves to keep my cleaning supplies nicely organized and in the center, just in front of the plumbing in what would have been wasted space, I have a tiny waste basket that I use to toss all my dirty kitchen cloths in. When it gets full I just carry it upstairs and dump it into the wash so they don’t touch anything else. I think it’s important since they could have stuff like meat juice or whatever on them and I don’t want that stewing with my hand washables in the regular laundry basket!

Now as thrilling as I’m sure you all find cleaning stuff, there’s the fun things a person needs for their “upper cabinets”. You know, the good ones. 🙂 The ones with all the pretty plates and bowls and such. I decided when I first moved here I was done with matching sets. I have a Martha Stewart set in Hawaii that I love, but I live in fear of something breaking and not being able to replace it. That’s no way to live. So I’m done with that. Besides, mix and match is way more fun. There’s also a practical aspect to what I do. My husband sometimes eats gluten when he’s at work, or when we’re in restaurants. The last thing we’d want is for him to pour himself a glass of juice then have me confuse his cup with mine. So having different cups helps prevent mixups! So this is a good idea for those with autoimmune disorders who need to avoid certain foods, or even those with severe allergies. A mix up like that after someone eats virtually any fruit could kill my mother. She never saves cups and we’ve never been allowed to (mostly to avoid fridge spills) but if she did this would be a good way to stay safe! Right now the cups I have work fine. There’s nothing wrong with them (aside from the fact they don’t match my kitchen) so I’ll be holding on to them. As pretty cups that do match my kitchen go on sale I’ll slowly start buying some. Here are some lovely one’s I have my eye on.


These pretty pink and blue pressed glass tumblers are from Pier 1. Right now the site says TBD which scares me as they were on there earlier this evening. But it says they’re still available in stores so it should be fine. These are part of their Easter line and they have some other styles to match. They’re about $8 and I have a 20% off coupon right now! So I’ll probably use it to pick up one or two of each color. Just cause it would be a shame to waste such a good coupon. 🙂


This pretty purple pressed glass tumbler is from where else, but Anthropologie. I was actually looking at them today. They don’t have the blue ones online right now but I saw them in store. These are truly lovely in person and they come in two sizes. They’re priced similarly to the Pier 1 cups, a dollar less actually. My husband didn’t like the rim of these, he said they felt “unfinished” somehow. I personally didn’t mind it. But I have a little trouble drinking from a cup without dumping it down the front of myself (don’t ask) so I always, always, always use a straw. As a result it’ll never bother me. It if bothers him he can always use the Pier 1 cups. And I’m not buying them right away. I’ll add them to my cupboard eventually but right now there’s no pressing need. So I’d rather hold out for a sale. Everything goes on sale eventually and it’s not like this is a temporary item for Anthro, they’ve sold these for years. So when they go on sale (or if I should be lucky enough to get a coupon) I’ll probably pick up a few in different colors. The bigger size only, as I didn’t care for the size of the juice cup.

These are some things I did pick up while at Anthro.


These beauties are from Lou Rota’s Natures Table line just for Anthropoligie. Apparently there was also a goldfish one but I missed the boat on that. I’m sad, but I think this design is more than enough to soothe my damaged heart. I’ve wanted these for soooo long but put off buying them because I didn’t have an Anthro anywhere near me, then because I literally didn’t have the space for them in the apartment. That is unless I wanted to store them in my nightstand… So when I was in the store today I saw them and I just couldn’t hold off any longer. I wasn’t even there for these today, I just went in to browse cause I got an email about all their new housewares coming in. But I’m glad I picked these up. I bought two of each, just in case something breaks so I’ll be less heartbroken. The teacups are sitting proudly in my glass cupboard so I can always see them. 🙂 They have some other plates I love and one other teacup I think is pretty as well. But I can wait for those, these needed to happen today. Speaking of new housewares I got lucky and scored these awesome cafe au lait bowls!


I knew I had seen the white ones there at one point but I didn’t know they had other colors. I have some red ones I’m in love with and really wanted some new white ones for this new space (since red doesn’t really mesh well with mint green, grey, and pink). But World Market discontinued them and I didn’t know until it was way too late. I’m sad, but I’ll live. Especially since I now know Anthro carries these. Although apparently these are something that come and go there. So them releasing all their new housewares today could be why they had dozens of colors in store. If you click on any of the images it’ll take you to the store page but they don’t even have all of the colors I saw in store. So I feel really lucky I stopped in today. I bought one of each of the above colors plus a really pretty purple one so I now have four. They’re a bit more than my red ones $5 per bowl versus $3.50 but it’s not too bad, very reasonable if you ask me. I’ll keep the red ones obviously, but they don’t get to live in my glass cabinet. I really love this style of bowl. it’s super sturdy, doesn’t get too hot or cold when holding it, and fits just the right amount of everything from cereal to chips, to ice cream, to yes even coffee. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe as well! I actually didn’t even know what these bowls were called or what they were for until jut a few days ago. But once I was able to track down the World Market bowls I had something to Google and learned a lot. I think these are going to be something I collect as the years go on. Just because they’re not just pretty, they’re practical. I’m a magpie of sorts, always collecting and bringing things home. But I love it when something I collect can be put to good use everyday. For example I love little trays and dishes, and I have them all over both here and in Hawaii. They’re prefect if you need to take off your rings and need a safe spot to put them. Or if you have a bit of loose change you want to dump, or what have you. They keep things corralled and they look pretty. I’ve actually been on the lookout for a nice one to hold my nite guard cause the ugly plastic travel container it sits on just does nothing for me and that’s the real reason I went into Anthro today. I came away without something for that, but I’m hardly disappointed! And they just match my pretty little tea cups and dessert plates so well. It’s a match made in heaven.

Before I noticed all the colors they had I saw these pretty bowls.


The pictures just do not do these bowls justice, they’re absolutely lovely in person. Add to that they’re microwave and dishwasher safe and you’ve got a winning combo. My current bowls actually aren’t safe for either but I routinely toss them in the dishwasher. And I’ve also been known to microwave them as well. The microwave really doesn’t like that, they contain metal. I need to stop before I blow up another microwave (yes I said another, Don’t Judge!!!). They come in a few colors, all of which are great but this one is my favorite. Again, I’m not in some crazed rush to replace everything I own. But I’m slowly building a list so when my things inevitably die I have some options. I’m really shocked I broke nothing over the course of the last year, must have been the carpeting that saved me cause I totally dropped stuff. I don’t exactly have carpeting anymore, so I give it another year before I’m forced to buy more stuff. And now you all know why I’m paranoid I’m going to break my dishes in Hawaii. It’s cause I know it’s not really an if, so much as a when. I just have a bad track record with some stuff. But hey I have a bad history with water too and I haven’t flooded anything in years so that shows real growth! I still feel so bad, but I managed to flood my husband’s apartment in New York something stupid like three times. In fact I managed to do it one last time the day we flew out for Hawaii. I’m shocked his landlord didn’t try to have me killed. The damage was really that bad, every time. And it’s not even the only house I did that too… I swear I don’t mean to be this accident prone! Danger just finds me. Moving on… Plates!


They have a few designs in this series that I really like. Like the bowls they are dishwasher and microwave safe. My current plates not so much. Show of hands who can guess how often I ignore the those warnings on my current plates. Everyone? Okay then. I need help, I know, I’m working on it okay? I’m not going to buy stuff with metal on it anymore (mostly). I’m going to be good and hand wash the stuff that needs to be hand washed and stop trying to set fire to my microwave. Geez, everyone happy now (and by everyone I mean my mother). This reminds me, I need a fire extinguisher for this kitchen. I should tell my husband about that, he’ll remember I’ll forget.

This cute little berry basket has been popping up everywhere. I saw them first at Anthropologie of course. But then I found this one from Creative Co-op on Nordstrom for about a quarter of the price. But then I didn’t buy it, and they sold out of the “good” colors. And I was devastated. Then by chance I saw them on Amazon, and a few other websites, and finally one last time as I was strolling down the aisle at Fred Meyer’s, at a snails pace cause my kid wanted to push the huge shopping cart himself. He’s usually pretty good at it but after a while it gets too full and he can’t see. And since he’s two (but with the strength equal to or greater than some 30 year old women) he’s still able to push it with quite a lot of force. It leads to a lot of stop and go and crashes (and snickering grandparent types). Fortunately he happened to crash near these little gems!


They had them in white, grey, and a kind of minty green color. I’m storing little packets of Mario’s olives in them (the baby and I LOVE them). They’re so cute and you totally could use them in the fridge to keep just washed berries in. They’d look great in these on a table for brunch and there’s the added bonus of the stoneware keeping them chilled a bit longer out of the fridge. Size wise they’re not super big, but they are bigger than the ones your berries probably come in. I could fit about five or six of those little Cuties in here (those are tangerines right?).

I also bought this but I’m still waiting on it.


Isn’t it cute? Right now I have my Christmas platter in the butlers pantry in-between my Keurig and Breville and I wanted something a little less snowy for the warmer months. It’s around the same size and I think it’ll look great in the space. I want something just to corral my sugar, spoons, and other little what nots I need for my drinks. I have a tiny, pink, heart shaped tupperware I bought a year ago from Target I use to store my sugar. And although I don’t currently have anything to store my spoons and scoops in I’m sure I’ll find something at some point. Maybe a tiny juice version of the Anthro tumbler? Or perhaps something from my favorite store, Home Goods? See this is what’s frustrating about WA. If I were in Hawaii I could totally find something to repurpose from around the house. I did it all the time. It was the upside of living in a house for years with stuff I bought on the mainland and hoarded for a rainy day like a crazy woman. Virtually anything I might need I already had at home. Now when I open my cupboards I don’t see possibilities I see an empty shelf. It’s annoying. I realize I’m still setting up, but starting over is hard sometimes. Just the other day I remembered a white basket looking bowl I thought would look fantastic on my center island and I thought “Oh, I should totally set that out where did I put that”. Then I remembered I put that away, in Hawaii. This stuff is still happening a year later. I’m telling you, my suitcases are going to be so heavy coming back from there. I have an ever growing list of things I want to bring back and it’s filled with stupid stuff like clothes and washi tape, and more serious stuff I don’t want to or maybe can’t replace like sewing patterns I’ve altered and old cookbooks. Even things from my wedding. It’ll be nice once we go back next time. I’ll actually have a place to bring those things back to.

Well that’s all for now. My Elevé order was marked as shipped today so it’s on it’s way to me. I’m hoping I’ll have it in time for Thursdays class. I really feel like I’ll be well enough to attend class by then. So if I could have my new leotard for that I’d be really happy. I’ll try to get my updated review up soon. Since my new leotard is coming I’ll probably lump the reviews together. I do know there are people waiting for those posts so just know it is actually coming. Soon, I promise.


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