A Review Of My Newest Elevé Leotards

I mentioned on here months ago that I ordered a new Elevé leotard. Well a few weeks after that they had a sale so I ordered three more. There’s free shipping on orders of $150 or more, so really I was saving money by ordering more. 😉 I decided since the orders were placed pretty close together I should just wait until I had all four before doing a review on them. My first leotard took about six weeks to the day to arrive, so technically ahead of schedule. These last three took closer to eight, being one day shy of the day I placed my order. I’ve often found that the more I order at once the longer it takes for my order to arrive. Makes sense, I seriously doubt they spread different items from the same order to several seamstresses. They likely go to one, and she (or he) is responsible for the total order. And they finish when they finish. I’m fine with that, these are worth waiting for.

First up is my new Vinzant leotard. I picked “Bed Of Roses” for the base and “Celery” for the mesh. The size is Large and it feels a bit snug in some areas, as well as a smidge short. I’ve found that this is just the way the shiny spandex seems to be. It’s just tighter. My last Vinzant was in the matte spandex and even though the tag says Medium (an error on their part, I only noticed the other day) it fits fine.

unnamed (20)

unnamed (21)

unnamed (19)

The next up is the Anna style. The base is “Blush”, the back is “Bed Of Roses” and the trim is “Ivory”. I bought a size Large and it’s spot on. I want to caution that the Blush color is very sheer. So sheer in fact I will not be sharing detailed photos of it. I even pulled on a pair of tights thinking it’d fix it, but nope. So you either need to be willing to wear black (or another dark color) tights, or shorts with this. I really wish I got the full front liner but it’s too late now. 😦 I tried a neutral thong, but it’s painfully obvious. As are the tights. This color is basically see through and I almost wonder why they didn’t contact me to say “what are you thinking”. The bust panel seems to do a decent job of covering up the girls. But I could obviously just wear a bra with this style. I have another Anna with a mesh back (and a back hole, I asked for that to be omitted from this one) and when there’s mesh a bra doesn’t look so great. Although I have been know to wear them sometimes, but I wear a bright contracting color so it’s clear it’s a deliberate choice.

unnamed (10)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)

This one is the Laico With Sleeves. The Base is in “Jade” and the mesh is “Flower Bunches”. The size is a new one and it’s X-Large (please note as of the time I placed my order not all styles were available in an X-Large). Given how much trouble I had with this style I decided to try it out. I found that it is a much better fit. I laid this one out on top of my other Laico and as you can see there is a real size difference. Now granted it’s more in width than length but that’s okay, because it’s a four way stretch fabric. If you need more stretch one way, and less in another, the fabric will give where you need it. I often buy tights too big so that they’ll have the stretch lengthwise. So it’s snug enough, yet the perfect length. The fabric really blew me away too. I pulled it out of the mailer and it just took my breath away. These photos don’t do it justice. The Jade is bright! I tired taking photos under different lights but it made no difference, it refuses to be accurately captured, but the closeup of the mesh is spot on. It’s just absolutely stunning. I desperately want a skirt in this pattern now. Fingers crossed they have another sale soon cause I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. It’s funny too, since I knew I liked this pattern but it wasn’t at the top of my list or anything. I bought it because I was pressed for time. They announced a sale when I was at Disney and my husband wanted us to get ready for the day so we could hit the park. So I really rushed through the order. Clearly the best thing that could have happened to me since this is my new favorite leotard.


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)


unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)

unnamed (15)

This last one is one of their newest styles, the Tri. They describe it as being for mesh lovers and I would definitely fit that description! I picked the “Raspberry” color for the base and the “Black Tulip Lace” for the top/back. I bought this one in a size Large. Once on this fits perfectly, but getting it on is another story. This lace doesn’t have the best stretch, so it’s a bit snug going over my hips. That’s something you might want to keep in mind if you’re planning to do something like sleeves. Often stretch lace is two way stretch only so I’m not too surprised by this. Four way stretch fabrics are much more comfortable but most mesh and lace fabrics just don’t come in four way stretch, some printed spandex fabrics are two way only as well. So that’s something to remember when buying these crazy/fun patterns. If you’re concerned about fit I’ll tell you what I always do, just contact the company they’re happy to help. I opted for a sleeveless style so my broad shoulders and somewhat flabby arms wouldn’t be restricted. I’m glad I did. I feel like the photos on the website don’t really showcase the tulip design as well as they should. Somehow the tulips get lost in it, probably because the photo is taken from a distance. The photo on the site makes it seem like the lace is a smaller pattern, but in reality it’s very generously sized. The Raspberry fabric is to die for as well. I had a hard time photographing this one as well, but it’s just such a beautiful rich color in person. It’s actually much brighter and more pink in person. It’s very much a fuchsia/raspberry shade.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (12)

unnamed (6)

All in all I’m very happy with this order. I’m definitely addicted to these leotards, they’re one of my favorite things. If I were Oprah there’d be nothing on my list besides these leotards and maybe washi tape, lol. I just love them that much. I really can’t think of a single bad thing to say about the brand or company. I had to contact them about this order and they got back to me straight away as they always do. And you can just tell the people who work for the company are happy. You can almost hear them smiling in their emails.

unnamed (7)

This last photo is a comparison of the lining material they’re using. The one on the right is new, and the left is from my last round of leotards (I think that one is my Lauren in Smoke). The material is thicker, and more like a microfiber versus the same sort of spandex they use for the rest of the leotard. I really like it and I know that if my Anna had been fully lined in it, it would have been fine. Also worth mentioning. There was no bleeding when I washed these leotards. I know some people have mentioned a weird fluorescent yellow that comes off of their leotards for the first few washes and I thought it might be coming from the lining. Given that there was no bleeding (not even with the pink one) I think it’s safe to say it was probably the lining material and the new stuff doesn’t do it.

I do want to apologize for the photos in this post. I’ve been having trouble with my phone and computer and I had to email these to myself. The quality really suffered for it. Then there’s the lighting. I’m just horrible at selfies, sorry. The exposure is always off when I take them. I hope you’re all still able to get a good idea of what these look like in real life. I know there are a lot of people who visit my blog just for these reviews, so I try to get the best photos I can. But what can I say, I’m no great photographer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment on this post if you have any questions I didn’t cover in the post. I’m always happy to help out!

See you next week!


16 thoughts on “A Review Of My Newest Elevé Leotards

  1. Cute! This review is helpful, I’m thinking of buying some Eleve leotards. I’ve heard some Yumiko ones show sweat marks. Do the Eleve leotards show sweat too?

    • Thank you! And I can tell you that both my Elevé leotards and my Yumiko ones show sweat. For me it’s not that big of a deal, in ballet you sweat. It’s just what happens. There are ways to hide it though. I’ve found that when I’m wearing something with a print it’s virtually impossible to see any sweat. So my Vinzant with the roses, even if I have sweat dripping off of me you can’t tell my leo is also soaked. I also think that it’s more noticeable on leo’s made with the matte spandex. If you get the shiny stuff it’s not as obvious. But as with any solid color, if you’re really sweating hard you’ll probably see some. Hope this helps!

  2. I want to get an Eleve leotard like your last one with the lace, but I can’t seem to get it. Is it because you were lucky and they had it in stock? Or is it just that I can’t see it? Please reply back as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂

    • That last one is called the Tri. I’m not sure how much you understand about Elevè leotards (please feel free to read my other posts on them) but they’re all custom. So basically you pick your style (in this case the Tri) then you chose the fabrics. The company orders what they can of the various fabrics, and when they run out that’s it. So as to offer a more unique product. The raspberry spandex (I chose the matte option) is of course still available, in general the solid colors are a constant. But the prints, mesh, and lace are what come in and out of stock. The black lace was popular and thats no longer available. In general if you see lace you like on their website order it, because it doesn’t last long.

      The most similar leotard you could recreate would be to order the Tri in Raspberry (ask for matte spandex!) and get black mesh for the top and back. It’d be almost the same and honestly, I think it’d look just as good. I have one with a black mesh back and it looks amazing. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for replying so quickly! I going to get a iced lilac and mesh white Laico with sleeves. Thanks for teaching me.. I sweat a lot, and I mean a lot.. Would matte spandex help?

      • No worries! If I’m around I always try to respond as soon as I can. I tend to sweat quite a bit as well so I totally understand and I’ve actually answered this questions before. 🙂

        I find that certain brands showcase sweat more than others. For example, Yumiko leotards tend to do this weird thing where there’s this “ring” after the sweat dries. It’s just not as pronounced with the material Elevé uses. I think that shiny material hides it a bit better long term, but it’s color that will do the most to disguise it. Some colors just make it very obvious that you’re sweating. I have some brighter mid-tone leos that are pink, purple, and blue they really showcase sweat patches more than others. My pastel and black ones hide it more. If you’re very concerned then I say go for something with an all over print. Any time I wear a print it’s almost impossible to tell if I’ve been sweating. 😉

        You picked a pastel (that only comes in a shiny material) and white, so I think you’ll be okay. Some sweat marks will show. But I always take the approach that you’re working hard in class. We all are, and everyone knows that. So yes, there will be sweat. It’s normal, everyone is doing it and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I tend to sweat most several inches down from the bust line, in a weird patch right around the midsection. I do the same on my back, it’s very odd and there’s no way to hide that really. But if you’re like most people and are doing most of your sweating under your arms (I hardly ever seem to sweat there for some reason) then opt for mesh sleeves and it’ll literally never be seen and you’ll be much cooler to boot!

        Oh, and I wanted to add. Elevé typically offers a Black Friday discount. So if you haven’t placed your order already it might be worth it to hold off for a couple of days. And you picked a very light color, so I hope you considered a full front liner. I don’t know if you read my post with a similar pale color (that one was pink) but lets just say I might as well have been naked. With the lighter colors you’re better off playing it safe and paying extra for the full liner, always.

      • Thank you so much for the very specific instructions to buying this leotard! I love how you do everything in explicit detail to my question.. ❤ Sorry for asking this question again, it's just that a needed more information to not be embarrassed by my sweat.

        I've never had Yumiko ether, but I plan to buy it soon. Do you have any clues that they're going to have a Black Friday sale online? I'm ready to have a leotard haul this Black Friday 🙂 (Sadly, I only have 5 leotards and I've been dancing all of my life) however, technique and privates are more worthy than this so..

        I plan to get a vizant with an olive base and nude mesh, a laico with an iced lilac base and white mesh, and an aisling with an aqua base and flower bunches for the bust panel part. Would you kindly tell me which one would have the most sweat marks? I can't really get a printed leotard because I would look SUPER weird 😉 I sweat in the same areas as you except less in the bust area and more on the forehead.

        I haven order this leotard yet, so I'll wait another day to do it.. Thank you so much for bringing his up! Without it, I would've probably wasted about five bucks 🙂 Which I can use for Christmas shopping. Would you recommend other color combinations for me? I have a cool skin tone, dark brown hair, a ruler-like body, and sweats a lot. Thank you. XOXO, CASSIDY

      • Don’t mention it, I’m always happy to help my readers! This stuff is hard, I know. And I always appreciate it when someone is able to hep me out, so when I can lend someone else advice I’m more than happy to do it myself. And please, don’t be embarrassed. It’s something we all do. Obviously no one likes to broadcast it, and if it can be downplayed that’s a good thing. When you feel you look good, you dance better that’s fact. So lets get started!

        Yumiko is planning on having some sort of event. I don’t have any sort of inside info though, sorry. They did announce they were doing something on their Facebook page very late last night but they didn’t say what they were doing. So your best bet is to follow them there or on Twitter to stay updated. Last year all they offered was free shipping on ready made items from their boutiques. Better than nothing I suppose, but won’t help you if you want something custom or need an x-large (which they don’t carry in store). And I totally understand only owning a limited selection of dance wear. Honestly, I think paying to further your craft if a much better use of funds. I am an adult recreational dancer that is not pursuing a career so I have the disposable income to drop on these. But if I were a student I probably wouldn’t even own one of these!

        I think the selections you’ve made sound lovely. The Liaco especially should camouflage sweat especially well. The paler color, combined with eh white mesh. Anytime you do a lot of mesh, like say on a Tri you’re going to both be cooler so you don’t sweat as much in general, and not see as much because it’s sheer. I think the Olive might be the one where the sweat is most visible, but sometimes it varies. The reason I think that is because it’s dark, but not super dark. So when you sweat, the sweat patches will turn the fabric very dark and the contrast will be more noticeable. Make sense? It’s like how when you wipe up water with a white cloth it’s not dying it, but the cloth looks darker? So some mid-tone colors tend to make sweat more obvious. In my experience something like the Lilac (the shade next to the Iced Lilac) would really highlight sweat. But by going a shade lighter (as you have done) it can be downplayed a bit.

        Honestly, if you’re planning to buy from Elevé then you’re going to end up saving more than $5. They usually do a 15-20% sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Again I don’t have inside info (although at this stage if I asked for it they might actually tell me so I could share on the blog) but they will release the sale info on their Facebook page. So wait for that sale! And if you’re buying a few at once you’ll easily end up spending enough to get the free shipping as well, so that’s another $6 saved right there!

        Now not knowing too much about you other than what you’ve told me this is what I’d suggest. You seem to like simpler styles cause you’re going with the Liaco, Vinzant, and Aisling. The Vinzant is actually their most popular style and the Liaco is the second most popular. I’d suggest trying the Tri if you want something similar, but a little different. It’s just as comfortable and very flattering. The entire back can be mesh or lace (if available) so you’ll stay cooler and that’s always helpful if you sweat a lot. I also really like the Anna style. It’s probably the most comfortable style they make (in my opinion) and you can buy it with or without a back hole, so if you’d like a little more skin exposed it’s an option. Or you could do a full back and have the back panel be mesh/lace.

        For colors, I see you’re not really a fan of the printed spandex and that’s fine. Some colors you may wish to consider are Vampire (I have a few in that one), Merlot (much more purple IRL), Orchid, Teal, Mallard, and any of the Blues or Purples. I’d avoid the yellows the corals, orange, and as I can’t see you’re specific coloring the greens (you may well be able to wear orange and various greens but I’d need to be able to actually see you to know which ones would work for you, all of those colors would still work just fine as a trim though).

        And I don’t know how you might feel about patterned mesh, but I’m a fan. With my first two leotards I avoided the patterned fabrics completely. Even now I still only have a couple of fully patterned leos, mostly I buy ones with patterned mesh so its more just an accent. I own a Laico with 3/4 sleeves in Navy with Antique Roses mesh for the top. Then I have a sleeveless Vinzant in Vampire with Paint Your Roses Red mesh. If you search my blog you’ll find them. I’ve been updating the tags, so it should be easier now. And Flower Bunches is probably my favorite of all the prints (which is saying something because I usually gravitate to stuff with roses). I think that mesh would look great on the back of an Anna with a wine base. I did that one on a Laico with a Jade base and it looked good too, but basic. And the Smoke mesh is really cool and would really pair so well with just about any style you want. I’d do it with the Tri and pair it with Navy or maybe the Medium grey.

        Here’s a quick link to all my Elevé posts.

        As always, you’re very welcome and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you may have. ❤ koolchicken

      • Thanks you for your wonderful reply! I appreciate that you take so much time to help me with shopping skills.. 🙂 your replies make me want to have my own blog! However, my life isn’t so fun. Anyways! I’m twelve years old, a year above my level, a soon-to-be YAGP contestant, and size XS for woman. I don’t have social media, so I can’t be in check with all the posts and stuff. But I’ll try to ask my friends.

        You say that if you were a student, you “would never own one of these.” Even though I only have five leotards, I want another one. My friends own like twenty leotards and like half of them are Yumiko/Eleve. One day, one day! 🙂 I can’t wait for a 15-20% deal, because that is really good and I get a new leotard(s).Let’s hope so, otherwise, we can just do discount dance.

        I’m going to add another leotard to my wish list. It’s going to be a tri with a navy blue base and a baby blue mesh for the back! Yay!!!! 🙂 You are like a mind reader because I LOVE simplicity. It’s in my everyday lifestyle, except ballet of course. Ballet is the other side of my body, without it, I can’t function. I like vampire red, medium grey, and celery color too but I’m just afraid that it won’t work with my body.

        Thank you very much! Cassidy ❤

      • You’re welcome! And I actually just got the email from Elevé their sale is live, and the code is S-59FRIDAY it’s for 15% off. There are no dates on it but I’m guessing it’ll run until end of day tomorrow. 🙂 Yumiko has still not announced their sale, sorry.

        I know it’s hard to look at your friends and see that they all have more than you do. When I was 12 I really had nothing. I wanted to take class and there was very little money for food, so class was out of the question. A fancy leotard was never going to happen. You’re lucky to even own a few basic ones. But I’m glad you’re finally getting to indulge a bit, it’s always nice to own a few really nice pieces. But at the end of the day, it’s just a leotard. Is the quality better? I’ve found it to be. But they’re hardly magic, it’s just clothes. They won’t make you dance any better, they won’t make your teacher notice you more, they won’t earn you a coveted role. That’s all down to you.

        I think the other style/color combo you selected sounds lovely. I think simplicity is a good way to go, especially for students. As an adult I can wear whatever I want, but it would be horrible to spend a lot and be asked not to wear that leotard again. And classic colors like navy flatter everyone and never go out of style, they also don’t distract in a class setting. Honestly I may end up stealing your design at some point, or at least doing something similar. You might want to look at Kathryn Morgan’s leotard collection for some inspiration. Her collection makes mine look like nothing. Granted she’s a pro and this was her work wardrobe, but still. Wow! That’s all I can say. She has enough to fill an entire armoire and they’re not exactly bulky… There’s a Youtube video, you can watch it here. It’s crazy long but she has very classic taste and I think you’ll like a lot of her combinations. Her channel is very kid/family friendly so just ask your parents, I’m sure they’ll let you watch it.

        You’re welcome again! And remember, don’t be shy with any other questions you might have! And I’ll let you know when they update the Yumiko page with the sale info. Although they’re overseas and I’m on the west coast (I’m a night owl though). I don’t know when they’ll announce the sale, but if I’m awake I’ll do it straight away, otherwise I’ll do it when I wake up. 🙂

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you! ❤ I'm very blessed to have my leotards. I only want to indulge in a few, like my diet and ice cream! 🙂 My teacher actually likes simplicity; however, I've worn the same leotard for 2-3 years now and it's getting old. I bought a leotard a while ago and lost it during le corsaire rehearsal.. Ugh! Anyways, I suscribed to Kathryn Morgan a long time ago. She's my role model and I love her pas den roles such as Arabian and sleeping beauty! ❤ I live on the west coast of USA too. Don't worry, I'll check too! (I'm probably gonna wake SUPER early because I'm too excited for my pointe shoe fitting for nutcracker! )

        Good night, Cassidy! ❤

      • Of course, it’s my pleasure! And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a few nice things. A few little luxuries every now and then is a good thing. They’re not the end all be all though. Although having been in the same ones for so long a few new ones of any brand will feel like a breath of fresh air I’m sure! And I’m sure it’ll be nice to have some extras incase you get behind in the wash. It must have been just devastating when you lost one. 😦

        Kathryn Morgan is a dancer I love as well. She’s so talented, yet at the same time so approachable and friendly. She’s an ideal role model for most girls and women I think.

        I’m such a night owl, I’m just headed to bed now, at the crack of dawn… Yumiko only announced a new nail polish? Not quite the sale I was hoping for, but I suppose they’re not an American company, so I can’t really expect them to offer an American sale each year. At least Elevé offered one.

        Good luck with your pointe shoe fitting. That’s exciting stuff! I just finished sewing another pair of shoes myself. I burn through them pretty quick so I usually do them on the machine, but I was cold an wanted to sit by the fire. 2 hours later I’m finally finished vs five minutes at the sewing machine, and I don’t even sew on ribbons. Yeah, I’m never doing that again!

        Good Night/Morning! 🙂

      • Hey again 🙂

        I went on a “ballet black Friday” shopping spree! ❤ I think I bought everything I need. I got Russian pointe Muse, tights, party scene hairpiece, briefs, two Bloch leotards, and a pointe shoe bag. AHHHHH! No more Christmas gifts for me, I am too spoiled. Thanks for helping! I'll think I will get more leotards for my YAGP present.


      • Sorry, got really busy. That’s wonderful! I’m glad you’re all stocked up and have everything you need now. It all sounds just wonderful. I had to show some real restraint myself. I noticed the coupon code is still working on the Elevé website and I really need to just stop looking since I need to avoid buying anymore right now. I have so many leotards. I don’t really need to add to my collection right now and I have other things going on I should be focusing on. I did buy some basic ballet things (just tights and such, I had a coupon I had been saving) several other non ballet things like a Kate Spade party dress (I always need party dresses), some Pandora beads, and a few other little things. So I had some fun.

        If you need any help picking out your YAGP leotards let me know. As always, I’m happy to offer any advice. And if you ever get a blog going post up some photos! I’d love to see them once they come in! You can also email me directly at thekoolchickenblog-at-gmail-dot-com. But I know you’re a kid so please don’t send me pics of you in them, just pictures of the leotards themselves!!!! And ask you’re parents first! It’s always okay of they say no!

        ❤ koolchicken

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