In Defense Of The Pintrest Hairdo

You may have noticed there’s a lot of hate on the mommy blogs. It’s often directed at anyone who dares to enjoy parenting, getting dressed in the morning, or even showering on the regular. If you ask me I just see these outburst that claim others are “judging” to be insecure whining. And there’s a special sort of rage directed towards any woman that uses Pintrest. I’ll never understand why. No, no one’s life is Pintrest perfect, we all know this. So stop the hate okay? It’s not healthy. Today I’m going to show you all two variations of a great style I found on Pintrest that I love to do. It’s easy, and it’s a fantastic alternative to your basic ponytail or messy bun.

For me, I never wanted to become one of those mothers that loses herself, I wanted to keep my fancy hair. It’s one thing to be totally devoted to your kid. But it’s another when you no longer realize that you’ve walked out the door in pajama bottoms. Granted if the kid’s still a baby you totally get a free pass, it’s hard to function on 3 hours of sleep. But when your baby is entering fourth grade? No excuses. One of the big things people seem to let slide is their hair. Now I’m going to be honest here, I’m soooo guilty of this. Not in the styling, but definitely in the cutting of it. My friend is a hair dresser and there’s a lot of head shaking when she asks me when I last got it cut and I say, “Oh, remember the last time you flew out. Six months ago? Yeah, then.” She does not find me funny. I either need to see her more often (she’s 3,00 miles away, sniff sniff) or I need to cut it out and find a local stylist. Even though I know they’ll never do as good a job!

My hair is pretty long, so it’s easy to hide the fact I neglect trims. Sort of. I purposely didn’t do the “mum bob” so many women do. You know, you have a baby and you just lop off all that long hair you grew during pregnancy thinking it’ll be so much easier. Yeah, I wore my hair short for years. So I knew it wasn’t easier, that I’d have to keep up on my trims if I wanted it to stay looking good. Do I get points for putting effort into thinking about how to be lazy better? No? Eh, worth a shot.

Well, with long hair you can just toss it into a ponytail and call it a day. But I found that actually pulling my hair into something a little more elegant is well worth the extra time. It’s also practical to get it all up, especially since I do neglect those trims and my hair has gotten pretty long over the years (it was nearly waist length before my last trim!). I do this one style that’s netted me countless compliments and it literally takes me four minutes to do if I’m rushing. I do a two stranded french rope on the sides and a bun with the ponytail. It looks very similar to this, just with both sides braided and the bun is in the center.


It’s the perfect style if you have bed head, if you’ve gone too long between washing, or if you haven’t had time to style your hair after washing (mine looks a little messy/fluffy if I haven’t flat ironed it).You can make it more intricate, or you can pick up big sections to save time. It took me several tries before I had this down to under five minutes, when I first started it took me more like fifteen. But it’s definitely worth looking on Pintrest (or YouTube) and finding just one or two hairstyles and practicing them. Do it once every few days until you’re confident.

You know, the rage directed towards the “Pintrest Mum” really is just misdirected anger. I know a lot of people hate the Pintrest hairstyles claiming them to all be too much. But really, they’re not all impossible. Some are really, really simple. Picking a couple to have up your sleeve for those off days when you still want to look put together but you’re short on time is a good thing. And while I know I’ll never master the bow bun, this one I can do. I accept that particular failing and move on. It’s not a big deal and doesn’t make me any less of a mother/wife/person. I promise, if you can’t manage this hairstyle then it’ll have no bearing on your abilities as a mother/wife/person. You just need to try something different, maybe the bow bun is your special talent. If it is I’ll be eternally jealous. But at the end of the day, it’s just a hairstyle from some website. How doing stuff you saw on Pintrest became synonymous with being a good mother is beyond me. They really have little to do with one another.

This is another, very similar hairstyle I’ve been known to sport.


You have to admit, these are a lot more chic than your standard ponytail. And if you have a baby or toddler that’s grabby finding a style that keeps your hair away from them is a good thing! For a long time if my hair was down my son would stick it in his mouth or just yank. I literally could not carry him in the ergo if my hair wasn’t in a bun of some sort. He used it like reins, and yes, it was painful. Something else I like about these hairstyles is they contain “growth” if you will. With the summer months coming I know some of you out there will be battling the humidity. Sometimes it’s easier to just put down the hot tools and admit you’ve lost this round. These are good styles to keep fluffy and frizzing hair in check without a ton of pins. And if you do have to use them, at least they can be hidden in the braid. I hate how when my hair is in a pony tail or just regular bun I have to use those stupid little clips, you can see them and they never really contain everything. Stuff escapes and I just look sloppy and only half put together. This is a much nicer alternative.

So there you are. Two variations on a very easy, yet elegant hairstyle that’s simple to master. It would look good on any woman, of any age. You will need hair that’s at least past your shoulders though. I’m sure I’ll be wearing my hair up like this a lot during these upcoming summer months. Sometimes I even like to wear my hair like this to ballet, it’s always held up great!

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you next week!


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