Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

Hi all! A couple of weeks ago I showed you all my day planner supplies and mentioned that I’d ordered a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. Well, it’s finally arrived! Here it is.

This is the Large agenda, and the pattern is Wild Confetti. Honestly this is the first one I’ve ever bought from Lilly so I wasn’t too sure which size to go with, but I think the Large will work fine for my purposes. This agenda will be strictly for keeping track of my blog posts, and YouTube videos (should I decide to keep making those). Since I won’t be using this to keep track of my normal day to day (for that I use coz) and it’ll live in the house I opted to get a bigger planner. If this were for my everyday I don’t think the Large would have been too big, but I’d have probably sized down simply because it is rather heavy. Honestly, if you’ve ever owned one of those hard sided, spiral bound notebooks, this is the same size only heavier. So it’d be a lot to lug around. I’m going to try this out this year and if I like this brand I may actually size up despite this. Just because I don’t care how much it weighs if the farthest I’ll carry it is from my craft room to the living room. I’d rather have the writing space. I actually thought about exchanging this but decided to just stick with this one this year.



Something you might not be able to see in the photos is the shine the artwork has. The following colors are matte, navy blue, white, purple, light pink, and coral, so are about half the tulips. So it has a really pretty effect when you see it from different angles. When you open it up the inside cover has the hashtag #RESORT365 and the definition of that. The opposite/first page is really fun. It’s actually a pocket! It’s double sided so there’s the palm trees on one side and a Lilly Print (I forget which one) on the other. I love this simple little feature. I tend to just write stuff wherever. Before digital address books half of my addresses were just ripped from envelopes and stuffed inside the front cover. Now I simply lose them, lol. But in all seriousness, pockets are my friend.


The next page has a full sheet of stickers. Now this is my first Lilly agenda, but from what I understand they always include a sticker sheet and this year was no exception. I think they’re really cute and totally plan on using them!


After that there’s a page that says “Welcome to Palm Beach” the following pages include what I’m sure is a totally accurate map of Palm Beach. 😉


Now one of the things I really like about this agenda is this. In the front there’s all of your months one after the other, further into the planner there’s another full month view followed by the daily pages you’d expect. It goes like that for the rest of the planner. I’ve heard some people complain about this, saying it’s just unnecessary and they wish these pages weren’t included. But I think they’re a good idea and I’ll tell you why. Digital calendars are the norm now. Paper is very “old fashioned” and even if you use a paper planner odds are you probably use a digital one as well. And we all know that with digital calendars you scroll through the months. You can see years fly by with the swipe of your finger. So having a section where every month covered by this agenda runs back to back just makes sense. You can put you’re “super important” stuff on there and you won’t miss it. Birthdays, big vacations, doctor appointments. Basically big stuff that you might not be able to reschedule. Flipping through your whole agenda is a pain and this keeps it simple for those who are used to just scrolling down before they commit to something. So I’m glad it’s there and I hope they never do away with that section.

Now after the month by month section there are your “Dates To Celebrate” for your birthdays and anniversaries and such. After that there’s what’s probably my favorite part. The travel section! I love how it gives you a space to write where and when you’re going. Your flight info, activities you have planned, and a packing list. It’s really perfect. Even though I’m using this for my blog, I totally plan to also use this section. Simply because even after all these years, I’m still forgetting to pack something. Like the Disney trip I took last summer where I forgot socks (and by that I mean ALL of my socks, yeah…). Then there’s the itinerary. I’m still asking my husband “So what are we doing today?” and I need to get better about it. So yeah, I’ll be using this (and in total koolchicken fashion I’ll then be ripping the page out and stuffing it somewhere random never to be seen or heard from again).

After that there’s your standard numbers and addresses page (watch, I’ll totally end up using this more than my digital address book then I’ll toss the planner at the end of the year). After the address page theres a really solid note section, ten whole pages! I have to say, this is one of those sections that you either love or you hate. In the past when I used paper agendas I’d get frustrated with these sections because I’d use half a sheet then it wouldn’t be relevant anymore but I’d feel like the sheet was “ruined” and I couldn’t just rip the page out cause the other side was still good. So they’d often just sit blank (while I scribbled in the margins or stuffed them full of note paper like a lunatic). But this time I plan on seriously using them. Hopefully I won’t forget my plan at the end of the year, but I really want to keep this agenda as a record of my blog. So I plan to use this section to record ideas for posts. At the end of the year I want to then take my top posts and print them off and attach them in there. Then over the years I’ll be able to look back and see when and where I came up with the idea, and how well it panned out. And I mean, yes wordpress keeps track of my most read posts and stuff, but it doesn’t know about all the stuff that went into the posts. What I thought I’d do, and what I actually did. That sort of thing. So it’s like a proper history of the blog. As told by a madwoman who will write every word in a different color ink so it’s barely comprehensible…

After all of those little sections you finally come to the main body of the agenda. This one starts out in August, so it’s perfect for people going back to school or for those of us that are too impatient to wait for January. Each month starts out with a two page spread with some beautiful Lilly artwork that’s the “theme” for that month along with a little quote. The first two pages are you’re typical two page month at a glance pages, and they’re identical to the ones seen at the front of the book. I really like the little “To Do” section off to the side where I can write in ideas I came up with that specific month. We’ll see how I actually end up using it, but that’s the plan for now.


After the month at a glance section comes what I think is the part that’ll make it or break it for most people. Assuming you know what kind of person you are. Every brand seems to have their own way of doing the daily pages. Erin Condren has little boxes, Filofax will give you a page per day, and so on. I really like how Lilly did theirs because it’s actually very similar to the way a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes I’m dating myself here) planner I had years ago was laid out. I was in the 10th grade and I still remember it all these years later because I liked it so much. Basically you’ve got your whole week in front of you and it’s just lined spaces to write. No wasted boxes, no hourly look at the day, no wasted space at all. Just write if you want/need to and it’s super simplistic. This is actually great for writing down homework assignments which is what I did in that Buffy planner and I swear it’s the reason that particular one worked for me.



Now I should point out that this agenda doesn’t end where it starts. It’s a August through December planner which means that you’ll need another one not in August of 2016, you’ll need a new one in January 2017. I don’t know exactly when Lilly Pulitzer puts out her agendas but I’ve heard they do, do traditional ones that start in January as well. If that’s the case then I guess it’s what I’ll buy, but I’ve obviously got plenty of time to figure that out!

I really do hope this planner works out. I “share” a calendar with my husband, it’s an Apple one so everything’s synced so it’s nice. But it really feels more like it’s his and not mine. He does work outside of the home so that’s fair. But I felt like cluttering it with notes and ballet and childcare stuff wasn’t fair to him. I also couldn’t see it when I added it (cause Apple only shows like one thing per day the rest is just a note telling you there’s more that day). Coz has really worked for me on so many levels because it’s my calendar, shopping list, to do list, journal. and more. If I have multiple things per day I see all of them. And it’s synced with all of my devices. I can also add my husband to my account (been meaning to do that for ages, oops) so he can see things and I can send him stuff. My favorite feature of it is that I can set it up so it’ll remind me of stuff I need to do and it’ll text me up to three times so I can’t forget it. It’ll also email me. Score! I did try using that to help me keep track of the blog, but again, clutter. After a while having 18 things on a single day is just too much in one spot. I needed to break things down even more. I used a few printable planner sheets I had on hand to test drive the paper version and so far, so good. It’s really working for me. So I think this is the best option for me.

I have to say. I think I’m really doing well keeping up with the blog. I set that goal about one post a week and with the help of my planner it’s been easier than I thought to keep up with it. It’s to the point I’d totally recommend other bloggers just starting out, or hoping to start posting more constantly, should consider trying it. You don’t have to shell out for something fancy in the beginning. Just do what I did, or even just use a basic notebook, just to see if it works for you.


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