Home In Hawaii

I just wanted to do a quick update. Originally I was supposed to be back in WA by now, but we had a change of plans. On our orignal fly date my husband discovered he had a lot more time off, though he did have to work (for a week straight). So he flew home by himself to go to work and my son and I stayed behind in Hawaii. He’ll be back soon then we’ll have more than a week together before we have to fly home for real.

So I know I have a post every Monday but that might have to go on hold for a smidge. I usually have a few posts lined up but I’m going to be out as of the 3rd. I am hoping to do a few small posts but I don’t really have the time, so we’ll see if I can squeeze them in.

Once I’m home I promise I’ll get back to my usual schedule, I have lots to talk about. Here’s a little preview.

I decided to buy some new leotards from Discount Dance. They were a little pricey for leotards that are off the rack, but DDS is currently running a sale, but three get 15% off select styles. They had a lot of leo’s that were on my wish list and though I wasn’t willing to spend fifty dollars a piece on them, I was willing to buy them on sale. As you my already know Elevè leotards start at sixty three dollars and I always buy on sale. So spending pretty much the same amount when I didn’t get to pick every detail seemed crazy. Here’s one of the leotards I bought.


I bought this in lilac, black, and pacific. I also bought one by Bloch and it was about half the price of this one. Here it is.


I’ve never bought a Bloch leotard, but I’ve tried them on and thought they were nice enough. I also like a lot of their lace designs so I’m excited to try this out. The styling of both of these is reminiscent of some Elevè designs and is probably why I like them so much.

If you also like these, the sale is still going for the rest of today so hurry! I was suprised to see so many newer styles included in this sale. Usually it seems like it’s always the stuff no one wants, but this sale included a ton of really pretty styles!

And I do want to say that I bought these knowing full well I may not keep them. It’s been so long since I bought leotards off the rack and I don’t know how these will fit or what the quality will be like. My instructor says she loves Wear Moi (the purple leotard) so I’m hoping they live up to expectations. I will do a review on them and let you know how they compare to the custom brands once I have a chance to really check them out. I also have another Elevè order on the way. I bought during the last sale and im about halfway through the wait. So fingers crossed I’ll have that stuff by the end of the month. I’m really glad everyone’s been having all these sales. I’ve taken a ton of classes with my orignal teacher since I got here and I only bought four leotards with me, and I now remember why I started buying more. It’s a pain to having to wash everything right after I get home so it’ll be dry and ready by the next time I need to wear it! I have only two classes this week but next week I have class almost every day, and over the last two weeks I had class about eight times. I was supposed to have class yesterday but I messed up and went to the wrong place. 😦 It’s okay though, I could do with a rest! When I go back home I’ll be doing five classes a week (four days, two classes on Saturdays) so I could really use them at home too.

We’ve also done some fun stuff since getting here so I’ll probably write about that. Not too sure but we’ll see. 🙂


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