Something New In Children’s Television

I know I usually only really talk about ballet, makeup, clothes, and that sort of thing on here but today I wanted to talk about something different. I’ve mentioned before I’m a Mum, but its never been the focus of this blog and I don’t consider myself a “Mommyblogger”. Despite that, having a kid definitly affects my life. And one of the ways it does that is by being forced to watch kiddie programming. Sadly in this day and age there’s a lot of complain about when it comes to kids shows. That’s not right. Caillou is whiney as is Angelina Ballerina, Ruby is bossy, and Daniel Tiger is just massively annoying (there was actually an episode where he literally was a special snowflake, it was horrifying). It’s to the point where I don’t allow most kids programs to be turned in my house. But some friends of mine are working on something totally new, and it’s called Mokan Nokan. Here’s what the characters look like.



They look totally crazy right? Well they’re aliens and they live for inspiration. I think this is what I like most about them. They don’t whine, they don’t sulk, or throw tantrums, they actually strive to encourage kids to do something positive. Crazy right? The show also seeks to get parents involved which I like. If a kids show doesn’t appeal to parents, kids don’t get to watch it. The aim is for it to be not just a TV show, but an interactive experiance. There will be an accompanying kidsafe website and club where you can actually post videos of yourself (or your kid) doing something inspiring, and it’ll be a place where you can interact positively with people from around the globe.

Honestly I love the concept. Anything that inspires kids to get out there and do good in their community is a good thing. I also love that kids will actually get the real chance to see themselves featured alongside what I’d hope will become beloved characters in the vein of Barney and such. In the past it was always take a video and hope yours was chosen from the thousands that were sent in. This interactive website means you will get to be seen, if not on the show then at least on the site which is meant to be used in conjunction with the show. Another element will be going through pictures to see people and kids just doing creative and positive things. It’s a feature you’ve probably seen before on Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, and Blue’s Clues. I always loved those segments on shows and I still love them as an adult so I’m glad something that primarily features these segments is being made. Another goal for the show is to slow things down. So much of children’s programming is blink and you’ll miss it. Why? Yes kids have short attention spans, but they’re capable of watching and interacting with something for more than 15 seconds. You don’t need these lightning fast clips that a ton of studies have already shown aren’t good for kids.

Right now the whole thing is in preproduction and the goal is for the pilot to be shot soon. If it’s done in time the hope is to bring it to Cannes where they’re having a festival for children’s programming, if not there’s a second one in Vegas this winter. I’ve seen the clips on the website and while they’re just stationary images it’s tough to understand them. But the clip of them dancing is great, the way they move is so cool and I’ve watched it a bunch of times already. My son seems to like them too, so he watches with me. But I may like them a bit more than he does, lol.

I really hope this all gets done in time and that the pilot gets picked up. There really isn’t a lot like it on TV right now and I’m sick of the lack of options. The nonsense in most kids programming means we watch a lot of movies. My son does like Daniel Tiger (whom I believe has made a pact with the devil to destroy me), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and The Adventures of Chuck and Friends. But I love to watch Road to Avonlea, and some Disney movies with him, but that’s basically it. Mokan Nokan would be a great addition to the line up. And honestly, the notion that we could film little videos of us on our travels doing things and engaging with the world and have a safe place to upload them to share with other families seems really cool. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. With a little luck by this time next year you’ll all know the characters and will love the show. Fingers crossed!

See you next week!


6 thoughts on “Something New In Children’s Television

  1. I just checked this website out. Mokan & Nokan are cute and their goal of inspiring children & their families to be more involved within their communities is a wonderful concept. I hope the show does well.

  2. I shall have to keep an eye out for this. Overtime I hear Ruby’s voice I think how bossy she is now after this post – I kind of knew I didn’t like her but couldn’t put my finger on it before. When I hear her bossing Max around she kinda reminds me of one of the real housewives (guilty pleasure). May I suggest Bing? I have been watching that a lot lately, and also a totally weird offbeat one that’s very popular in our house is Sarah and Duck and Hey Duggee… I don’t really know what educational or moral value they add to LO’s world but I find them highly amusing… I’ll see if I can find a youtube link – Bing sarah and duck (very odd) hey duggee:

    • Oh I have the lowest tolerance for whiny and bossy when it comes to kids programming. I hear it and I stop the show right then. The only one that gets to stay is Daniel Tiger but that’s my husband’s doing and you have to pick your battles. I don’t know if you know who Fred Rodgers is (though I’m positive your husband will) but he’s spinning in his grave to see this is what’s become of his legacy. 😦

      I’ll have t check those out when we get back (leaving again tomorrow). I’m always on the lookout for something new!

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