Not You’re Regularly Scheduled Program

Hi all. I just wanted to get something up for this week, but it’s not a real post. Sorry. I’ve been traveling a lot, and have gotten really behind on everything. Like, seriously behind. The house is a mess, the power was out all day yesterday, I have ballet at least three times a week, and the kid is a toddler, lol. So yeah. There are just a lot of “must do’s” and this is a “like to do” on my list of “to-do’s”. I’m headed back to California this month and with that in mind I think I’m going to take a short hiatus from the blog. A belated summer vacation if you will. I had really wanted to get some costume posts up for those of you looking to make your own. Even a year on my Frozen costumes are still seriously popular posts. This year will be very different, but I promise, I’ll get something up in time if you’re making your own costumes. My goal is to be back by October 5th (that’s the first Monday of the month) and hopefully I’ll have written and scheduled a few posts by then so I don’t get caught up like this again.

So I leave you all with this image because it’s all I have.


These are cheese biscuits from Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island. I was a little confused that day and in the days that followed (I was still new to my nerve medication) but I’ll never forget these! If they’re too far for you to visit (and you’re a better chef than me) you can make your own. They have a cookbook that gets rave reviews, you can buy it here. 🙂


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