Happy Labor Day!

I’m still on my temporary hiatus but I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day! Hope you’re all having fun today, trying to squeak out those last bits of summer while you can. Here in Washington the leaves began to change last month! Despite those early signs of fall the weather was still sunny and hot. I suppose I should have know it wouldn’t hold. It literally went from eighty degrees everyday to sixty overnight. That’s okay, I’m enjoying the sweater weather. 

I put together this little arrangement last night with things I found at Homegoods. The stacked pumpkins and the tiny orange one light up, but I prefer them as is. Maybe come Haloween I’ll start turning them on. I’m still working on my arrangement, I bought a lot of pieces and I keep moving them about the house. But for now I’m happy. 

I found the little letters at Target in the dollar spot and the chalk pencils I used on the little chalkboard are from there as well. I’m sort of in love with those pencils. They work and feel like regular colored pencils but they’re chalk, they’re so vibrant too! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

    • Thank you! I had the Keurig there and I hadn’t used it since I moved in, so I decided to put it into storage and take back the space. I bought some instant coffee packs for if I should randomly decide I need a cup, but for the most part I’ve switched to tea. So I want the space to reflect that and I plan to keep using the other side for holiday decor.

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