Koolchicken’s Fall Fashion Favorites

Today is my birthday so in honor of that today’s post is just about fun things that I’m loving this fall.

First up is this amazing dress from Anthropologie.


I’m definitely in-between sizes on this one. The Medium was too snug and the Large is quite roomy. I don’t care though. This dress is so comfortable it’s worth the alterations. Add to that I never thought I’d be able to find an off the rack dress with long sleeves that fit. Usually they’re way too short. So hat’s off to Maeve my favorite Anthropologie designer, you’ve done it again! I wore this today with black tights, thick burgundy over the knee socks scrunched down to just below the knee, my favorite brown riding boots, and a thick plaid scarf.

Next up are Grace and Lace’s Alpine Thigh High Boot Socks

wineedit__29634.1385514667.1280.1280I bought these in their “Wine” color way and though I have yet to wear them out, I’m in love. These are seriously thick, and even on me they do come over the knee! I almost worry about them fitting into my boots they’re so thick, but I’ll figure it out. I suspect they’re going to be well worth it. When I bought these I used a 10% off promo code they had sent me and they were running a promo for a free gift with every order. I was over the moon when I saw they sent me a pair of their leg warmers for free! And in purple no less! I love wearing leg warmers and I’m in them from fall until spring since I wear dresses most days. They’re just a really nice extra layer to wear over my tights and under (and sticking up from) my boots. I’d have never bought the color ordinarily, but now that I have it I can’t wait to wear them.

This is the plaid scarf I mentioned above.


This is the Preppy Plaid Wrap from Francesca’s. I’ve been in the store a few times but had never bought anything, until I saw this scarf. I honestly don’t know why it looks so thin in these photos, it’s very substantial in person. I like to wear it folded in half lengthwise and wrapped around my neck. It’s a super cute way to embrace the plaid trend that’s happening now (clearly my prayers for plaid everywhere have been answered). And I love how the colors will work fantastic come Christmas!

This is a dress I’ve shown you all before, it’s my absolute favorite.


I steadfastly maintain it’s one of the best things to have ever happened to me, at least fashion wise. This dress is thick, warm, beautifully made, the detail is amazing, and did I mention it’s comfortable? You really can’t beat that. Tragically this is gone now, but it’s called the Needlepoint Garden Dress and should you ever stumble across one in a thrift shop or on eBay buy it without hesitation. May mine live forever.

And what do you top all of this off with you might ask? I present to you, the infamous Lady Day Coat from J. Crew.


I own it in the Navy shown, but a word of warning. To say that obtaining this coat was an odyssey would be putting it mildly. At one point I had about seven of them laying in my dining room and not one of them fit. I don’t know if they’ve sorted out their quality control issues, but it was a massive headache at the time. Discovering that their size 10 was actually smaller than a size 8 was not funny. And the Tall and Regular tags clearly meant nothing. I finally was forced to call customer service and the woman I talked to was very helpful. She ended up sending me a label to return them all for free, and then had someone go to the warehouse and measure every last coat until they found one that fit my exact measurements. I cannot tell you what size I ended up with because by the end I did not care, their labels hold as much weight as a tiny piece of toilet paper. I can tell you that my coat fits me like a glove. But I can’t see myself investing in any of their other amazing/beautiful/plentiful/drool worthy colors (ugh, Retro Pink, I think I’m in love…) due to the stress of ordering my current coat. I do have a lot of people approach me and ask about it though. So if you’re looking for something very warm, with classic styling, that won’t make you look heavy, this is the coat for you and it may well be worth the hassle.

And since I’m not a fan of strolling around town barefoot, I present to you the best boots I’ve ever encountered.


Tragically these have been discontinued. But, if you have very tiny feet you can still snap them up for a pittance! I looked all over for something very basic, that had a low heel, and I could wear with everything. I found these by chance and I’m so glad I bought them. I’ve actually had them re-soled already since I’m very hard on my shoes but it was worth it. I looked on eBay for more in my size but with no luck. These work with dresses, skinny jeans, you name it. They’re just the all around perfect leather boots and I truly hope the brand comes out with more similar styles in the future.

So there you have it. A small list of things I’m really loving this fall. Everything is comfortable, yet stylish, and easy to move in. Important since I do have an almost three year old running around! My husband is forever calling my wardrobe “impractical” for a mother but I disagree. One need not wear noting but yoga pants and sweatshirts to be considered practical. Beautiful clothes make me happy. And yes, I may fret about something getting ruined, but it’s only because I truly love everything in my closet. If I didn’t care about the things I wore, and was fine with them being treated like a dish rag I think that would make me far more unhappy than the momentary frustration of having to explain to my son I’m in silk so he needs to go wash his hands. And while I do own many items that are dry clean only everything pictured here is machine washable! Well, besides the boots and the coat obviously of course. Bonus points top dress, with it’s fun texture and interesting keyhole detailing in the back is actually stretchy! So I looked nice today, but I still felt like I was in pajamas. Score! 😀

A quick note, just so everyone is aware especially if you’re new. While none of these photos belong to me, you can click on any of them and they’ll lead you straight to the’s item page on the retailers website. And as always, I bought everything you see here myself. Nothing was gifted or traded for a review. These are all things I’m just very happy with and wanted to share with all of you!

See you next week!


2 thoughts on “Koolchicken’s Fall Fashion Favorites

    • Awww, thanks honeyfitz! I had a great birthday, so great I’m still reeling from it! 🙂 And thank you, I’m rather enamored with all the colors myself. You can never go wrong with an autumn color scheme so far as I’m concerned!

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