Seasonal Decor

I have no photos. I want there to be photos, but there are no photos. Why are there no photos? It’s due to the lack of decor. I know you’re probably all thinking “Um koolchicken, I saw the title of your post there and I thought we’d get to see some seasonal decor. I’m feeling kinda misled.” Yeah, here’s the thing, I want it, but I can’t find any.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m starting too soon. But I feel like there’s nothing out there for Valentine’s Day decor. All the candy is out in the stores, and there’s “some” decor. But the selection is miniscule. I was at HomeGoods today looking for a toothbrush holder and they had a section for Valentine’s stuff, it was literally three shelves. Christmas, Halloween, even Easter, those holidays take up the majority of the store. At Joann’s they actually have most of the Easter stuff out already! So I say, where’s the love for Valentine’s Day? No pun intended.

I did get lucky at Daiso. I found some Christmas ornaments of all things that were shaped like hearts. They had them in light pink, hot pink, and red. Each pack had maybe five or six in it and there were a range of finishes from high shine to satin (one pack was even glitter!). So I have those in my large hurricane vase. They also had some tiny medium and pale pink puff heart ones so I bought those to fill one of my two small apothecary jars. The other has a mix of big and small conversation hearts. I have a few candle holders up there as well, in varying shades of pink, two are hobnail and one is this round sort of mercury glass looking thing. I still have up one of my Christmas ornaments but my son asked me not to put it away. It’s a pink house with tiny little bottle brush trees in front of it, and everything is covered in iridescent “snow” all of it is housed inside a glass globe. It is an ornament that could go on a tree, but it’s so big I’d never put it on there. It actually lives on a stand I bought from Pottery Barn years ago.

I have a very large canvas that’s still in the shrink wrap sitting up there. It judges me. I need to paint something, but I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike. I gave painting up years ago and never intended to go back to it. Initially I used not having all the colors I needed as my excuse, but I bought them so now I don’t really have one anymore. I need to get on it.

I did, finally, after living here almost a year, get some pictures printed so that’s nice. Actually having pictures in frames to look at has made a huge difference to the space. I do think I have too many up there. But that’s okay. I may take some down, put them in one of my boxes in the pantry. I can rotate them every so often to keep things interesting. And if I can ever get off my butt and get some more pictures printed, it’ll be even better. I do love my acrylic frames if anyone is looking to purchase frames in the near future. They’re just the coolest thing. I have these laser cut frames that come in the neatest shapes, and they sandwich together to hold the print with magnets so it “floats”. Visually they don’t take up much space and let the picture take center stage, but they still make quite the impact. I highly recommend them.

I always see these cool looking vignettes on pintrest and on different blogs and I wonder, where do people find this stuff? I suppose over the course of a lifetime a person acquires a number of interesting objects and I will too. I don’t need to have “everything” all at once. But it would be nice to have an idea of where people are shopping! Or at least how they’re making this stuff. I think I need to do more crafting. I’ve seen some really cool garlands/bunting lately, in store, on Pintrest, and different places online and I need to make some. This is just not something you need to buy, it can be made. I have to start saving more of my sewing scraps I think. They’d be perfect for some of these bunting projects. You really want variety there and it’s an easy way to get it, plus it’s a fun way to remember favorite prints. I have one print I bought recently at Joann’s just because it was 40% off and really cute that has the most lovely coral, teal, and grey tones in it, it’s just very spring. I also have some fabric I bought especially for Valentine’s Day to make some of my own things. I hope to share that at a later date with all of you. It’s actually in the washing machine as I write this. 🙂 I’m very excited to see what happens at the sewing machine. I honestly haven’t a clue but I’m sure it’ll be exciting. Sometimes the ideas don’t come to me until I’m ready to start cutting. I’ll have to be sure to bring my camera to the craft room so I can blog about what I make.

I did make something for my friend this past week. A full on seven layer tulle skirt. I did start taking photos of the process, but it’s a lot of work to make one of those. So at some point I had to stop if it was ever going to get done. I’m going to make a different skirt for her. One that’s black sequins. Perhaps I’ll photograph that one? Or maybe I don’t want to spill all of my secrets? I am trading these for some very expensive hairstyles done in the connivence of my own home… Oh, who am I kidding. I’d do it for her anyways. The fabulous mermaid hair (it’s violet, aqua, and orchid!) is just a bonus. 🙂

I had my friend out for a few days and yesterday I picked up my sister from the airport and dropped her off. My sister will be here for a week (or more?). I’ve decided not to travel with my husband at the end of the month because it’s just too much for me. I found out we were actually going to Phoenix and not Vegas (where my SIL lives) so I was just like, “um, nope” and my son and I will be staying here. We’ll probably go out to eat just the two of us for fun, but I’m glad I won’t have to fly. Again. And did I mention I have a sinus infection? Yeah, I was sick all the way back the end of October beginning of November and never really got 100% better. I want to say I got 75% better. Then we went to CA and the cousins had something so of course I got it. Well, I did and I didn’t. It just felt like the original illness back with a vengeance. I need to just get back on track. My last ballet class before the holidays I had to leave early from. As I said, I never 100% recovered I just felt so ill I had to duck out. I was so sad. I missed the class after that too because I was still feeling unwell and then we had to leave. I’m still not doing all of my classes, and I actually feel dizzy during and after turns! I’m the freak who never gets dizzy! I’m so excited I’m on antibiotics and I’m going to get better now.

I’m just counting down the days until February. I’m going to be feeling better, I just know it. I’ll probably be back up to strength and able to do all my ballet classes. The house won’t look like so much of a pit. I’m going to do some crafting, some of it promised work for my friend and some of it just for fun. With everything going better I’m sure I’ll be back to writing weekly again. That’ll be good. I don’t like slacking on here. Makes me feel lazy. And I have some clip art I commissioned ages ago that I need to use. I really need to get to work with updating the look of the blog, I’m thinking of a new background. 🙂 2016 is going to be very exciting I’m sure.

See you next week!


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