New You Tube Video

Hi all. This is totally new and different for me. I know I’ve done one video in the past but I just wanted to try something different for a change. Sorry for the length, as well as how many times I say “um”. Clearly I have work to do. My son was helping me but he got tired so I ended up filming this alone. I hope to do one with him in the future.

I’m working on a few sewing projects right now. I have had to take a break from basically everything because I had some side effects from a med I’m trying for my nerve damage. I can’t wait to get back to ballet and sewing though. My muscles still feel very weak and it’ll likely take me a while to build strength back up. I think I’ll be off pointe for a few months at least. Sewing will be easier now that I’m not shaking and I’m not as dizzy. I’m still working on a skirt for my friend and I have that Granville shirt. I’ve had a request for a tutorial. I’m headed to Vegas this week, and when I get back my Mum will be visiting, so there’s lots going on. With some luck I’ll be able to get back to blogging more regularly next month. If I’m not back before then, Happy Easter!


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