Hi all it’s been a million years since my last post. I’m still here. I’m so backed up these days. I had a leotard I wanted to review, tutorials I wanted to write, new companies I wanted to mention. I’ve been traveling a lot! Since August I’ve been to Canada, Hawaii, Florida, California twice, and there might have been another Canada trip squeezed in there at some point but I don’t even know anymore. I’ve been promised the month of January off and I’m really happy about it. When my husband casually mentioned he had another week off I was pretty clear, I’m not going anywhere. My answer is now “I can’t go anywhere, I’m too busy”. If asked to elaborate I like to say “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question right now as I’m so busy.” My ballet classmate likes to say “I ignored you fine the first time.” She’s my spirit animal, lol. Really when people at ballet hug you and ask where you’ve been and if you’re okay, you know you’ve been gone too long. I feel like I’m dying in class I’m so weak. On Tuesday we we’re doing an exercise which I’ll describe in layman’s terms incase you don’t speak ballet. 😉 But basically it was where we plié (bend at the knees) and bring one foot up to the ankle, then bring it out into tendu (so just pointed front, side, or back). Then you bend while bringing the foot/leg back in to the starting position. When you go back out again you don’t point your foot to the floor, you bring it out to 90 degrees (I barely managed 45, ugh). We did this front, back, and side about a million times. I think I may have seen my life flash before my eyes but I have ADHD so got distracted. We may never know.

I’m still doing the planner stuff. I’ve been trying to make YouTube videos, but my laptop and phone hate me. My laptop doesn’t recognize my phone. Lies. So getting stuff uploaded is usually an exercise in frustration and ends in failure. If I can get back on track in the new year I’ll be able to go back to posting more regularly. Though I have no intention of going back to a post a week. At least not in the beginning. I have another Disney World trip coming up in February. I’m okay with it as it’s a very special trip. My sister has never been and my mother has only gone once. They really want to go and it’s a big deal, they want to see my son as well. So I’m not dreading the trip or anything. I’m hoping to do less traveling in 2017. I really want to spend some time at home. I know it’s important to my husband we maintain the special airline status and I do enjoy the free first class upgrades. But going somewhere every month is draining. Just to be clear I’m not complaining that I have an awesome husband that tries to make my life like a never ending carnival. I just think air travel is rarely enjoyable regardless of the destination. Then there’s the packing, unpacking, mountain of laundry upon return. Rental cars, hotel rooms that no matter how nice, always feel a little bit icky (like, how many people slept in that bed?). The rush to food shop as soon as we get home. Mail holds and stolen packages. If you only go on a couple trips a year it’s no big deal and hardly work. But when this is your life every three to five weeks, it’s different.

So hopefully I’ll be enjoying a more restful new year. I do want to wish everyone luck with all their endeavors in 2017. Hopefully I’ll be around more to write about my (home based) adventures!


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