I’m koolchicken which is kind of a long time nickname. My mum used to call me Chickie (oddly, so did some of my co-workers) and later she’d say I was a “cool chick” and there were various running jokes tied to that. So when I needed a screen name I decided on koolchicken, it just made sense. As an extension of that I decided to name my blog the koolchicken cause well, it’s all inclusive if you will. Because here you’ll see everything I’m working on, thinking about, and totally into.

I do all of my projects myself, and try to feature a variety of crafts and sewing projects. I’m kind of versatile and can do most crafty things, it’s what I’m good at. I’m definitely who Pintrest was designed for. So even if you see some of my completed projects and think “I could never do that” keep fishing, I’m sure you’ll find something here you can do! I know some people think they’re not crafty, but I think they just haven’t found the right one. And I’m totally into demystifying some of the perfect projects you see online.

I’ll openly admit I hate cooking and I’m only so-so at it. So there will be few cooking related posts. Thats not to say there will be no food related posts on here. I have Celiac disease (diagnosed by my GP after following a GF diet with cession of long term symptoms and family history of the disease, I will not have an endoscopy). My son tested positive for one of the two genetic markers (sorry kid) so he’s being kept GF until he’s old enough to tell us if he’s feeling sick and make decisions about what kind of testing he wants to undertake. I’m not forcing random blood draws and invasive procedures on a kid when we’re not going to stop being a GF household regardless of his test results. So the few cooking posts you see here will be GF meals. The same goes for restaurant/bakery reviews. I’ve relied heavily on other bloggers over the years to find places and things to eat, what’s worth the trip or inflated cost and what isn’t. My reviews are just my way of giving back.

From time to time you’ll see me feature a brand, or company but I am not receiving any compensation for my comments. If I think something is great I’ll tell you, same if it’s awful and I’m not being swayed the the almighty dollar to tell you something is great if it isn’t. I shop at Target, Amazon, and JoAnn’s with unhealthy frequency but I get nothing if you click on an image or link on my blog and buy something at those stores (or any other I link to). I’m simply sharing something I really love and hope you’ll love too. I lived on an island where everything had to be imported for so long and I relied heavily on online reviews. Being misled about something had the potential to be a very expensive mistake. I don’t want others to have to go through that. So like my GF posts, this is also my way of giving back to the blogging community that had helped me out countless times!


If you buy fabric from my personal Spoonflower account I will get 10% of that sale. If you simply click on a Spoonflower link here and buy something from another designer I get nothing. I only get a small commission on the sale of fabrics I design. You’ll see things that I have made, and other designers have made here on my blog. I’m not into pushing only the things I make. If someone else has me beat I’m happy to say so and point you towards them. I love so much of the things other designers have come up with on that site and I swear it’s the designs of others more than my own that keep me going back.


Whew, sorry I’m so long winded! But I think that’s all for now, TTYL. 🙂


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I wanted to ask you a question, hope this won’t sound too weird haha I am thinking of ordering Eleve leotard and would really appreciate your advice. I would like to ask which style from the ones you have, the Lauren or the one with long sleeves, mesj back and zipper front makes your chest look smaller? I know this may sound weird but as an aspiring ballet dancer I really want to look as flat as possible (I am B/C so I do not have really big breast but still.. haha) so if you could reccomend me? I really like the Lauren style though but idk if it makes your bust smaller or bigger. Sorry if this sounds weird but I really need advice! 😊

    • No worries, I get it, lol. I would say the Lauren makes me look a bit more busty. If I were you I’d go with the zip front. Then you can control the amount of cleavage shown, and take steps to minimize it. With the Lauren it’s just very low cut and shows off everything and there’s no way to keep things under wraps!

  2. Thank you for your suggestion! I thought that the zipper style kinda squishes boobs haha because of zipper (I had tried my friends Charlotte Yumiko in XS and it felt that way maybe because I need M in Yumikos). Do you maybe know some of the styles/patterns that make you look flatter? Also do any of these styles run bigger or smaller (for example I’d say that Laico with sleeves runs quite big as I can almost fit i XS and Robbin fits smaller) or true to size? I am 5’7” 125lbs with shorter torso so do you think M would be fine? As I heard the only difference in sizes is in lenght. Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you but I’d like to be sure before ordering such an expensive leo!

    • Actually I’d say the Laico runs small, that’s actually why they’ve started making an X-large in that size. They’re all handmade so it’s possible the one you tried was simply cut very big. I’ve had plenty of the same size and style fit differently.

      I would say the zip does squish things down! But it’s not a bad thing if that’s the goal. The Laico is a good option, so is the Tri. I’m also a fan of the Anna. It’s not very low cut, so it doesn’t put much on display and if you get a solid back you can totally hide even a bigger sports bra underneath.

      Sorry I can’t be more of a help right now as I’m literally about to jump out of bed and get dressed to get on a plane. Email Elevè if you need more help, they’re AWESOME! Or you can leave me more questions here, but it’s going to take a very long time for me to get back to you. 😦

      • Thank you so much for your help I will definitely keep that in mind! I will take a look at these styles too so maybe I’ll order one of these! 😊😊

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