Update! Travel Planner Essentials & More

Hi everyone I know it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but as always, I’ve just been busy. I’m headed to Hawaii again and I’m hoping to do another “What’s in my travel planner bag” video. I did one before and that was just for shorter trips.

For some reason WordPress won’t let me embed this video, you can see it here though.

This is a different situation. I’m going to my house. So I have supplies there, as well as space to work. When you’re in a hotel you generally want to pack light. But when you know you’ll have space to work, it changes things a bit. Now granted we’re going out to pack up the place and turn it into a vacation rental. So I don’t want to pack too much stuff. In the past I’d have probably packed more cause if I didn’t want to bring something home to my mainland house, I’d just leave it. In theory I can still do that. But I don’t want strangers touching my stuff. Some of our neighbors have just installed a proper lock on the closet under the stairs. I may do that myself.

I may want to turn this into a series. I’ve seen some seriously great videos on this in the past. This one is my favorite.

Hopefully I can eventually create a system as great as this lady by popfizzpaper.

I stay with my BIL a lot and we have a bedroom there. I’m free to leave things and he’s encouraged me to do so. I really need to bring a coat and maybe a cardigan to leave there.  But beyond clothes I’d love a few crafty things. I want a few washi cards, some blank stickers, one of my favorite pens, and scissors for sure. My BIL somehow manages to exist without scissors. He does have one pair but they’re horrible and never in the same place twice. He’s a school teacher but has virtually nothing in the way of office supplies. So I really want to make a very small kit to leave there. I plan to use one of those Freckled Fawn poly zip bags. They’re the size of a 1 quart ziplock. So not super big, easy to store, yet still plenty of space to hold all of my essentials. I managed to carry a ton of stuff in a bag half the size, so I should have everything I need and more in a bag that size.

I’m happy to keep the original video up, just so people can see the evolution of my planning style. I love watching these videos but too often people show what they’re planning to bring and you never know what they actually used. I’m all about traveling light. So I want to be able to show what I actually used, and what I’ve phased out over time. I feel like that’s the information people really need.

I’m also hoping to do some journaling/scrapbooking. I bought a Zinnydori because I wanted something personal size, cute, and with plenty of pockets for decorating on the go. I also bought a Polaroid Zip pocket printer. I’ve been trying to use it but have so far been failing. I think the trick will be to actually carry it with me. When I went to Disney I carried just a passport sized notebook in my bag. I wrote the days schedule in it, then as I went about my day I added little things my son said, happy moments, sad/frustrating moments, stickers, etc. I really think doing this with my actual travel notebook and just carrying my printer with me will mean I get things recorded the way I want them and not result in just a pile of memorabilia that collects dust. I also think it’s kind of a cool way to engage my son while we’re waiting for food in restaurants, or taking a break someplace. Obviously I’m going to need to bring some washi, pens, stickers, tape runner, etc. with me. So I’ll be putting together a pocketbook sized stationary case. I may or may not get a video of that shot. But I’m hoping it happens.

On an unrelated note I bought another Elevé leotard. I decided to buy one of the Ready To Wear styles. I bought one in a limited edition fabric that’s exclusive to the RTW line. The particular style I bought is also limited to the RTW line. Naturally I’ve already contacted Elevé to ask a million questions. They know I’m writing another review and tried to answer to the best of their availability but it’s still a very new line so some things may change. I will share everything they told me though. As the RTW line ships right away it’ll be in Hawaii a day before I arrive! I decided to have it shipped there as I wanted to be sure I’d get it right away and I didn’t know if it’d get to me before I left. I’m so excited to get it! So like last year all my pictures will be in my crazy purple bathroom, lol. I’m not sure what other leo’s I’m going to bring. In addition to my review I may end up doing a post on what I pack when I’m going to go to class while traveling. How I care for my leo’s, how I pack them, shoes, and more.

So keep an eye out, more posts will “finally” be coming. I’m sorry I’ve been slacking so much. I’m just trying to do too much, too often and getting burnt out. I have a goals list that’s way too long. I really just need to pick one project per month. Otherwise nothing is going to get done. I have sewing projects (tulle skirts for my friend and I!), a dollhouse I’ve been building, a coat I want to sew, as well as some button downs. I really need those button downs before fall comes and our leaves have been changing for weeks now… As time allows I’ll be blogging about all of it. And as always, please feel free to comment and let me know if there’s any specific project you want to see covered here!


Plan With Me, Coming Up With The Theme

Hi all, as you know I’ve canceled my subscription to Scarlet Lime. I am signed up to try Mommylhey Designs Little Bits box and that ships mid July. So basically I’m set until September. I don’t know if I’ll stick with Mommylhey, or not. I saw on Instagram they might be going to a subscription service. Well, I’m not just agreeing to hand over my money for months on end, not anymore. We’ll have to see how it goes. I’m happy to do Mommylhey for July though as it gives me a bit more time to work on coming up with my own custom items. I’ve made a list of all the things I’d want for a complete kit, but that was the easy part. Obviously I’m going to want things like dashboards, dividers, sticky notes, maybe a notepad, and a matching pen.The hard part is coming up with the color scheme and overall theme.

So far I have a list of color combinations I like. It’s easy to find new combinations. One of my favorite places to look is Design Seeds.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.30.08 AM.png

This may just be what I was looking for, for September.

Aside from color, I want a proper theme. Is is girls, shopping, flowers, animals? I’m still undecided on that. But I’m working on it. I actually considered calling my BIL and asking him what his wedding colors are. He’s getting married the end of that month and I thought it might be fun to design my month around their theme. Sort of as a tribute. I really like my soon-to-be SIL so it seems like a natural option.

I think this is the thing that excites me the most. The not knowing what’s coming next, but at the same time having complete control over it. When someone else comes up with your kit, you get what they decided was nice. This however is going to be completely tailored to me. I won’t get “workout” or “weigh in” stickers, but I can make ballet ones. Other people may not need lots of plane or suitcase stickers, but I can be sure I have them on hand, and even make extras (cause some months I totally need a lot of them!). If anything feels overwhelming it’s that I have so many ideas, but there are only so many months in a year! I know that sounds crazy, but as I think of all this I find myself feeling sad that there are so few Autumn months, and winter is only going to last so long, then it’ll be spring, but blink and you’ve missed it. Obviously I’ll need to be making kits for everyone I know so I can use all of my ideas!

Here’s what I plan to make for each month:


Double Sided Paper (I like thick cardstock)

Sticky Notes

Tabs For My Dividers

Some things I may or may not make:

Custom Pen

Die Cuts

Notepads (yes, I know how to make notepads with tear off sheets)

I find that I use stickers a lot, same with sticky notes. I’m less of a die cut enthusiast, same with the note paper. I pulled off maybe five sheets of the notepad that came in the May Planner Society box and I still have most of them in the back of my planner. I’ve had them for a bit over two weeks. I figure in the beginning I may just make them to see if I really use them, but I don’t know if it’s something I’ll keep doing. One of the things I did do with them is back some of my dividers with the pages. I cut a notepad sheet down to personal size then used a bit of double sided tape to hold it down, then I ran it through my laminator. Now I can write on it with a Sharpie and it wipes clean again with an alcohol prep pad. So it’s basically a dry erase board that won’t smudge or wipe off until I want the writing gone. Naturally I’ll want to make at least a couple sheets a month just to be able to do that, even if I don’t make a whole pad.

I’m not too sure about things like die cuts. I’m not a paper crafter. I’ve always wanted to be, but it’s something I struggle with. Sure I can bead, sew, paint, etc. But this paper thing, it’s tricky! I may just make some here and there so I have them on hand to play around with. I think I need to watch more YouTube tutorials. If anyone out there paper crafts and has suggestions, please, let me know how you opt to use them. I saw one woman on a Facebook group laminate some mason jar shaped ones and she wrapped washi around them. I usually use an empty gift card but that seemed way cuter. It was such a novel way to tie into a theme while still being practical. I know at the very least I need to try that.

When it comes to pens, I don’t need a new one every month. I’m a big fan of the Pilot Hi-Tech C Coleto. It’s probably my favorite pen ever. Second place goes to Frixion. This dyslexic can’t get enough of their truly erasable ink! Honestly, you erase something and the only remnant of your mangled spelling are the indents on the page (assuming you’re like me and press too hard when you write). I like Sarasa as well, definitely in my top five. They have some really cute barrels and customizing them would be very, very easy. I’ve already tried it with some that I have on hand. The ink is the exact right size so you can wrap it with washi and there’s no overlap. At least with the ones I have. There’s also enough space in the barrel to wrap clear tape over that washi incase you’re worried it’ll lift up or if you just like the shine the clear tape adds. I’ve also been brainstorming ways to add things like sequins and beads to the barrel. I think I’ve got something really cool figured out but I want to test drive it for a while, before I share here. I’ve also discovered that M&G is the company behind those crown pens people love so much. Thank you helpful eBay sellers! I’m working out ways to recover them that look professional. I hate things that look slapdash. It needs to be polished or I won’t use it, even at home.

I do want to share these things with all of you. Planning and decorating your planner should be a fun, relaxing activity. As you all know customer service is huge with me. If you’ve read my blog on the regular you know I love buying from small companies with great customer service. So if I come across any good stores I’ll be sure to share here so everyone can benefit. No one should have to deal with the nonsense I did with Scarlet Lime. And if you’re making your own stuff, you won’t have to. Plus you’ll get exactly what you want/need, and in the right quantity. You won’t be stuck with a one size fits all subscription box. You’ll get something that’s truly tailored to your wants and needs.

I really need to take my leotard photos. Elevé has actually changed their tags and such so I want to share all of that. I also really love what I came up with this time around. So maybe next week? I think I’m just a bit sore I’m still out of ballet and that’s playing into this. It’s a bit depressing climbing into a leotard I know I’m not going to be wearing. But I promise, that post is coming. Along with some other planner related posts. So keep an eye out. Until then have a great week!



Much To Come

Sorry all, there won’t be much of a post this week. I just got back from my trip the day before yesterday and I’m still very disorganized. I’m the sort of weirdo who can’t let anyone else do their laundry because they’ll do it “wrong”, so I totally suffer for it. I’m currently staring at a pile that dwarfs myself. I’m scared. Laundry nightmares aside there’s a lot of good happening. My hair is currently a shade I’m calling “blurple” and my husband suprised me with a couple days in New York on my birthday so I was able to get fitted for pointe shoes (again). The pointe shoe drama is real people. I’ve been burning through a pair per class and at $75 a pair that’s starting to hurt. I visited (in no particular order) Gaynor Minden, Grishko, Capezio, Yumiko, and Sansha. I bought quite a bit and I’ll be sharing all of it with you just as soon as I can. I’m trying to ease back into my schedule, class is tomorrow and the next day, hopefully I’ll have time Wednesday or Friday to take some photos? I really don’t know though. I’m still just a smidge under the weather. I don’t know if any of you remember, ages ago when I did my pajama pant tutorial I mentioned I was writing it from bed because I was sick? Yeah, it’s like the world’s most hearty virus. It’s held fast and resisted everything I’ve thrown at it. I’m feeling a lot better, well enough to go to class and I no longer think I’ll infect those around me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been contagious for some time, I think I’m just still somewhat congested for no real reason at all. Despite that, I’m trying to get more rest, just in case. So while I don’t want to outright promise a new post next Monday, I do want to say the next one I put up will be seriously awesome for my ballet readers. 🙂

Fingers crossed for next week!

A Quick Update

It’s been a while since I last posted and I wanted to let everyone know I am still here. What can I say for my absence? Well, I’ve been tired. I was away for two weeks which was one week too many I think. Then I got sick during the last few days and spent most of my time in bed. Naturally I was still sick when we got home, and it took me a while to get better. Just as I was almost better, I got a new infection. I’m just batting a thousand these days.

I do have some posts coming up, as always. Before we left I had actually started to make some of the felt foods I was talking about. I made some different types of pasta and even sauce! There are also some cute little pancakes with syrup/jam toppers. I really can’t wait to share those, I feel terribly clever for some of the things I came up with. I also finished the sash for my husband’s Kristoff costume. I really need to just take some photos of that, if only to get them up here before Halloween. Having been to WDW again I had to eat in the parks and they’ve made (yet more) changes to their gluten free dining experience. Not in all places, but in some and I like them. So I’ll be sharing some images if their new menus! I’ve also discovered some new cool stuff and I want to share those items and companies as well.

I’m sure there are other things I’ve been meaning to write about. But I’m just too tired to think right now. My son has entered a whiny phase, and I’ve been trying to get my house back into proper order since I got home. Basically cleaning two weeks worth of dust and the clutter that formed before we left and just got worse when we got back. I’ve also had to swap out all of our summer clothes, at the same moment we’d emptied our luggage. So I’m up to my eyeballs in laundry. I don’t sleep much anymore. But it’ll get better, it always does. Until then wish me luck!

I’m Gonna Need New Pants

I’m actually on vacation right now and I’ve scheduled this to publish while I’m away. So nothing is really going to happen today, sorry. But I am going to tell you about future plans!

My pajama pants have died. This isn’t a big issue for most people, they can just go to any store and pick up a new pair. But as a really tall woman I only own three two pairs cause finding ones that fit can be an nightmare. I had been talking to my husband about making a few new pairs and not a day later did I notice a hole in the back of my pants. It was a small hole and I figured I’d fix it later. I woke up the next morning to discover it was now a foot long and the fabric had basically disintegrated. There’s just no fixing them.


The fabric is awesome right? My MIL knew exactly what pair I was talking about when I told her they died. 😉 I’d had them for seven years, they lived a good life. They were pretty much the only pair I wore when I was pregnant. When you’re tall you don’t get many options for pj’s, so I got stuck with a size Large. This is how I’ve been wearing them since I got them.


It’s not super comfy having that all bunched up in front like that. It was great when I was pregnant don’t get me wrong, but it was the only time they fit. But beggars can’t be choosers. I bought them from Old Navy and they’re impossible as a company. They usually just slap a Tall label on their regular clothes and send them out. So there’s no sense in trying to buy another pair from them, I had to order like a dozen just to get this pair that was long enough. I’ve had too many instances of buying two of the same top or pants only to have one show up long enough (or almost long enough) and the other is way too short. Old Navy has zero quality control so I no longer shop there (except for baby socks, I have to admit they’re the best).

I’ve made my own pants in the past and that’s what I’m going to do again. My two other pairs of pants that are just as old and almost as well loved, so they’re probably not long for this world either. I ordered some swatches of the fabric I created on Spoonflower and I’ll get them when I get home. I’ll share them on here so everyone can see how they turned out. I’m not too sure which fabric type I’ll pick, still on the fence about that but it’ll be one of the cottons that much is for sure. I don’t want my lounge wear to be polyester, I’d like to be comfortable. I plan to use a different pair of pants to make my pattern, they have a wider, longer leg. I’m also going to omit the ties cause I hate them and go for a wide elastic waistband instead. I’ll probably also make them somewhat high waisted to avoid my stomach which still hurts quite a bit.

Making pj pants is super easy and anyone can do it. It’s a fantastic beginners project that really only requires you to be able to sew a straight line. But there is still plenty of room for customization. Fun ribbon ties, contrasting cuffs or hems, piping, pockets. Lots of ways to make them fancy while still keeping it a simple project. I do need these pants sooner than later so I know it’ll probably be made by months end, they’re getting priority. So keep an eye out, I’ll probably have a tutorial up by the end of October!

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Okay, so I’m still here but it’ll probably be a bit before my next real post. I was away last week, and I’m going away again tomorrow. There was also talk about going away again later in the month! So while I actually have a lot to write about I just don’t have the time to do it. I’ve also been sick, so although I contacted a new ballet studio and they say they have space for me I’ve been too ill to get down there. Ugh!


Things to look forward to as soon as I have the time:

1. My new sewing machine! Since I wrote about the new one I was getting I’ve returned it and bought another. So for those of you keeping count I’m on my third machine but I promise it’s the last. It’s a very fancy one that can do embroidery and fancy sewing. It basically does everything but cut the pattern for you, it’s amazing. Which is good since…

2. I’m going to make at least two costumes. I decided while I was at Disney World that I really, really want to go there for their Halloween celebration for my and my son’s birthday this year (assuming we have the time). So I want to make a Rapunzel and a Merida costume by then. I still don’t know which one I’ll wear but it’s my goal. I think I may just want to do the Rapunzel because it’s prettier (and more labor intensive) but I like Merida’s character better. I wouldn’t even need a wig for Merida, I’d just need to curl my hair and add a bit of red temporary dye (although I’ve been considering going red permanently).

3. When I was at WDW my trip overlapped with my friends visit. She was there to run the Disney Princess 5k and get engaged!!!!! Of course she didn’t know about the last part. But she showed me her medal, running outfit, princess sneakers and the next thing I knew I was agreeing to do the race with her next year. For the record I don’t run, but walkers are welcome and I’ll do just about anything for princess inspired clothing. She’s coming to visit me this summer and we’re going to work on our running/walking outfits. She’s into crafting and she taught herself knitting and crochet as an adult. She wants to get into sewing and I have 20+ years experience so I’m happy to help.

4. I was able to eat as WDW, it was a lot easier than at Disneyland but there will still a lot of issues. I’ll probably write about that first since safe places to eat gluten free are important to a lot of people. For now lets just say if you’re looking to visit Disney, you can’t eat gluten, and you can only afford to do this trip once, head to Florida. Just don’t expect to eat very many treats. And you’ll probably have to do a lot of leg work on your own to find out whats safe (although I’m going to help you there!).


So all in all there will be mostly craft posts coming up. I just ordered some test swatches and a color chart from Spoonflower and they supposedly take two weeks to print, then ship. So I’m glad I did it now instead of waiting any longer. I bought some amazing embroidery software and can’t wait to start putting it to the test. I just need more time to play with it, but I haven’t really had any. Hopefully soon I’ll have a chance to sit still and try some stuff out. I bought a dress form and am in the process of padding and covering it. It’s taking forever but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. Besides, it’ll be forever before any fabric I buy gets here so it’s not like I don’t have the time to do it.